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Photos of Tombstones
Marlborough Cemetery, Located Northeast of intersection of Horseshoe Rd & Leonardsburgh Rd, Troy Township, Ohio.
Surnames: A - F | G - L | M - S | T - Z
Tagg, Ernest E. - Image 43K
Tagg, Minnie E.. - Image 43K
Talbert, Geraldine P. - Image 223K
Tarbet, Mary L. - Image 81K
Tarvin, Richard J. - Image 43K
Taylor, Albert Eugene - Image 240K
Taylor, Mary A. - Image 42K
Tennar, Audrey - Image 43K
Tennar, Burney L. - Image 43K
Tennar, Earnest L. - Image 43K
Tennar, Hoy Andrew - Image 43K
Tennar, Rose Ilene - Image 43K
Terboss, Isaac - Image 50K
Terboss, Nathaniel Isaac - Image 50K
Terboss, Sarah Bush - Image 50K
Terry, Clyde Letcher - Image 220K
Tharp, Morgan - Image 43K
Thatcher, Judson - Image 43K
Thatcher, Mary T. - Image 43K
Thomas, Carl - Image 43K
Thomas, Daniel - Image 71K
Thomas, Ella Cole - Image 32K
Thomas, Gabriel - Image 49K
Thomas, Griffith - Image 32K
Thomas, Isaac - Image 71K
Thomas, Jesse G. - Image 51K
Thomas, Lewis E (Elder) - Image 137K
Thomas, Mary - Image 43K
Thomas, Ralph Cole - Image 176K
Thomas, Sarah - Image 80K
Thomas, Sarah - Image 32K
Thomas, Scott Allen - Image 269K
Thomas, William E. - Image 51K
Thomas, William Lewis - Image 227K
Thomas, Willie G. - Image 43K
Thompson, Carrie B. And William U. - Image 47K
Thompson, Mathew - Image 182K
Thorman, Daniel Webster - Image 54K
Thorman, Frank B. - Image 46K
Thorman, Gertrude E. Whalen - Image 51K
Thorman, John - Image 51K
Thorman, John Wesley - Image 77K
Thorman, Mabel V. - Image 51K
Thorman, Marilyn - Image 43K
Thorman, Mary T. - Image 49K
Thorman, Nora D. - Image 77K
Thorman, Rosella - Image 46K
Thornburg, Bertha M. - Image 293K
Thornburg, Chester - Image 50K
Thornburg, Delight - Image 50K
Thornburg, Donald M. - Image 281K
Thornburg, Jennie - Image 48K
Thornburg, Leslie D. - Image 237K
Thornburg, Maggie E. - Image 284K
Thornburg, Sarah - Image 43K
Tibbitts, Thomas Palmer, Jr. - Image 88K
Tillman, Jocelyn C. - Image 43K
Todd, James Edward, Jr. - Image 256K
Topping, William R. And Ruth - Image 264K
Tormasi, Robert Jason - Image 206K
Torrey, Anita B. - Image 43K
Torrey, Chester Dwight - Image 149K
Torrey, Evelyn Louise - Image 56K
Tossey, Orville J. And Mary F. - Image 264K
Tossey, Ronald L. - Image 236K
Townley, Cecil M. - Image 59K
Townley, Marshall Eugene - Image 67K
Townley, Violet R. - Image 59K
Travis, Donald - Image 43K
Travis, Maurice Scott - Image 272K
Traylor, Shirley L. Smothers - Image 49K
Tucker, Anna And Mary - Image 43K
Turner, Rosetta May Morgan - Image 43K
Twietmeyer, Mary L. - Image 51K
Ufferman, Albert I. And Virginia B. - Image 256K
Ufferman, Albert Lewis - Image 253K
Ufferman, Arthur Fred - Image 43K
Ufferman, Chauncey D. And Hazel Lee - Image 232K
Ufferman, Clyde F. Jr - Image 263K
Ufferman, Clyde F. And Martha E. - Image 120K
Ufferman, Edgar W. - Image 124K
Ufferman, James Dale - Image 192K
Ufferman, James Dale - Image 105K
Ufferman, Trevor James - Image 219K
