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Photos of Tombstones
Marlborough Cemetery, Located Northeast of intersection of Horseshoe Rd & Leonardsburgh Rd, Troy Township, Ohio.
Surnames: A - F | G - L | M - S | T - Z
Gale, Almon - Image 45K
Gale, Alonzo And Goldie - Image 171K
Gale, Anna Marie - Image 44K
Gale, Chloe A. - Image 36K
Gale, Dora Leona - Image 45K
Gale, Florilla Rosinia - Image 45K
Gale, Floyd Sr. - Image 50K
Gale, Harold Raymond And Dorothy Loretta - Image 248K
Gale, Harriett - Image 30K
Gale, Howard L. - Image 44K
Gale, James E. - Image 43K
Gale, James Herbert - Image 43K
Gale, Jennie B. - Image 51K
Gale, Kittie M. - Image 51K
Gale, Lafayette L. - Image 50K
Gale, Laura Elizabeth - Image 50K
Gale, Lester L. - Image 51K
Gale, Lois Lovina - Image 51K
Gale, Margaret M. - Image 48K
Gale, N. C. - Image 35K
Gale, Nora Leona - Image 102K
Gale, Owen And Emma Leota - Image 192K
Gale, Pearlie - Image 59K
Gale, Ralph Lester And Elsie Mae - Image 247K
Gale, Robert Jay - Image 213K
Gale, Robert S. - Image 45K
Gale, Ross - Image 59K
Gale, Russell L. - Image 55K
Gale, Stella M. - Image 38K
Gale, Sylvester - Image 42K
Ganett, Margaret Alice - Image 43K
Gantt, Nancy B. Morris - Image 43K
Gano, Frank W. - Image 45K
Gano, Harriet O. - Image 45K
Gantt, Mabel - Image 49K
Gantt, Wesley - Image 49K
Gardner, Carl S. - Image 54K
Gardner, Dorothy P. - Image 97K
Gardner, Eleanor F. - Image 44K
Gardner, Geraldine - Image 51K
Gardner, Jennie - Image 43K
Gardner, Katie G. - Image 91K
Gardner, Newton W. - Image 43K
Garey, Carl A. And Pauline Ruth - Image 105K
Garrett, Bernita Ellen - Image 246K
Garrett, Gawain Lance - Image 273K
Garrett, Phil - Image 248K
Garriott, Lucinda Hamblin - Image 52K
Garriott, Stephen Newton - Image 53K
Gay, Pauline Gross - Image 192K
Geib, Mark Albert - Image 53K
Gettys, John W. And Nellie F. - Image 138K
Gettys, Manley Ellsworth And Florence Leffingwell - Image 146K
Gibson, Frank C. And Della J. - Image 43K
Giehl, Charles E. And Rachel L. - Image 267K
Giffen, Arch - Image 59K
Giffen, Lloyd J. And Edith Pearl - Image 222K
Giffen, Martha Jane - Image 59K
Giffin, Nancy "Mother" - Image 66K
Giffin, Orlie - Image 44K
Giffin, William W. - Image 54K
Gilbert, Anna Beryl - Image 93K
Gilbert, Mervin L. - Image 144K
Gilkerson, Lois L. - Image 67K
Gilkerson, Tom Vandelyn - Image 67K
Gill, Grace - Image 43K
Gillet, A. V. And Eva B. - Image 43K
Gillett, Albert N. - Image 56K
Gillett, Elwin S. - Image 53K
Gillett, Laura A. - Image 79K
Gilmore, Avis Pearl - Image 60K
Gilmore, Evelyn E. - Image 43K
Gilmore, Lloyd F. - Image 55K
Gladden, Jared Paul - Image 112K
Glaze, Elizabeth Ann - Image 43K
Glaze, Jennie - Image 43K
Glaze, Matilda A. - Image 43K
Glaze, William Warren - Image 66K
Glenn, George E. - Image 279K
Glenn, Joseph B., Margaret T., And Frank T. - Image 256K
Glenn, Linda M. - Image 296K
Goodhue, Hannah - Image 24K
Goodhue, John - Image 43K
