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Appleton-Vanfossen Cemetery

Bennington Twp.
Licking County

Ohio Tombstone Transcription Project
Appleton-Vanfossen Cemetery Bennington Township Licking County, Ohio Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

I wish to present my transcriptions of the loved ones buried at Appleton/Vanfossen Cemetery. It is located about 1/2 mile east of the village of Appleton, on Vanfossen Road, (TR4), just west of Drury Rd. This cemetery is situated about mid way between Johnstown and Utica, Ohio, the nearest major road being state route # 62 & county road #10 (Appleton Rd). Cemetery is not marked at the road, but there's access by turning into the private residence drive at 6057 Vanfossen Rd. Please be respectful and very careful for children and animals as you drive past the home, you follow the gravel lane straight down the hill and bear to the left and cross a small concrete bridge over a tributary and up the other side, at this point you will see the cemetery located on your left. Follow the drive, it will take some turns but lead you to the edge of a crop field, bear to the left to the cemetery gate. There's ample grassy area to park. Sadly, there are no signs to mark this cemetery, however it is marked on local map of the township. The story I have heard is that the burials at Vanfossen cemetery, both bodies and memorials were moved in the 1880's because of nearby road construction, to this out of the way location. So, some of the memorials first stood at the old Vanfossen Cemetery which is now extinct. This Cemetery is also known as Appleton Cemetery. Last fall when I first surveyed this cemetery it was overgrown with poison ivy, briars and had the misfortune to have had a very large and old Cedar tree fall severely damaging several memorial stones most noticeable was the damaged stones of Jesse Vanfossen, which was the first Vanfossen pioneer to arrive in the area. This Vanfossen branch closely connects to those who settled in Hocking Co. I have not researched enough to determine which if any certain church was first affiliated with the folks buried here. The cemetery remains in active use, as there are recent burials present. The land surrounding this cemetery is owned by Jim and Gloria Runyon, whom I had the opportunity to meet in September 2000.They just recently sold the home located next to the drive leading to this cemetery. I found this township cemetery to be nicely cared for by Township Trustees & there has been much work and effort by the folks whose land you must cross to gain access, the lane is township owned. The cemetery lies on a gentle sloping area far removed and impossible to see from the township road. There are woods and cropland surrounding the cemetery, plenty of parking space is available. Please don't block the driveway to their residence or the gravel drive as they use it for access to their farm fields. All information read directly from the stones will appear in standard text. Any information found within brackets[ ] will indicate my personal observations, knowledge, and/or descriptions of conditions and not information found on stones. Also want to thank my son Arthur Sizelove for his assistance and help in reading this cemetery. Our readings of this cemetery, for the sake of bearing, start at the front right corner. They are read from right to left, in rows starting nearest gate and at the higher elevation, towards lowest. The last stone being the one at the extreme left back corner, with the exception of a few stones found outside the fence area. Additional information within these [ ] below mentioned may include some additional information which I extracted from the enumeration's of the 1860 U.S.Census Report for Bennington Twp., Licking Co., OH. I am solely responsible for the transcriptions contained in this article and have been careful, but make no warranties to being 100% accurate. There are many old stones, in various states of deterioration. Some are broken and impossible to read, others are weathered to a point that makes transcription of data difficult at best. Use this information as a tool, but don't substitute it for state or county records and documentation, when available. If you have any documented information that improves upon the transcriptions provided here, please let me know and I will update this article. I wish to express my thanks to Brenda Christophersen, for her kindness of a recent (29 Sept. 2001) email update(**) and also the additional information(***) given to me by the kindness of the late Mary Newland on 6 Oct., 2001. Additional information (****) on the family of Lewis Evans given to me on 6 September, 2005 by Peggy Cacciamatta. The corrections and additions of burial information concerning their ancestral loved ones is much appreciated. Recently received addiditional information by the kindness of B.W. Freyburger. He is the great great grandson of Levi M. & Abbey (Harrison) Wenger. His updates are noted with the (**) double asterisk. I received genealogical dat on 19 Jan., 2008, from Jane Hall, she has information that updates and changes the name Garret Shaffer to the correct name, Barnett Shaffer. This information will be fully noted (*§*)next to his transcription , with a link to a text page containing all that Jane was so kind to send me. latest Revised 7 June, 2008, Copyright ©, Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
3 additional overview images of cemetery, the second and third were taken on 15 October, 2001
(click here #1)
(click here #2)
(click here #3)

Row 1
i. Dixon, Jackson, died Nov. 4, 1893, aged 42y 1m 17d Gone but not forgotten [this inscribed on south side of stone, three sides contain inscriptions] Father & Mother [this inscription on side facing gate side of fence]
i. Dixon, Mary H., died Mar. 20, 1897, aged 47y 5m 14d -At Rest
[This found on north side of stone]
ii. Parsons, Phebe C., died Nov. 21, 1905, aged 63y 4m 21ds

iii. Liming, Nancy, wife of Samuel Liming, died Sep. 3, 1879, aged 71y 2m & 3d
[broken stone]
iv. Bottenfield, Aaron, June 4, 1816 - Jan. 11, 1900
[large marble stone toppled from base]
v. Bottenfield, Ellen D., wife of A. Bottenfield, born Sept. 18, 1819, died May 22, 1880
[very deteriorated stone, hard to read]
vi. Bottenfield, Sarah E., dau. of A. & E.D. Bottenfield, died Jan 29, 1873, aged 23y 3m 12d [inscription at bottom] -Tis finished the conflict is past, The heavenly borne spirit is blest, Her work is accomplished at last, And now she's entombed with the Lord-
[stone broken leaning against base]