Ufferman, William Thurman And Nina L. - Image 258K
Van Vorhis, Dale And Lena G. - Image 50K
Vanbrimer, John W. - Image 35K
Vanbuskirk, Kathleen Ann And Jenna Mae - Image 273K
Vanbuskirk, Norma Jean - Image 256K
Vanbuskirk, Olivia Iris - Image 260K
Vanbuskirk, Randel James - Image 43K
Vanhouten, Jessie - Image 43K
Vanhouten, Odous "Otis" - Image 47K
Vanhouten, Viola J. - Image 47K
Vanmeter, Tim James - Image 231K
Veley, Charlotte Surles - Image 48K
Veley, Edna Belle - Image 37K
Veley, Emma - Image 52K
Veley, Ernest James - Image 174K
Veley, Floyd Arthur And Arbara Ann - Image 225K
Veley, Harold M. - Image 37K
Veley, Helen Esther - Image 37K
Veley, Hugh Newton - Image 115K
Veley, James - Image 52K
Veley, James Walter - Image 43K
Veley, John - Image 50K
Veley, John Howard And Leota Gay - Image 216K
Veley, Lester H. - Image 51K
Veley, Margaret - Image 40K
Veley, Mary - Image 32K
Veley, Mary Helena - Image 43K
Veley, Milo - Image 50K
Veley, Mitchel - Image 51K
Veley, Nellie M. - Image 51K
Veley, Peter - Image 189K
Veley, Ruth - Image 121K
Veley, Sandra Kathleen - Image 43K
Veley, William H. - Image 43K
Veley, Winifred Warren - Image 55K
Waddell, John - Image 143K
Waddell, Sarah - Image 143K
Wagner, Barbara Miller - Image 43K
Wagner, John - Image 45K
Wagnor, Harriett Jackson - Image 54K
Walker, Carrie Inez - Image 51K
Walker, Garry Eugene - Image 43K
Walker, John L. - Image 51K
Wallace, Annetta - Image 43K
Wallace, Benjamin R. - Image 72K
Wallace, Margaret - Image 36K
Wallace, Robert - Image 36K
Walter, Harry Herman And Louisa E. - Image 146K
Ward, Clem H. And Clara Louise - Image 210K
Ward, Catherine - Image 43K
Ward, David W. - Image 78K
Warner, Dorothy Pearl - Image 59K
Ward, Effie Viola - Image 43K
Ward, Ethel Marie - Image 43K
Ward, Hartley E. And Mary A. - Image 93K
Ward, Hiram - Image 43K
Warner, Beulah F. - Image 171K
Warner, Flora Ellen - Image 49K
Warner, Harry V. - Image 58K
Warner, Henry - Image 43K
Warner, James H. "Peck" - Image 49K
Warner, John H. And Mary Evalyn - Image 253K
Warner, Matilda A. - Image 43K
Warner, Olen M. - Image 62K
Warner, Walter W. And Willanna - Image 238K
Warren, Harry Vinton - Image 43K
Warren, Herbert L. - Image 252K
Warren, Lee C. - Image 48K
Warren, Marica M. - Image 43K
Warren, Mary Inez - Image 47K
Warren, Paul Frederick - Image 48K
Weatherall, Carol Morene - Image 259K
Webster, Charles And Margaret E. - Image 43K
Webster, Walter O. - Image 42K
Weiser, Amelia Emma - Image 57K
Weiser, Christina - Image 43K
Weiser, Clement G. And Helen - Image 229K
Weiser, Della Eliza - Image 50K
Weiser, Edwin Hugh - Image 43K
Weiser, Everett Earl - Image 57K
Weiser, George - Image 117K
Weiser, Harriett - Image 40K
Weiser, Harry H. - Image 48K
Weiser, Irma D. - Image 48K
Weiser, Jabetz - Image 24K
Weiser, Jessie - Image 55K
Weiser, Lillian H. - Image 43K
Weiser, Mary - Image 30K
Weiser, Nettie - Image 43K
Weiser, Nina A. - Image 46K
Weiser, Paul Thomas - Image 46K
Weiser, Reuben - Image 40K
