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Chapter I. When the New World Was Supposed To Have Been Discovered. Verging on Ancient History-What the Ancients Knew-DeSoto, the Spirit of the Sixteenth Century-Marquette, Joliet and LaSalle-1776 and 1983- Louisiana Territory-The Ground of Dispute-Ownership of the Northwest-French and Indian War-The Dunmore War-Lord Dunmore's March-The Treaty of Paris, France-The Government Owned It-Ordinance of 1787-Scioto Land Company-Judge Cutler's Letter.

Chapter II. Progress of Events-Grouping of Interesting Facts. The First Settlement-Governor Appointed-The Indian War-Wayne's Campaign-A Treaty-Indian Annuities-Progress of the New Northwest-The First Territorial Legislature-Location of Boundary Lands-Formation State Constitution.

Chapter III. They Found A Wilderness And Let In The Sunlight of Civilization. Pioneer Life-Home of the Indians-From Whence They Came-The Log-Cabin- Dress and Manners-Market Prices-Milling-Native Animals-Agricultural Implements-Education-The Bright Side-What the Pioneers Have Done-Women Pioneers.

Chapter IV. Scientific View of the Scioto Valley. Its Topography-The Scioto River-Its Drainage System-The Geology of Scioto Valley-Fire-clay, etc.-Archaeology of the Scioto Valley-The Mound-builders- Piketon Walls-The Fauna of Scioto Valley-The Beasts of the Valley-The Reptiles of Scioto Valley-The Flora of the Scioto Valley-Conclusion-The Future of Scioto Valley-Its Mineral Resources-The Future Population of the Scioto Valley.

Chapter V. Material Wealth-Official Life-Patriotism. A Chapter of Material Wealth-Internal Improvements-The Ohio Canal-Miles of Railway in 1882-Governors-Representatives, Scioto, Pike and Jackson Counties- Common Pleas Court-Election of 1840-Presidential Campaign.

Chapter VI. The Beautiful Valley of the Scioto-The Fertile Banks of the Ohio. Before Organization-The Pioneer Settlement-The First Surveys-Scioto County Pioneer Life-Names of Pioneers, 1796 to 1806-The Settlement of the French Grant.

Chapter VII. Organization, Changes, Topography and Progress. Habitation and Name-Act to Establish the County of Scioto-Its Topography- Scioto River Navigation-Scioto River Bridges-Change in Township Lines.

Chapter VIII. Agricultural Resources of Scioto County-Her Railroads and Population. Introductory-Agriculture-Township and County Finances-Melange-Progress- Township and Changes-Court House and Turnpike-Fine-Grained Sand Rock-An Act for Altering the Boundary Line Between Scioto and Gallia Counties-An Act of Altering the Boundary Line Between Scioto and Gallia Counties-An Act to Erect the County of Lawrence-Act to Attach Part of Lawrence County to Scioto County-The Loss of the County Records-The Townships-Water Supply- Mineral Resources-Iron Ore Deposits-Bituminous Coal-Boundaries of the Coal Fields From 1814-Valuation-Population of Scioto County, Area 640 Square Miles- Population Since 1840-Scioto and Hocking Valley Railroad-Portsmouth Branch of the M. & O. R.R-Scioto Valley Railroad-Cincinnati & Eastern Railroad- Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.

Chapter IX. Societies-Infirmary-Floods-Items-County Officers. Agricultural Societies-First Organization-Grange-County Infirmary-The Waters and the Floods-The Flood of 1883-Itemized-Oil Excitement, 1861-Common Pleas-County Officers.

Chapter X. The Military History of Scioto County From 1812 To 1865. The War of 1812-The March and Surrender-Captain Roop-The Mexican War- Civil War, 1861 to 1865-Portsmouth Rifles-The First Battle-Home Relief- Distribution-The Fifty-Sixth Ohio Infantry-The Organization-The Gallant Thirty- third Ohio Infantry-The Ninety-fourth Regiment-The Fifty-third Ohio Infantry- The Seventy-second Regiment-The Grosbeck Regiment-The Second Kentucky- The One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment-Battery L-Eighty-first Regiment Ohio Infantry-Thirtieth Regiment O. V. M.-The Scattered.

Chapter XI. The City of Portsmouth-The Home of Beauty, Culture, Refinement and Wealth. Rank and Classification-Alexandria-Portsmouth Platted-City Officials, etc.- Improvements-Business and Banking-From 1830 to 1840-Portsmouth Dry Dock and Steamboat Basin Company-The Accession of Wayne Township-Additions to The City of Portsmouth.