Row 2
i. Lake, Jesse, died June 9, 1884 aged 81y 7m 23d

ii. Lake, Elizabeth A., wife of Jesse Lake, died Jan. 21, 1880, aged 79y 7m 19d

iii. Vanfossen, G.W., Oct. 11, 1821 - Dec. 20, 1910
[The Green Book contains a conflicting death date of 1919, his first name being George]
iii. Vanfossen, Fanny, [(Lake)], wife of G.W. Vanfossen, born Dec. 28, 1827, died Aug. 25, 1896, aged 68y 7m 27d
[dau. of Vincent & Elizabeth Ann(English) Lake]
iv. [foot stone] Mother [probably foot stone for Fanny Vanfossen]

v. [foot stone] E.D.B.
[probably foot stone for Ellen D. Bottenfield]
vi. Vanfossen, Lucinda M., dau. of G.W. & F. Vanfossen, died June 11, 1873 or 1875, aged 16y 6m 7d

Row 3
i. Dixon, Reuben,, Mar. 19, 1825 - Jan. 19, 1897

i. Dixon, Julia A., Nov. 10, 1820 - Sept. 6, 1894
[Mother & Father]
ii. Smith, Charity E., died July 25, 1888, aged 48years 7m 25d

iii.Parsons, Harley D., son of R.G. & L.M. Parsons, died Aug. 23, 1879, aged 1y 6m 24d
[parents initials difficult to read]
iv. Parsons, Walter L., 1860 - 1885

iv. Kashner, Barbara, his wife, 1857 - 1918

v. Parsons, Emery E., died Nov. 3, 1884, aged 2m 26d

vi. Bigley, Lorie E., son of J. & M. Bigley, d. Mar. 22, 1877, aged 2y 2m 17d

vii. L.M.V.
[foot stone for Lucinda Vanfossen]

Row 4
Vanfossen, Charles C., Apr. 25, 1860 - Aug. 21, 1951

i. Vanfossen, Alzina S., Apr. 4, 1863 - May 9, 1898

ii. Vanfossen, Bernie C., son of C.C. & A.S. Vanfossen, died Sep. 28, 1885, aged 3y 2m & 21d

iii. Lusk, Emma, wife of R.S. Barrick, died Jan.4, 1885, aged 40y 9m 4d, Beautiful lovely she was but given a fair bud on earth to bloom inheaven.
[large 4pc stone w/inscriptions on both sides]
iiia. Lusk, Jennie, wife of A.H. Yatman, died May 16, 1888, aged 35y 3m 2d

iiib. Yatman, Charlie son of A.H. & J. Yatman, died Feb. 6, 1878, aged 6m, There are no parting in Heaven.

iv. Smith, Eliza, wife of John Smith, died Oct. 17, 1869, aged 51y 11m 12d
[ stone toppled & lower portion broken]
v. Coffman, Noah W., My Husband, died July 4, 1872, aged 30y 9m 24d

vi. Coffman, Avie Alice, daughter of J.W. & C.C. Coffman, died Dec. 16, 1872, aged 3y 5m & 6d

vii. Coffman, James W., died Feb. 1, 1874, aged 30y 9m 3d

vii. Coffman, Clarissa C., wife of J.W. Cossman, died Aug. 16, 1895, aged 49y 8m 3d

viii. Myer, Eva M., infant daughter of F.R. & S.G. Myer
[no dates found]
ix. Blocker, Laura Dell & Myrtle M., infant daughters of G.A. & M. J. Blocker
[not dates found]

Row 5
i. Dixon, Ida O., wife of M.Dixon, born Nov. 5, 1858, died July 24, 1888, aged 29y 8m 19d

ii. Dixon, infant son of M. & I.O. Dixon, b. Apr. 25, 1887, Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven.

iii. Lake, Marion, 1854 - 1865

iv. Father
[foot stone for James W. Coffman]
v. Mother
[foot stone for Clarissa C. Coffman]
vi. Baker, Charlotte, daughter of D.& R. Baker, died Oct. 1, 1863, aged 37y 3m & 8d

vii. Wenger, Timothy J., died July 17, 1883, aged 32y 8m 20d
[son of Levi & Abigail Wenger][**B.W.'s family file shows birth date of 27 Oct. 1850]
viii. Wenger, Almira, wife of T.J. Wenger, died Oct. 15, 1893, aged 43y 10m 20d
[B.W.'s file shows birth date 25 Nov. 1849]