Weiser, Rosabel V. - Image 52K
Weiser, W. Wesley - Image 55K
Welch, Arthur B. - Image 43K
Welch, Louis Lee - Image 43K
Wells, Adolph And Ella G. - Image 43K
Wells, Charles W. - Image 54K
Wells, Rusha C. - Image 270K
Welsh, Kenneth Morey And Agnes Belle - Image 291K
Westbrook, Brittanna - Image 42K
Westbrook, Edward C. - Image 43K
Westbrook, Zoe Main - Image 51K
Whipple, Adell C. - Image 47K
Whipple, Belle Jewell - Image 54K
Whipple, Blanche R. - Image 52K
Whipple, Carlton Oliver - Image 53K
Whipple, Charles - Image 52K
Whipple, Cliive B. - Image 63K
Whipple, Cloyd Leslie And Iva Mae - Image 225K
Whipple, Della - Image 66K
Whipple, Edward And Cora F. - Image 109K
Whipple, Edward - Image 139K
Whipple, Eugene Arlo - Image 221K
Whipple, Infant Daughter - Image 52K
Whipple, Jeanette - Image 63K
Whipple, John Perry And Grace R. - Image 51K
Whipple, Lewis And Almira - Image 113K
Whipple, Lovila Perry - Image 53K
Whipple, Maudie - Image 102K
Whipple, May - Image 67K
Whipple, Omar Harvey - Image 171K
Whipple, Ona L. - Image 49K
Whipple, Rachel - Image 178K
Whipple, Thomas - Image 62K
Whipple, Wellington C. - Image 47K
White, Elijah - Image 43K
White, Elijahs. - Image 43K
White, Russell Carlisle - Image 127K
White, Sarah - Image 43K
Wickham, Joy Carrollton And Ruth M. - Image 215K
Wikingstad, Nancy - Image 233K
Wikingstad, Randolph - Image 233K
Wilcox, Hiram A. - Image 43K
Wilcox, Marion - Image 52K
Wilcox, Nicholas T. - Image 52K
Wilcox, Philata M. - Image 52K
Wilkinstad, Randolph M. - Image 52K
Willey, Arthur V. - Image 54K
Willey, Charles Clinton - Image 47K
Willey, Cora - Image 43K
Willey, Elizabeth - Image 48K
Willey, Ella Peak - Image 43K
Willey, Enole Belle - Image 47K
Willey, Eugene S. - Image 48K
Willey, Eunice Gale - Image 48K
Willey, Francis A. - Image 43K
Willey, Frederick H. - Image 51K
Willey, George - Image 43K
Willey, Gertrude Marie - Image 49K
Willey, Isaac - Image 48K
Willey, Mary H. - Image 50K
Willey, Noah - Image 59K
Willey, Norma L. - Image 55K
Willey, Ora - Image 40K
Willey, Preston Eugene - Image 55K
Williams, Caroline S. - Image 43K
Williams, David L. - Image 43K
Williams, Elizabeth - Image 243K
Williams, Emma - Image 21K
Williams, Faye - Image 43K
Williams, Floyd O. - Image 43K
Williams, Henry W. - Image 43K
Williams, James - Image 234K
Williams, James - Image 43K
Williams, James K. - Image 43K
Williams, John - Image 58K
Williams, Lydia - Image 43K
Williams, Margaret Luella - Image 43K
Williams, Martha A. - Image 43K
Williams, Mary - Image 267K
Williams, Nehemiah - Image 235K
Williams, Ronald Walter - Image 48K
Williams, Sarah - Image 31K
Williams, Thomas - Image 43K
Williamson, Emory R. And Clara Edith - Image 267K
Willis, Garland L. And Adalee Faye - Image 275K
Wilson, Albert - Image 43K
Wilson, Austin - Image 48K
Wilson, Austin Alexander - Image 48K
Wilson, Austin And Mary H. - Image 123K
Wilson, David Arthur - Image 58K
Wilson, Elias C. - Image 43K
Wilson, Harry B. And Julia E. - Image 117K