Chapter XII. Educational Improvements and General Progress. Portsmouth Public Schools-Sanitary-Medical Societies-Hempstead Memorial Academy of Medicine-Sewerage-Postoffice-Fire Department-Portsmouth Water Works-Gaslight Company.

Chapter XIII. The Churches of the City of Portsmouth. Presbyterian-Episcopal-Methodist Episcopal-Baptist-Catholic-Miscellaneous- Cemetery.

Chapter XIV. Press-Children's Home-Libraries and Societies. The Press-Children's Home Association-Public Library-City Reading Rooms- Independent Order of the Harugari-Masonry.

Chapter XV. Banks, Telegraph, Telephone and Manufactures-Commercial Artery of the City. Banks-Portsmouth Street Railway-Canal Business-Telephone Exchange-Western Union Telegraph Company-Baltimore & Ohio Express-Manufactures.

Chapter XVI. Biographical Sketches of Portsmouth.

Chapter XVII. Porter, Clay and Harrison Townships. Porter Township-The First Settled-Area and Valuation-When Formed-Early Settlers- Items of Interest-Sciotoville-Its Business Interests, 1883-Wheelersburg-The Business of 1883-Societies-Walt's Station-Schools-Churches-Township Officers- Biographical-Clay Township-Its Metes and Bounds-Organization-Official-The Richest Township-Churches-Schools-Biographical-Harrison Township-Over One-fourth Century Later-Its Organization-Old Pioneers-Boundary Changes-The Dixon Mill- Harrisonville-Business, etc.-Official-Churches-Schools-Biographical.

Chapter XVIII. Greene, Vernon, and Bloom Township. Greene Township-French Grant, Valuation and Population-The Township Changes-Old Settlers-Haverhill-Churches-Powellsville-Churches-Schools-Township Officers- Biographical-Vernon Township-Description and Area-Old Settlers-Churches-Schools- Official-Biographical-Bloom Township-Its Mineral Deposits-Petition for Organization-Area and Valuation-Its Early Settlement-Webster-School Districts- Churches-Biographies.

Chapter XIX. Madison, Jefferson and Valley Townships. Madison Township-Topography-Settlement-Churches and Schools-Township Officers, 1883-Wallace Mill-Biographical-Jefferson Township-Metes, Bounds and Area- Population-Old Settlers-Township Officers, 1851-Churches-Schools-Valley Township-Next To The Youngest-Organization-Area, Boundary and Valuation-Old Settlers-Township Officers-Churches-Schools-Business Interests-Lucasville Lodge, No. 465-Biographical.

Chapter XX. Morgan, Rush and Brush Creek Townships. Morgan Township-When Settled-Organization-Churches-Schools-Township Officers, 1883-Oil Wells on Bear Creek-Biographical-Rush Township-Area, Valuation and Population-Freestone-How and When Organized-Township Election-Schools-Churches- Biographical-Organization-Old Pioneers-Official-Schools-Hamlets of Brush Creek- Churches.

Chapter XXI. Nile, Washington and Union Township. Nile Township-Valuation, Bounds and Population-Old Settlers-Schools-Items of Interest-Township Officers and Voting Precincts-Buena Vista-Churches-Friendship- Biographical-Washington Township-The Old Pioneer-Schools, 1883-A Change and More Territory-Area, Valuation and Population-Tempervale-Churches-Township Officers- Biographical-Union Township-Villages-Officers.

Chapter XXII. Jackson County From Date of Organization. The Misty Ages of the Past-Topography-County Organization-An Act to Erect the County of Jackson-First Road-Townships and Taxation-First Jail-Townships, etc., 1824-Court House-Land Sales-Vote on Sale of School Lands-Decade Between 1840 and 1850-Old Scioto Salt Works-County Infirmary.

Chapter XXIII. The Old Pioneer-Sketches of Early Settlers-Official Life-Items. Old Settlers-Items of Interest-Officers of Jackson County from its Organization to the Present Time-Commissioners-Auditors-Treasurers-Recorders-Probate Judges- Surveyors-Sheriffs-Prosecuting Attorneys-Clerk of Courts-Judges-Population of Jackson County by Townships from 1840.