Row 6
i. unmarked,
[probably foot stone for Ida O. Dixon]
ii. Ramey, John, died Aug. 21, 1874, In the 85th year of his age

iii. Ramey, Sarah, wife of John Ramey, died Mar. 15, 1865, aged 68y 5m & 13d

iv. Carroll, Martha Ann, wife of B.W. Carroll, died Feb. 17, 1867, aged 31y 8m 29d
[appears she may have died of complications of child birth, given the information on next stone]
v. Carroll, Charlie B., son of B.W. & M.A. Carroll, died Mar. 29, 1867, aged 1m & 12d

vi. Manville,
[hard to read]Basco Randolph, son of Wm. & C., died Oct.6, 1862, aged 14y 9m 8d [stone broken in half, lying on top of another much larger stone containing inscriptions on side facing ground, will need help turning to read.]
vii. unknown burial
[ have to get help to turn over, very large]
viii. Manville, Estes W., son of Wm. S. & Cathrine Manville, died June 1, 1861, aged 1m & 12d

ix. Shaffer, Barnet, Co.D, 12th Ohio Cav., military stone, Civil War Veteran with medal and flag
[no dates](*§*) click here to view extra data sent by Jane Hall, pertaining to Barnet and his family. Barnet, born 1842, was married to Sarah A. & he was a son of Aaron & Susannah (Alspach) Shaffer. Click the link to read more.
x. Shaffer, Aaron, died Sept. 22, 1868, aged 64y 1m 4d

x. Shaffer, Susannah, died Jan 9, 1898, aged 92y 5m & 4d
[wife of Aaron]
xi. Shaffer, Infant son of L.& P.A. Shaffer, died May 8, 1858, aged 18days
[found only fragments of this stone remaining, hard to read]
xii. Shaffer, Infant children of L. & P.A. Shaffer, Feb. 22, 1876
xiiia. Shaffer, Levi, 1829 - 1909,
[Civil War Veteran medal w/flag]
xiiib. Harrison, Pheba A., his wife, 1835 - 1918

xiv. Wenger, Lory S., son of L.t. & E.L. Wenger, died Oct. 8, 1884, aged 4m 8d
[there are stones for other Wenger children probably dislocated but belong near this stone which seems to be the original site for them]

Row 7
i. foot stone
[between cedar trees, unmarked]
ii. Fishburn, Henry, died Sept. 15, 1857, aged 65yr 3m 12d

iii. Patton, Esther Eakins, died May 20, 1868, aged 81yrs 8mos

iv. Patton, Mary, daug. of John & Esther Patton, died June 8, 1855, aged 30y 7m 22d

v. Wenger, Harriet A., daug. of L.& A Wenger, died Feb. 21, 1855,
[or 1857]aged 1y 11m [The last digit of year is either a 5 or 7 by the way it's formed]
vi. Patton, John, died Aug. 11, 1860, aged 76ys

vii. Wenger, Mary Belle, daug. of Levi & Abbey Wenger, Aug. 29, 1866 - July 29, 1896 At Rest
[**B.W.'s data shows her name was also spelled Mary Bell]
viii. Wenger, Levi M., died Aug. 22. 1874, aged 58y 10m 21d
[not sure about years lived, hard to discern][** B.W.'s family file indicates a birthdate of 16 Oct. 1820, born in Rockingham Co., VA. Married Abigail (Abby) Harrison, 15 April, 1841.
ix. Wenger, Abbey, wife of Levi Wenger, died Sep. 9, 1889, aged 69y 3m 3d
**B.W.'s family file shows a birthdate of 31 May, 1820. This is his 2nd Great grandmother.
x. Helphrey, John, died Jul.17, 1860, aged 80y

xi. Helphrey, Anna, wife of John Helphrey, died Nov. 7, 1869, aged about 77 years
[proceeding exactly as transcribed]
xii. Helphrey, John Jr., son of John & Anna Helphrey, died Mar.5, 1857, aged 26yrs 23da
[years and days very difficult to be sure of]

Row 8
ia. Patton, Cornelia, wife of R. Patton

ib. Patton, Hannah, wife of R. Patton, died Oct. 27, 1855, aged 35y 9m 24d
[this inscribed on opposite end of stone]
ic. Patton, Robert E., died Feb. 28, 1896, aged 76y 1m 5d

ii. Patton, George F., son of J. & M. Patton, died Sept. 6, 1848, Æ 5ys & 15ds

iii. Patton, Hannah, wife of R.E. Patton, died Oct. 27, 1855, aged 35y 9m 24d
[this is a much older stone, but echoes info on one above]

