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Geauga County
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Index to the Folders of GCGS Ancestors
Index to the Folders of Geauga County, Ohio Genealogical Society Members (1973 - 2002)

The files created by a genealogical society hold a wealth of untapped family information. The following database (6,606 names) indexes the information found in the files of 429 people who have been or are members of the Society. Folders may include a 5 generation chart, proof for Society of Geauga Pioneers, correspondence, tidbits, etc. Some folders have little more than an address.

Membership # Explanation

Any number with a 1 after it (i.e. 182-1) is the Society member.
Surnames A to BEN
Surnames BEN to COB
Surnames COB to ERV
Surnames ESL to HAR
Surnames HAR to JOH
Surnames JOH to MCC
Surnames MCM to PAL
Surnames PAL to ROS
Surnames ROS to STA
Surnames STA to WAR
Surnames WAR to ZWI
Places in Geauga County, Ohio
Have you searched Geauga County histories, maps, and newspapers looking for relatives? In the process, have you come across names of locations that are unfamiliar, such as Garlo, Damon, and Frost Corners? Are you aware that road and street names often come from family names?

Constance R. Wells compiled this database (1800-2003) as a tribute to Jason Coe Wells, a writer who contributed articles on Claridon people and history to The Geauga Democrat beginning in 1866. Both grew up on Wells Road in Claridon.

The abbreviations (ABB) used in the column marked Twp. are:
ASH Ashtabula Geauga County was originally Washington County, then Jefferson, then Trumbull.

When the county was formed, 31 Dec 1805, it included the eastern part of Cuyahoga County and all of Lake and Ashtabula counties. By 1810, Cuyahoga and Ashtabula were separated from Geauga. Lake County did not become its own identity until 1840.

Willoughby was called Chagrin as late as 1830, not to be confused with Chagrin Falls. Willoughby records could be found in six different counties: Washington, Jefferson, Trumbull, Geauga, Cuyahoga, and Lake.

The Geauga County townships are:
AU Auburn
AUR Aurora
AUS Austinburg
BA Bainbridge
BU Burton
CH Chardon
CL Claridon
CLE Cleveland
CON Concord
CS Chester
FAR Farmington
HA Hambden
HAR Harpersfield
HAR Hartsgrove
HIR Hiram
HU Huntsburg
HUR Huron
JEF Jefferson
KIR Kirtland
LER Leroy
MAD Madison
MAN Mantua
MAY Mayfield
MEN Mentor
MES Mesopotamia
MI Middlefield
MO Montville
MOR Morgan
MU Munson
NE Newbury
NEL Nelson
ORA Orange
PA Parkman
PAI Painesville
PER Perry
RU Russell
SOL Solon  
TH Thompson  
TR Troy  
TRU Trumbull  
TWI Twinsburg  
WIN Windsor  
Place Names Starting with A to Cuy
Place Names Starting with D to Lit
Place Names Starting with Log to Roc
Place Names Starting with Rot to You
Place Names A to Z (297KB)
SWEET family of Geauga County, Ohio


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