Wilson, James - Image 43K
Wilson, Leo C. - Image 43K
Wilson, Mary Bush - Image 48K
Wilson, Samuel Alexander - Image 43K
Wilson, Winnie - Image 58K
Wine, Janet May - Image 181K
Winsor, Gertrude Morris - Image 43K
Wintermute, Infant - Image 111K
Wintermute, John Davied - Image 50K
Wintermute, Lottie L. - Image 53K
Wise, Ann - Image 48K
Wise, Samuel - Image 42K
Wise, Susanna - Image 47K
Wolf, Catherine - Image 38K
Wolf, Elenor - Image 53K
Wolfe, John - Image 55K
Wolfe, Mary - Image 57K
Wolfe, Samuel - Image 55K
Wolff, Daniel H. And Artie D. - Image 107K
Wolff, Frank O. - Image 98K
Wolff, Frank A. And Elizabeth G. - Image 94K
Wood, Asa S. - Image 43K
Wood, Birdie F. - Image 195K
Wood, Kenneth C. - Image 195K
Woods, Francis J. - Image 119K
Woods, Frank L. - Image 118K
Worline, Alonzo - Image 33K
Worline, Anna - Image 56K
Worline, Benjamin - Image 46K
Worline, Dayton - Image 43K
Worline, E. Ruth - Image 50K
Worline, Effie M. - Image 55K
Worline, Eliza - Image 43K
Worline, Elizabeth - Image 49K
Worline, Elizabeth - Image 40K
Worline, Elliot - Image 30K
Worline, Elsie A. - Image 53K
Worline, Genora - Image 46K
Worline, George - Image 50K
Worline, Gideon - Image 43K
Worline, Grace - Image 49K
Worline, H.P. - Image 43K
Worline, Henry - Image 43K
Worline, Henry - Image 43K
Worline, Hetty - Image 45K
Worline, Howard E. - Image 49K
Worline, Hugh - Image 44K
Worline, Infant - Image 43K
Worline, Infant Daughter - Image 57K
Worline, Infant Son - Image 71K
Worline, Infant Son - Image 41K
Worline, Infant Son - Image 43K
Worline, Jabez - Image 33K
Worline, Jacob - Image 68K
Worline, Jacob - Image 43K
Worline, James N. - Image 55K
Worline, Jane - Image 33K
Worline, John - Image 39K
Worline, John R. - Image 56K
Worline, Katherine - Image 56K
Worline, Mary Ann - Image 43K
Worline, Mary C. E. - Image 43K
Worline, Mary M. - Image 64K
Worline, Mary M. - Image 43K
Worline, Melinda - Image 43K
Worline, Michael - Image 38K
Worline, Michel - Image 209K
Worline, Preston - Image 43K
Worline, Samuel - Image 47K
Worline, Solomon - Image 42K
Worline, Sprague G. - Image 53K
Worline, Theda - Image 43K
Worline, William - Image 43K
Wornstaff, Albertus "Bert" D. - Image 52K
Wornstaff, Catherine Sherwood - Image 31K
Wornstaff, Daniel - Image 33K
Wornstaff, David Edison Wornstaff - Image 49K
Wornstaff, Ernest - Image 33K
Wornstaff, Harvey S. - Image 31K
Wornstaff, Henry - Image 43K
Wornstaff, John Wesley - Image 49K
Wornstaff, Joseph - Image 79K
Wornstaff, Lena - Image 50K
Wornstaff, Mae Florence - Image 50K
Wornstaff, Mary M. - Image 49K
Wornstaff, Minnie F. - Image 79K
Wornstaff, Sarah Jane - Image 52K
Yeager, Lewis P. And Anna May - Image 268K
Ziegler, Etta Eliza - Image 43K
Ziegler, Karl - Image 43K
Ziegler, Margaret D. - Image 43K
Ziegler, Walter Otto - Image 43K
Ziegler, William - Image 43K
Zimmerman, Harry M. And Edna Marie - Image 231K
Surnames: A - F | G - L | M - S | T - Z


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