Row 9
i. plot marker
[no inscriptions, 6" square marble]
iia. Vanfossen, Jacob, born Oct.12, 1812, died July 13, 1886, aged 73y 9m 1d
Jacob is the son of Jesse & Catherine (Greiner) Vanfossen.
iib. Vanfossen, Susan, wife of J. Vanfossen, born June 20, 1828, died Jan. 8, 1902, aged 76y 6m 18d
[****Susan Evans is the daughter of Lewis & Elizabeth (Shaffer) Evans]
[plot marker]
iv. Montgomery, Emily C., wife of J.O. Montgomery, died Aug. 13, 1880, aged 36y 3m 20d -God is our Courage & strength, The dust has gone to its mother earth, The soul to its home on high, Thost that saw your smiles, in death need never fear to die- [above quote at bottom of stone][ James Oren Montgomery, Emily C.
[daughter of Jacob & Susan (Evans)Vanfossen] [born 24 Apr. 1844]
v. Vanfossen, William, born Sept. 29, 1810, died Jan. 10, 1902
[this stone has been toppled and too heavy to turn, possible inscription on opposite side]
vi. Vanfossen, Jesse, died Mar. 22, 1866, aged 82y 4m & 30d
[Jesse was born 23 Oct.1785 in Worchester Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. Jesse married Catherine on Sept.11,1807 at Hagerstown, Md.][A large cedar tree fell in the fall of 2000, this toppled both William and Jesse's memorial stone, but still readable]
vii. Vanfossen, Catherine, [(Greiner)], born 1790, died June 8, 1874
[dau. of George & Julia Ann Greiner]
viiia. Long, Gideon, died June 11, 1889, aged 84y 3m 22d

viiib. Long, Mary, wife of Gideon Long, died Oct. 20, 1881, aged 64y 5m 2d

ix. Long, Mertie L., dau. of D.L. & M.E. Long, died Apr.17, 1874, aged 1y 2m 14d
[born 03 Feb. 1873]
x. Long, Molancy P., dau. of G.& M. Long, died Oct. 10, 1872, aged 32y 7m 3d
[born 07 Mar. 1840]
xi. Long, Infant daughter of Gideon & Mary Long, died dec. 5, 1845

xii. Patton, Elizabeth, daughter of Johm & Esther Patton, died Aug. 27, 1853, aged 34years 2mo

xiii. Crow, Catherine M., dau. of _ & _drine Crow, died Sept., 10, 1854, aged 6ys 7ms & 3ds
[***This is the daughter of Oron & Catherine(Vanfossen) Crow, Catherine's mother mother died in Feb. 1849][***Additional information given to me by the kindness of Mary Newland]
xiv. H.F.[foot stone]

xv. W.H.B. [foot stone]

[several more foot stones, some unmarked, are stacked in this area. Looks like there might have been an old tree in this area years ago]
xvi. Parsons, Elder Wm. H., died Oct. 2, 1865, aged 25y & 6m
xvii. Parsons, Loran R., dau. of G.D.& L. Parsons, died Jan. 29, 1853, aged 5y 8m 11d

xviii. Parsons, Adeline, dau. of G. D. & L. parsons, died Feb. 19, 1853, aged 1y 6m 12ds

Row 10
i. Unmarked
[plot marker for Vanfossen family]
ii. J.V.
[foot stone for Jacob Vanfossen]
iii. Unmarked
[plot marker]
iv. E.G.M.
[foot stone for Emily C. Montgomery]
v. Rabb, Nancy J., dau. of Jacob & Amelia Rabb
[very difficult to read, very weathered stone], died June 23, 1839, aged 6yrs 5m 2d
vi. Rabb, Jacob, died Mar.3, 1852, In the 62y of his age

vii. Rabb, Amelia, wife of Jacob Rabb, died.
..[stone fragment]
viii. Unknown
[unknown burial, base w/headstone missing]
ix. Rabb, Susan, wife of John Rabb
[no dates readable, stone fragment]
x. Cross, Polly, wife of Horace Cross, died July 11, 1850, aged 20years 11m & 3d
[born 08 Aug. 1829]
xi. Baker, Jackson O., born Oct. 5, 1824, died July 12, 1894

xii. Baker, Achsa, wife of Jackson O. Baker, died Feb. 12, 1899, aged 67y 1m 27d
[most of the Baker stones are new, set on old bases][Achsa, daughter of John & Olive Vanfossen, born 16 Dec. 1831]
xiii. Baker, Orlando, died Mar. 11, 1885, aged 32y 2m 17d
[born 22 Dec. 1852]
xiv. Baker, Orlena O., dau. of J.O. & A. Baker, died Aug. 11, 1873, aged 16y 4m 14d "Lena"
[born 28 Mar. 1857]
xv. Vanfossen, Elizabeth C., daughter of A. & S. Vanfossen, died Aug. 17, 1843, aged 1y 1m & 8d

xvi. Vanfossen, Infant dau. of John & Olive Vanfossen, died Oct. 29, 1849, aged 28d

xvii. Vanfossen, Infant son of John & Olive Vanfossen, died Jan. 1, 1844

xviii. Vanfossen, Olive, wife of John Vanfossen, died May 18, 1855, aged 47y 2m
[ born Feb. or Mar. 1808]
xix. Vanfossen, Laura, died May 2, 1857, aged 20y 3m 16d

xx. Vanfossen, Infant son of George & Fanny Vanfossen, died Aug. 10, 1851

xxi. Vanfossen, Harvey, died Aug. 30, 1863, aged 29y 9m & 1d

xxii. Parsons, Increase, died Dec. 30, 1891, aged 74y 8m 29d

xxiii. Parsons, Elizabeth, wife of I.S. Parsons, died 27, 1873, aged 54y 8m 16d

xxiv. Parsons, Caroline, daughter of I.S. & E. parsons, died Dec. 2, 1850, aged 1mo 3ds Inscrip.
[inscription below appears to be ingravers name]:james g. eveans