Goodwin, Dora E. - Image 256K
Gordon, Charles R. And Viola - Image 205K
Gordon, Lillian Irene - Image 203K
Graham, Essie - Image 187K
Graham, John Charles - Image 187K
Graham, Joy C. - Image 238K
Graham, Marguerite N. - Image 48K
Graham, Murray, Lena And Thadd - Image 112K
Graham, Ralph W. - Image 48K
Graham, Reverdy - Image 225K
Grange, Mary - Image 37K
Grant, Arthur M. And Donabell S. - Image 139K
Grant, Florence May - Image 53K
Grant, Laura D. - Image 49K
Grant, Lena F. - Image 52K
Grant, Newton D. - Image 48K
Grant, Omar H. - Image 52K
Grant, Sarah M. - Image 53K
Grant, Silas Aaron - Image 55K
Graves, Bishop D. - Image 36K
Graves, Elizabeth - Image 33K
Gray, Linda M. - Image 43K
Gray, William Melvin. - Image 241K
Green, Edith Irene - Image 43K
Greenlee, Alma R. - Image 24K
Greenlee, Emma Clifton - Image 108K
Greenlee, Infant Daughter - Image 43K
Greenlee, John - Image 54K
Greenlee, Joseph - Image 26K
Greenlee, Mary Adel - Image 43K
Greenlee, Naomi - Image 57K
Greenlee, Robert - Image 26K
Griffith, Aletta - Image 43K
Griffith, Anna Marie - Image 43K
Griffith, Caroline M. - Image 43K
Griffith, James And Della - Image 252K
Griffith, John R. - Image 43K
Grigsby, Arthur A. - Image 43K
Gross, Charles Wesley - Image 265K
Gross, Cora Keiser - Image 161K
Gross, Grace - Image 163K
Gross, Guy P. - Image 225K
Gross, Isias Jacob - Image 163K
Gross, Margaret - Image 80K
Gross, Mary E. - Image 62K
Gross, Nina B - Image 195K
Gross, Robert - Image 267K
Grote, Flora - Image 293K
Gussler, Madeline Case - Image 90K
Hack, Kendall Wayne - Image 239K
Hagar, Mildred Main - Image 49K
Hagar, Ralph Ernestine - Image 49K
Hagar, Robert A. - Image 43K
Hakes, Dora Richmond - Image 64K
Hakes, Joseph W. - Image 93K
Hall, Chester W. - Image 58K
Hall, Dorothy Jane - Image 43K
Hall, Evelyn L. - Image 55K
Hall, Harriett Rosetta - Image 53K
Hall, John Wesley - Image 43K
Halley, Michael Bruce - Image 270K
Hammond, Virgil R. And Marian E. - Image 275K
Hanover, Daisy S. - Image 56K
Hanover, John B. - Image 56K
Hart, Forest M. - Image 44K
Hart, Hazel L. - Image 44K
Hart, Leland Virgil Lee - Image 112K
Hatten, Infant Children - Image 43K
Hatten, Mary Alda - Image 37K
Haughn, Dora L. - Image 54K
Haughn, Eliza Ellen - Image 57K
Haughn, Homer J. - Image 54K
Haughn, Samuel J. - Image 54K
Hayes, Leslie Calvin - Image 43K
Hazlett, Delores E. - Image 103K
Hazlett, Dorothy - Image 43K
Hazlett, Henrietta - Image 49K
Hazlett, John Francis - Image 54K
Hazlett, John F. Jr - Image 43K
Hazlett, Maud D. - Image 54K
Heckelman, James Henry - Image 92K
Hedges, Jack D. - Image 233K
Hedges, Leslie W. And Alice C. - Image 272K
Hedges, Phlema Mae - Image 246K
Heimlich, George L. And Alta M. - Image 177K
Heimlich, Gladys L. - Image 256K
Heimlich, Mahlon E. And Marcelle H. - Image 273K
Henry, Clara G. - Image 46K
Henry, L. Dow - Image 46K
Henry, Mary - Image 41K
Henry, Maryalyce - Image 271K
