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Probate Records
Probate Court - Miscellaneous Documents
In 1988, the Estate Records consisting of documents, vouchers, and various items were folded into 4" x 9" cardboard jackets which were stored in the basement of the Court House.

The Genealogical Society of Utah made an agreement with the Geauga County Genealogical Society to prepare the records for filming in exchange for donor copies of each roll of film.

Since there was no way to match the index in the probate court to the proper roll of film, file numbers and the type were assigned to each record. Since some of the cases took several years to settle, there may be several separate numbers referring to the same person. The information was entered into a database, and then the papers were unfolded and arranged for filming

Only those records through 1917 were filmed. These files filled 82 storage boxes and produced 147 rolls of film. The originals are at the Geauga County Archives, 470 Center Place, Chardon, OH 44024. The records post 1917 are also at the Archives.

Those called Pension are a forerunner to ADC (Aid to Dependent Children).

The film is available in the Anderson Allyn Room for Genealogical Research, Chardon Library, 110 E. Park St., Chardon, OH 44024. The files vary considerably in number of documents. The Genealogist will estimate the cost of copies and will wait for authorization to copy the file.
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Probate Court Ledgers
Geauga County, Ohio, was formed on 31 Dec 1805, but the earliest record is dated March 1806 because the Courts did not hold a session until then. Any action that was part of the Probate Court (estates, petitions to sell lands, inventories, adoptions, etc.) to about 1853 are included in nine ledgers; i.e. Probate Records (PR-) A through I.

In 1853 and in accordance with the state constitution, the various actions were separated. There were books for Wills, Inventories, Administrator's Accounts, Journals, and Final Records.

Probate Records (PR-) A through I (1805-1853), , Final Records (FR-) A through Z (1853 to about 1955), Journal A (JR-A, 1852-1860), and Wills (WL-) A through Z (1853-1955) have been indexed.

Final Records past Vol. E, 1899 and Wills past Vol. J. 1921-1923 have not been microfilmed. All of the ledgers are housed at the Geauga County Archives, 470 Center Place, Chardon, OH 44024. Requests for copies from those ledgers should be made directly to the Archives.
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