Row 11
i. Parsons, Infant dau. of M.C. & P. E. Parsons
[no dates]
ii. Parsons, Harvey M., son of M.C. & P.E. Parsons, died Oct. 25, 1893, aged 23y 6m 28d

iii. Long, Iva M., dau. of D.L. & M.E. Long, died May 17, 1890, aged 4y & 2d

iv. Long, Melissa E., wife of D. L. Long, died mar. 22, 1886, aged 36y 2m 25d
[stone very difficult to read unsure about the the years aged]
v. Wheeler, Ann M., died Nov. 19, 1844, In the 44 y of her age

vi. Bean, Laura, wife of A.E. Bean, died Feb. 23, 1856, In the 64 or 67 year of her age -Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall meet God-

vii. Bean, Nathaniel, died May 29, 1845, in the 77 y of his age

viii. __wife of N. Be__, died Nov. 27, 1852, In the 85 y of her age
[broken fragment with upper portion containing given name missing]
ix. Parsons, Phebe Ann, daughter of Jedadiah C. & Sally Parsons, died July 14, 1842, aged __
[very deteriated stone]
xa. Parsons, Sally, wife of J. C. Parsons, died Aug. 6, 1889, aged 71y 11m 19d

xb. Parsons, J.C., died Sep. 20, 1889, aged 88y 9m 16d

xi. Taylor, Mary Jane, wife of William Taylor, died Mar. 21, 1860, aged 35y 3m & 1d

xii. Foster, Willis, died Jan. 30, 1862, aged 69y 4m & 14d

xiii. Unknown
[unmarked foot stone]
xiv. Foster, Nancy, wife of Willis Foster, died Nov. 21, 1854, aged 50y 10m & 27d -Ah they the kindly passerby Remember me, than to past prepare for death while life is yours, so shall you all meet-

xv. E.P.
[foot stone for Eliz. Parsons]
xvi. Foster,
[unknown], died 1848, aged _ years 10mos _ days [fragment]

Row 12
i. E
[plot marker]
ii. Butt, Hattie J., wife of Leroy Butt, died Oct. 4, 1909, aged 79y 6m 28d

iiia. Edwards, John D., 1841 - 1911

iiib. Edwards, Henrietta, his wife, 1842 - 1925
** Henrietta is the oldest child of Levi M. & Abbey (Harrison) Wenger.
iv. Edgerley, Lillie M., wife of W.G. Edgerley, born July 21, 1867, died Sep. 21, 1895, dau. of J.D. & H. M. Edwards
v. Infant, dau. of H. & J. Edwards, died Mar.12, 1871
vi. E.
[plot marker]
vii. J.T. Long
[plot marker]
viiia. J.T. Long, 1850 -1898

viiib. Long, Martha J., 1855 - 19__

ix. J.T.Long
[plot marker]
x. Wolfe, Jacob, died July 10, 1869, aged 83y 6m 6d

xia. Wolf, Peter, died Oct. 20, 1876, aged 76y 4m 22d -Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord-

xib. Wolf, Sarah, wife of Peter Wolf, died Aug. 29, 1855, aged 50y
[large oblisque stone toppled]
xii. Wolfe, Joshua, died Oct. 7, 1865, aged 57yrs 2m 23d
[very hard to read]
xiii. Wolfe, [child of], Joshua & __, died Oct. 1, 1854, aged 13yrs 5mos 24ds
[stone broken, upper part w/given name missing]
xiv. Northway, Samuel H., died Oct. 8, 1846, aged 49yrs, 1mo & 19ds

xv. Northway, Horace, son of Samuel H. & Charlotte Northway, died Nov. 23, 1844, aged 15yrs 3mos & 5ds

xvi. Northway, Sally Mariah, daughter of Samuel H. & Charlotte Northway died Aug. 24, 1846, aged 21yrs 11m & 9ds -Thou art gone to the grave, But we will not deplore thee, Since God is thy ransom thy gardian and guide-

xvii. Dixon, Jenny A., Infant dau. of J. & M.H. Dixon, died Mar. 1, 1877 aged 20d
[small foot stone about 4' east of this headstone]
xviii. C.P.
[foot stone]
xix. Unmarked
[base stone w/head stone missing]
xx. Unmarked
[base stone w/head stone missing]
xxi. Unmarked
[unmarked foot stone]

