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An Ordinary Nineteenth-Century
Physician's Surgical Cases
Edited b Katherine Mandusic McDonell
Indianapolis Indiana Historical Society 1989
This is a copy of a photograph of an oil portrait, painted by an itinerant artist before 1840. The oil portrait, when I located it, was in deplorable condition, that is why the picture is full of cracks and scratches. Below is a link to an article of how we located this portrait and the one of his first wife, Rhoda A. Lindsay - 1801-1840 It was a miracle that we found them, at the Mac-O-Chee castle, West Liberty, Ohio.

Submitted by
Ellie Kilpatrick
January 11, 1999
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There were 2 sisters, one now desc., who worked on Lindsay for over 20 yrs., and their Aunt before them did a lot of the ground work.

One of them is on the web and we are still working together. There are also 2 others, not on the net, working on this line.

The other 3 lived in Dayton and a Historian from Ind. Med. Soc. saw a letter from me in the Dayton Library, we got together and I think that is how we turned up all of the Indiana connections. Then the Soc. publ. a book on him, but the Historian sent copies of 3 of his 4 med. journals to all three of us and said they are ours to do with as we see fit. They are not copyrighted.

This information was lovingly compiled by Lindsay Brien, Carolyn Chapman, Eleanore Kilpatrick, Helen Silvey
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