Hepner, Charles Joseph And Helen Elizabeth - Image 271K
Herd, Urany - Image 36K
Herdman, Charlotte Irene - Image 147K
Hershey, Walter G. And Margaret Allison - Image 237K
Heverlo, Andrew J. - Image 65K
Heverlo, Mary Rebecca - Image 65K
Hickle, Charlotte - Image 43K
Hickle, Claire J. - Image 33K
Hickle, Frankie G. - Image 42K
Hickle, Manly - Image 61K
Hickle, Timothy - Image 43K
Hickson, Florence Winifred Wallace - Image 36K
Hickson, Ross - Image 36K
High, Albert G, Pauline May And Charles Richard - Image 156K
High, Albert Newton - Image 248K
High, Charles - Image 56K
High, Newton A. And Pearl M. - Image 263K
High, Rebecca Coleman - Image 43K
Hill, Harriet Meredith - Image 43K
Hillard, George S. And Mary Louise - Image 240K
Hines, Thomas R. - Image 43K
Hines, Violet Louise - Image 168K
Hines, Wilson J. - Image 252K
Hoffman, George Martin And Hazel Marie - Image 43K
Hoffman, John M. - Image 148K
Hoge, Sarah G. - Image 186K
Holcomb, Charles W. - Image 52K
Holcomb, Edna M. - Image 45K
Holcomb, Jennie B. - Image 52K
Holcomb, Ralph F. - Image 45K
Holloway, John Gerald And Dorothy M. - Image 246K
Holmes, Calvin - Image 49K
Holmes, Hannah M. - Image 49K
Holmes, Rhaden - Image 41K
Holmes, Rhaden - Image 47K
Holmes, Samuel - Image 41K
Holmes, Samuel - Image 43K
Holt, Amasa - Image 54K
Holt, Atlee P. And Isabelle M. - Image 244K
Holt, Bertha - Image 47K
Holt, Delight - Image 54K
Holt, Edward L. - Image 47K
Holt, Emily - Image 43K
Holt, Evan L. - Image 43K
Holt, Gertrude - Image 59K
Holt, Mary E. George - Image 44K
Holt, Mary Esther - Image 43K
Holt, Owen C. - Image 44K
Holt, Walter J. - Image 59K
Hopkins, Henry Harrison And Lillie M. - Image 64K
Horn, Chancey, Fannie And Frank - Image 43K
Houseworth, Clifford, Mary G, And Presley - Image 43K
Houseworth, Edward P. - Image 50K
Houseworth, Harmon - Image 43K
Houseworth, Nancy - Image 44K
Houseworth, Sarah M. - Image 72K
Houseworth, Thurisa - Image 43K
Houseworth, Vern - Image 48K
Housworth, Daniel And Susie A. - Image 233K
Howald, Anna May - Image 248K
Howald, Charles, George And Willie - Image 242K
Howald, Ellen S. - Image 257K
Howald, Florence R. - Image 51K
Howald, Jacob - Image 246K
Howald, James A. - Image 248K
Howald, John Corwin - Image 264K
Howald, Nancy M. - Image 272K
Howald, William A. - Image 46K
Howison, Lettie J. - Image 40K
Howison, Mallissa E. - Image 43K
Howison, Neil - Image 40K
Huff, William E. And Marie - Image 247K
Huffine, Mildred Irene - Image 63K
Huffine, Sarah Louisa - Image 67K
Hughes, Anna Jean - Image 50K
Humes, Curtis A. - Image 61K
Humes, Katherine Rebecca - Image 57K
Hurlow, Stanley C. And Lillian May - Image 119K
Hurlow, William H. And Mary R. - Image 167K
Hysell, Catherine - Image 46K
Hysell, William H. - Image 46K
Ingmire, Almira - Image 43K
Innis, Virginia Main - Image 45K
Inskeep, Dora Ann - Image 38K
Inskeep, Joel - Image 38K
Irwin, Fred Warren - Image 45K