Row 13
i. E.
[plot marker]
ii. Shaffer, Delano E., Jan. 21, 1866 - May 10, 1904

iii. Shaffer, Bertha V., wife of D.E. Shaffer, born Oct. 20, 1869, died may 18, 1896
[very worn and difficult to read, can't be sure of dates]
iv. E.
[plot marker]
v. J.T Long
[plot marker]
vi. J. T. Long
[plot marker]
vii. P.W.
[foot stone for Peter Wolf]
viii. Francis, Sarah M., daughter of S. & E.A. Francis, died Oct. 31, 1857, aged 2 weeks & 3 ds
[this stone probably not at originallocation in cemetery]
ix. Evans, Wesley, died Willets Point, N.Y. Harbor, July 24, 1864, aged 22y
[Civil War Veteran w/ medal & flag][**** Son of Lewis & Elizabeth (Shaffer) Evans]
x. Schaffer, Susannah, died Jan. 4, 1865, aged about 86 years - Sleep blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep-

xia. Evans, Mary, born 1811, died June 14, 1896

xib. Evans, Lewis, Sr., died Mar. 13, 1896, aged 94 years
[****Husband of 1stElizabeth Shaffer & 2nd to Mary Shaffer.] [This stone toppled from base, large, unable to read 4th side] [****Father of Susan (Evans) Vanfossen & J. Wesley Evans]
xic. Evans, Elizabeth, [**** 1st] wife of L. Evans, died Sep. 25, 1854, aged 49y 7m 3d -Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God-
[**** Mother of Susan (Evans) Vanfossen]
xii. H.A.
[very old foot stone, probably for Harry Ashley]
xiii. Ashley, Dorathy, wife of Eld. Harry Ashley, died Apr. 15, 1846 aged 45y

xiv. Ashley, Eld. Harry, died June 30, 1841, aged 42y 7m 21d

xv. Unknown, Abigal,
[only upper fragment remaining]
xvia. Harrison, Phebe, wife of T. Harrison, died Au. 29, 1868, aged 71yrs 10 mo & 13ds

xvib. Harrison, Timothy, died Sep. 10, 1850, aged 59years 10m 26ds
[** This is B. W.'s 3rd great grandfather. His record shows a birthdate, 15 Oct. 1790]
xvii. Harrison, Mary, dau. of J. & M.J. Harrison, died Oct. 15, 1853, aged 3y 7mo & 23ds
[very worn stone, difficult to read]
xviii. Harrison, Elias, died Feb. 12th 1845, aged 20y 2mo 17ds

xix. Harrison, Harvey, died Dec. 22nd 1844, aged 21ys 9mo 27ds

xx. Harrison, Joanna E., died Feb. 6th 1845, aged 11ys 6mo 2ds

xxi. Harrison, David L., died Oct. 22, 1850, aged 21y 9m 25ds -Depart my friends, Dry up your eyes, Here I must lie, Till Christ appears-

xxii. Harrison, Caroline, wife of David L. Harrison, died Nov. 3, 1850, aged 19y 2mo 20d

Row 14
i. Baker, Isarel, died June 19, 1877, aged 75y 2m 9d

ii. Baker, Mary, wife of Israel Baker, died Feb. 14, 1872, aged 68y 11m & 21d

iiia. Edwards, J.D., died May 31 1876, aged 66y 7m 12d

iiib. Edwards, Phebe, wife of J.D. Edwards, died Aug. 15, 1868, aged 59y 1m 26d
[other side has Mother & Father inscribed]
iv. Edwards, Polly, wife of Timothy Edwards, died June 24, 18_6, aged 86y 2m 26d
[broken into two major pieces through date]
v. Edwards, Timothy, died may 27, 1854, aged 78y 11m 15d

vi. Overturf, Harrison N., son of John & Nancy Overturf, died Mar. 1, 1868, aged 1y 2m 26d

vii. Edwards, Juliaetta, dau. of J.D. & Phebe Edwards, died June 18, 1843 aged 1y 1m 14d
[very difficult to read, could be aged 14 yr]
viiia. Benner, Jacob, born Oct. 28, 1818, died Nov. 17, 1905

viiib. Benner, Margaret, born Nov. 17, 1821, died Nov. 20, 1867

ix. Unknown
[unmarked foot stone]
x. Unknown
[base with missing head stone]
xi. Benner, Catharine, wife of Daniel Benner, died July 2, 1862, aged 64y 2m & 21d

xii. Benner, John, son of Daniel & Catharine Benner, died Feb. 2, 1838 aged 17years 10 mo & 17days

xiii. Richard, Eliza, wife of Michael Richard, died Oct. 17, 1846 aged 24 years 11mo & 21d

Row 15
i. M.B.
[foot stone for Mary Baker]
ii. J.D.E.
[foot stone for J.D. Edwards]
iii. P.E.
[foot stone for Phebe Edwards]
iv. Matthews, Margaret S., dau. of R.J. & M.H. Matthews, died Nov. 14, 1856, aged 6yrs 8m 17d
[**R.J. should be B.J., Bourbon J. Matthews & M.H., Mary Hannah (Wharry) Matthews]
v. Matthews, Lucy E., dau. of R.J. & M.H. Matthews,died Oct. 10, 1856 aged 15y 8m 29d
[**R.J. should be B.J., Bourbon J. Matthews & M.H., Mary Hannah (Wharry) Matthews]
vi. Matthews, John R., son of R.J. & M.H. Matthews, died Dec. 10, 1856, aged 1y 9m 18d
[**R.J. should be B.J., Bourbon J. Matthews & M.H., Mary Hannah (Wharry) Matthews]
vii. Matthews, Martha E., dau. of R.J. & M.H. Matthews, died Nov. 19, 1856, aged 12ys 4m 21d
[**R.J. should be B.J., Bourbon J. Matthews & M.H., Mary Hannah (Wharry) Matthews]
viii. Wharry, John, died May 2, 1857, aged 71y

ix. Wherry, Jane wife of John Wherry, died Oct. 31, 1864, aged 74y 7m 18d
[**note spelling difference of surname, recent information by the kindness of Brenda Christophersen, g-g-g-granddaugher of Jane Wharry, mentions the correct spelling of surname being Wharry. The four Matthews children buried next to John & Jane are their grandchildren, sadly all died of a small pox epidemic]
x. Lytle, William G., died Apr. [5th or 6th] aged 26y 10m 21d
[very difficult stone to read due to deteriorated condition]
xi. Lytle, Hannah E., wife of Wm. G. Lytle, died Dec. 11, 1870, aged 25y 7m 13d
[stone has toppled from base]
xii. Lytle, Letticia, dau. of John & Turzah Lytle, died Sept. 20, 1862 aged 33y 9m 25d

xiii. Lytle, Turzah, died mar. 20, 1862, aged 55y & 4m
[large 4 pc stone w/upper portionbroken, laying against base]
xiv. Unmarked
[unmarked foot stone]
xv. Roberts, Charles, born march 20, 1797, died Sept. 22, 1846

[inscrip]-Dust to dust and clay to clay, Ashess now with Ashes lay, Early thy mould to earth is given, But we trust he's now in heaven-

xvi. J. B.
[foot stone]
xvii. Carroll, Henry, son of C.G. & Hannah Carroll, died Feb. 1840 aged 1yr 10m
[stone very difficult to read]
xviii. Persons, Delitia M., wife of Wm. W. Persons, died Sept. 18, 1847, aged 28ys 1m 22days [inscrip]-How cruel are thy, so soon to sever two fond hearts, My husband & children kind, I must bid you when stea ...Weep not for me family dears, I'm not dead but just sleeping here, My life was short by this your eyes, prepare for death & follow me-
[large fallen laying next to it's base]
xixa. Carroll, Hannah, wife of B.G.Carroll, died June 25, 1840, aged 44y 6mm & 23d

xixb. Carroll, Henry, son of B.G. & Hannah Carroll, died Feb. 1840 aged 1y & 10m
[this stone echoes info on smaller older stone]

Row 16
i. Unknown
[large stone toppled and cannot turn over to read, probably spouse of Diantha D. Woodcock]
ii. Woodcock, Diantha D., 1831 - 1906

iii. B
[plot marker]
iv. Barrick, Mary Jane, died Sept. 2, 1898, aged 71y 1m 2d

v. B
[plot marker]
vi. Lake, Jonnie S., son of John & Olive Lake, died Oct. 28, 1865 aged 14 days -It's so hard ...our..loved depart, Hard to say peace when such memories sting, Yet we can bear the deep pain in our hearts, Knowing so well it is better for him-

vii. W.C.L.
[foot marker for Wm. Lytle]
viii. H.E.L.
[foot marker for Hannah E. Lytle]
ix. Unknown
[base with no head stone]
x. Carroll, Infant, son of C & ...Carroll, died ..20, 18...aged 1y 11m & 5d
[ very deteriorated stone]
xi. Carroll, Sarah Ann, wife of Wm. Carroll, died mar. 2, 1853 aged 27ys
[very soft deteriorated stone]
xii. Carroll, William M., son of Wm. & Sarah A. Carroll, died Sept. 2, 1852, aged 1year 1mo 26ds -Time how short, Mourning how long-

xiii. Evans, Rhoda, wife of Tho. Evans, died Jan. 14, 1845, aged 75years
(**** Wife of Thomas Evans & mother of Lewis Evans)

Row 17
i. B.
[plot marker]
ii. B.
[plot marker]
iii. Unknown
[field stone burial marker, no inscription]
iv. C.
[plot marker]
v. Youmans, Tamma L., dau. of J.T. & J.E. Youmans, died June 3, 1879 aged 6y
[ very difficult stone to read, surname could be mispelled]
vi. Crouse, Zola, dau. of John & Alberta Crouse, Mar. 3, 1902 - Nov. 12, 1902

viia. Crouse, George W., 1830 - 1912

viib. Crouse, Susan H., 1839 - 1907

viic. Crouse, Harvey F., 1866 - 1889

viii. C.
[plot marker, sorry no image]