Irwin, Infant - Image 43K
Irwin, Lloyd G. - Image 45K
Irwin, Ruth C. - Image 52K
Jaccaud, Major Francis - Image 272K
Jaccaud, Ronald Eugene - Image 272K
Jaccaud, Wanda May - Image 258K
Jackson, Bertha Mary - Image 40K
Jackson, Celia - Image 43K
Jackson, Clarence K - Image 43K
Jackson, Eugene - Image 49K
Jackson, Frank B. - Image 45K
Jackson, George - Image 43K
Jackson, Harry E. - Image 43K
Jackson, Harry S. - Image 52K
Jackson, Harry S. And Eugene - Image 44K
Jackson, Infant - Image 43K
Jackson, Infant Daughter - Image 65K
Jackson, Isabelle E. - Image 45K
Jackson, James B. - Image 40K
Jackson, Louis B. And Ida F. - Image 175K
Jackson, Margaret - Image 43K
Jackson, Sarah M. - Image 40K
Jacoby, Anna H. - Image 204K
Jacoby, Annetta Cutler - Image 282K
Jacoby, Benjamin, John Emery And Wesley Clarmont - Image 115K
Jacoby, Clara Rebecca Main - Image 279K
Jacoby, Donald Eugene - Image 120K
Jacoby, Earl Leighton - Image 282K
Jacoby, Homer Allen - Image 283K
Jacoby, Infant - Image 43K
Jacoby, Infant Daughter - Image 43K
Jacoby, Jacob And Fannie - Image 166K
Jacoby, Kathryn Elizabeth - Image 165K
Jacoby, Ralph Lyle - Image 259K
Jacoby, William Ambrose - Image 43K
James, Lena Mae Lavery - Image 43K
Jarvis, Betty Ann - Image 66K
Jarvis, Freda Kaye - Image 47K
Jeffrey, Mary - Image 255K
Jenkins, Blanche - Image 35K
Jenkins, Clive Or Olive - Image 43K
Jenkins, Ella - Image 33K
Jenkins, Elmer L. - Image 272K
Jenkins, Emma - Image 58K
Jenkins, Hal B. - Image 58K
Jenkins, Hosea B. - Image 33K
Jenkins, Ida E. - Image 272K
Jenkins, Mary Emma - Image 43K
Jenkins, Nonda D. - Image 43K
Jenkins, Ray C. - Image 35K
Jenkins, Ronald E. - Image 60K
Jerew, Harry M. - Image 55K
Jerew, Mildred I. - Image 55K
Johnson, Allen D. And Letha May - Image 226K
Johnson, David - Image 43K
Johnson, Esther M. - Image 290K
Johnson, George W. - Image 290K
Johnson, Herman D. - Image 155K
Johnson, Jenny T. - Image 53K
Johnson, Lillie May - Image 189K
Johnson, Mary Jane - Image 195K
Johnson, Nancy Agnes - Image 43K
Johnson, Nathan Emory - Image 53K
Johnson, Oliver Richard And Catherine Marie - Image 238K
Johnson, Rachel Temple - Image 43K
Johnson, Ray And Margaret L. - Image 253K
Johnson, Thomas - Image 43K
Johnson, Unnamed - Image 43K
Johnson, William - Image 43K
Johnson, William Henry And Barbara Ann - Image 283K
Johnson, William M. - Image 290K
Johnson, Willard R. And Vera Esther - Image 129K
Jolley, Carrie Dell - Image 178K
Jolley, Edgar L. - Image 157K
Jolley, Marion E. And Dorothy A. - Image 185K
Jones, Alice G Or C - Image 43K
Jones, Catherine M. - Image 150K
Jones, Charles R. - Image 62K
Jones, Elizabeth - Image 64K
Jones, Ethyl Mae - Image 62K
Jones, J. Francis - Image 86K
Jones, J. Leon - Image 62K
Jones, James - Image 54K
Jordan, James Monroe - Image 85K
Jordan, Jesse Compton - Image 87K
Jones, John Ambrose - Image 43K
Jones, John C - Image 87K
Jones, Matilda Ann - Image 75K
Jones, Nancy - Image 81K
Jones, Nicholas - Image 61K
Jones, Orrel E. - Image 60K
Jones, Ray Cyrus - Image 53K
Jones, Walter G. Or C - Image 43K
Jones, William Keys And Mary H. - Image 181K
Jordan, Rachel Ellen - Image 85K
Jones, William Wallace - Image 54K
Jordan, Belva Louise - Image 73K
Jordan, Fred R. - Image 73K
Jordan, Henrie Belle - Image 73K
Kain, Elizabeth - Image 85K
Kazee, Thelma Louise - Image 254K
Keebaugh, Allen R. - Image 47K
Keebaugh, Bertha E. - Image 47K
Keebaugh, Carl Marvin - Image 57K
Keebaugh, Harry M. - Image 45K
Keebaugh, James Allen - Image 43K
Keebaugh, James Marion - Image 43K
Keebaugh, Verona Mae - Image 45K
Kelly, Asa L. And Mary - Image 194K
Kelly, Gladys Etta - Image 45K
Kelly, Lena - Image 43K
Kemper, Donald Abe - Image 170K
Kiser, Bertha W. - Image 52K
Kline, Abraham - Image 40K
Klingel, Milton A. And Mary Elizabeth - Image 222K
Knauber, A. Earl - Image 47K
Knauber, Dale - Image 62K
Knauber, Dora Adelle - Image 47K
Knauber, George J. - Image 47K
Knauber, George W. And Evelyn C. - Image 235K
Knauber, Marie G. - Image 47K
Kniffen, Lucinda - Image 161K
Knowles, Martha Crabe - Image 43K
Kyrk, David - Image 48K
Kyrk, David Arthur, Harley And Viva R. - Image 250K
Kyrk, Esther McWilliams - Image 48K
Kyrk, Homer - Image 49K
Kyrk, James F. And Carolinie - Image 77K
Kyrk, Joseph R. - Image 43K
Kyrk, Leroy B. - Image 62K
Kyrk, Luther - Image 92K
Kyrk, Murray A. - Image 45K
Kyrk, Stella C. - Image 49K
Landis, Willie Ruth - Image 43K
Laugherty, Helen Strait - Image 95K
Lavery, Lena M. - Image 259K
Law, Albert Day - Image 50K
Law, Hazel H. - Image 47K
Law, Hugh A. - Image 197K
Law, Hugh E. - Image 47K
Law, Martha L. - Image 90K
Lawarence, Don R. - Image 113K
Lawrence, Don Rufus And Forrest Marie - Image 218K
Lawrence, Robert M. And Dorothy Maxine - Image 237K
Lawson, Leota Pearl Myers - Image 56K
Lea, Marjorie Jean - Image 42K
Lea, Richard Eugene - Image 42K
Leienberger, Alta G. - Image 54K
Leienberger, Wilbur - Image 54K
Leienberger, Wilbur - Image 58K
Lester, Alka Counts - Image 256K
Lester, Estel - Image 244K
Lester, Rachel M. - Image 43K
Lester, Sarah - Image 43K
Lewis, Emily K. - Image 43K
Lewis, Emma L. - Image 45K
Lewis, Velma - Image 43K
Lewis, William - Image 50K
Liebenderfer, Frank Barry - Image 49K
Liebenderfer, Grace E. - Image 49K
Liebenderfer, William W. - Image 43K
Linebaugh, Elizabeth Jane - Image 245K
Litsinberger, Edna E. - Image 52K
Litsinberger, Ernest - Image 52K
Little, Martha - Image 267K
Lloyd, Elizabeth - Image 43K
Longshore, Alice Gertrude - Image 53K
Longshore, Kelly Miles - Image 53K
Looker, Guy Francis - Image 57K
Looker, Valentine - Image 53K
Looker, Verta Irwin - Image 53K
Loop, Rachel C. - Image 43K
Lough, Anna C. - Image 211K
Lough, Clarence E. - Image 51K
Lough, Katie - Image 51K
Lough, William H. - Image 52K
Surnames: A - F | G - L | M - S | T - Z


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