Row 18
i. -25-
[plot marker]
ii. A.
[plot marker]
iiia. Anderson, Wm. H., Sept. 3, 1828 - Dec. 26, 1902

iiib. Anderson, Mary, June 20, 1831 - Oct. 26, 1902

iv. Anderson, Elmer E., son of W.H. & M.A. Anderson, died Oct. 27, 1861, aged 1mo 21ds

v. Crouse, John, died June 6, 1870, aged 61y 10m 19d

vi. Crouse, Mantie M., dau. of J.P. & M. Crouse, died Aug. 20, 1872, aged 2y 1m & 18d

vii. Crouse, Mary A., wife of J.P. Crouse, died Apr. 5, 1873, aged 29years 2m 16d
[stone toppled from base]

[the remaining stones for this row not at their original location but rather leaning against a very large cedar tree stump]
viii. Crouse, Tammie, dau. of G.W. & S.H. Crouse, died Sep. 11, 1869, aged 1mo 5d

ix. Crouse, Infant, son of G.W. & S. H. Crouse, died Nov. 30, 1861

x. J.C.
[misplaced foot stone]
xi. Sheldon, Tryphenia L., dau. of L.W. & N. Sheldon, died Jan. 20, 1854, aged 5yrs.

xii. W.M.C
[misplaced foot marker]
xiii. Sheldon, Delpheny V.I., dau. of L.W. & N. Sheldon, died Jan. 5, 1858, aged 2ys 9m

xiv. N.F.
[misplaced foot marker]
xv. Shaffer, Harris E., son of J.W. & M.E. Shaffer, died Aug. 3, 1868 aged 5yrs.

xvi. Sheldon, Fleetwood H., son of L.W. & N. Sheldon, died Jan. 20, 1854, aged 3y2m & 7d

xvii. D.L.H.
[misplaced foot stone]
xviii. E.G.
[misplaced footstone]

Row 19
i. E. E.
[foot stone]
ii. A
[plot marker]
iii. M. A.
[foot stone for Mary Anderson]
iv. W.H.A.
[foot stone for Wm. H. Anderson]
v. A
[plot marker]
vi. C
[plot marker]
vii. McWilliams, Sarah E., wife of L.S. McWilliams, born Sep. 25, 1857, died Mar. 21, 1878

viii. McWilliams, Infant, sons of L.S. & E.S. McWilliams
[no dates]
viii. Lytle, Elsie May, dau. of E.S. & M.A. Lytle, died Aug. 16, 1876, aged 4m 24d

ix. Elsie May
[foot stone for Elsie May Lytle]
x. Lytle, Mary Alzina, wife of E.S. Lytle, dau. of W. & Ellen McFarland, died Mar. 23, 1880, aged 25y 10m 14d
[z in her given name inscribed on stone backwards]
xi. Gibbs, John, died July 10, 1860, In the 81st year of his age

xii. Gibbs, Elenor, wife of John Gibbs, died Sep. 17, 1875, aged 81y 4m 5d [inscrib]-Lo where the silent marble weeps, A friend, a wife, a mother sleeps, A heart within whose sacred cell, The peaceful virtures loved to dwell-
[inscribers mark] -W.C. Townsend, Z.O. 897- Z.O.most likely abreviated form of Zanesville, Ohio
xiii. Gibbs, Thomas Edman, born Apr. 12, 1821, died Jan. 18, 1901

xiv. Gibbs, Infant son of T. & S. Gibbs, died Dec. 19, 1854

Row 20
ia. Gibbs, Tobias, born Jan. 25, 1826, died Dec. 26, 1905

ib. Gibbs, Sarah S., his wife, born Sept. 21, 1834, died _

iia. Slife, Jacob, Mar. 10, 1812 - Dec. 3, 1886

iib. Slife, Alsinda, his wife, Dec. 28, 1817 - Oct. 25, 1898

iiia. Strother, Rebecca, Apr. 10, 1832 - Nov. 24, 1898

iiib. Strother, Rosetta, Infant

iiic. Strother, Mary Bell, Apr. 10, 1862 - Mar. 3, 1883

[The following stones were stacked against each other just outside and to the left of the entry gate. Since there's no way to locate them back to the proper burial site, I have transcribed/photo documented and moved them back inside the fenced perimeter, near the gate. Just assigned them a row number for the sake of future indexing]

Row 21
i. Hoyt, Lucinda R., daughter of Vincent & Lucinda Hoyt, died Sept. 20, 1849, aged 8years 1mo 15days

ii. Wolf, Sarah wife of Peter Wolf, died Aug. 30, 1855, aged 50 years
[stone broken into 3 major pieces]
iii. Carroll, Hannah, In memory of Hannah, wife of B.C. Carroll, died June 25, 1846, aged 44ys 6m 22days -Though twas Heavenly Father's will, To call thee home from earth, Yet in our hearts shall Fondly dwell, The memory of thy worth-

iv. Foster, Nancy, wife of Willis Foster, died Nov. 21, 1854, aged 50yr 10mo & 27days
[this stone too large to move, still outside & left of the entry gate near fence, laying flat on ground]

This concludes my readings at Appleton/Vanfossen Cemetery this date,
02 September, revised 06 October, 2001. R.M.Sizelove, Sr.

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