Chapter XXIV. Geology and the Mineral Resources, Coal and Iron Interests. Geology of Jackson County-Limestone Ore-The Mines and Furnaces-Early Coal Mining in Ohio-Jackson County Coal Notes-Discovery of Smelting Coal-Coke-Iron Smelting Coals-Jackson Shaft Coal-Jackson Hill Coal-Blast Furnaces-Jackson County Railroads-Two Other Lines-Narrow Gauge.

Chapter XXV. Agriculture, Cereals and Stock. Material Wealth-The Crop of 1854-Valuation of Chattel Property-Agricultural Products of Jackson County-Stock Statistics, Jackson County-Value of Real Estate, 1846 to 1883-Agricultural Societies.

Chapter XXVI. Military History of Jackson County, Ohio. The Pioneer Movements-1812-Mexican War-The War of the Rebellion-Eighteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry-Twenty-seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry-Thirty-third Ohio Infantry-Thirty-sixth Ohio Infantry-Fifty-third Ohio Infantry-Fifty-sixth Ohio Infantry-Eight-seventh Ohio Infantry-Seventh Ohio Cavalry-Ninety-first Ohio Infantry-First Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery-One Hundred and Twenty-nine Ohio Infantry-One Hundred Seventy-third Ohio Infantry-One Hundred and Seventy-ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry-One Hundred and Ninety-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry- Second West Virginia Cavalry-Colored Troops-Miscellaneous Organizations- Recapitalization-The Morgan Raid-Francis Smith-Robert W. Caldwell-Pensions and Pensioneers-Grand Army of the Republic.

Chapter XXVII. City of Jackson-Its Rugged Features in 1823-Its Culture, Refinement and Wealth in 1883. Capital City of Salt Creek Valley-When Laid Out-Incorporating the Town of Jackson-Items-Newspapers-Banks-Telephone System-Reading Room-Silver Cornet Band- Fire Department-Express Companies-Manufacturing Interests-Jackson in 1883.

Chapter XXVIII. Religious, Educational, Societies and The Bar of Jackson. Churches-Fairmount Cemetery-Sabbath-Schools-Nationalities-Jackson and Jackson County Schools-The Jackson County Literary Association-The Bar of Jackson County-Masonic.

Chapter XXIX. Biographical Sketches of Jackson City.

Chapter XXX. Lick, Liberty, Scioto and Franklin Townships. Lick Township-Once a Township in Ross County-Topography-The Pioneers-Its Growth- Assessed Valuation and Area-Township Officers-Biographical-Liberty Township- Topography and Minerals-Population and Improvements-Schools and Churches- Biographical-Scioto Township-Topography and Streams-Organization-Settlement- Population and Valuation-Schools and Churches-Villages-Biographical-Franklin Township-Surface and Minerals-The Old Pioneer-Churches and Schools-Bounds, Area and Wealth-Franklin Township Officers, 1842, 1860, 1883-Biographical.

Chapter XXXI. Milton, Coal, Washington and Jackson Townships. Milton Township-Topography-Settlement-Furnaces-Wellston-Postoffice-Public Schools-Churches-Societies-Newspaper-Professions-Business Interests-Stores- Berlin-Middleton-Biographical-Coal Township-Settlement-Coalton-The Business-The Schools-Postoffice-Valuation-Churches and Societies-Biographical-Washington Township Topography-Schools-Ellsworth-Biographical-Jackson Township-Topography- Canter's Cave- Settlement-Schools-Raysville-Swiftsville-Biographical.

Chapter XXXII. Bloomfield, Madison, Jefferson and Hamilton Townships. Bloomfield Township-Topography-Old Settlers-Population, Valuation, etc.-Township Officers-Schools and Churches-The Keystone Furnace-Winchester-Biographical- Jefferson and Madison Townships-Schools and Churches-Oak Hill-Manufactures-Oak Hill in 1883-The Welsh Settlement in Jackson and Gallia Counties, Ohio-Churches- Oak Hill Public Schools-Oak Hill Academy-Biographical-Jefferson Township-Madison Township-Hamilton Township-Settlement-Schools and Churches-Postoffice-Bounds, Valuation, etc.-Biographical.

Chapter XXXIII. The History of Pike County-Its Physical Features-Its Settlement and Organization. The Dawn of Civilization-Early Settlers-Governor Robert Lucas-Items of Interest- Before it Became Pike County-When Organized-Court Records-Eli Sargent's Report- From the Journal-Geology of Pike County-Waverly's Stone-Topography-Origin of Names-Zane's Trace.

Chapter XXXIV. Boundary, Area, Progress, County Site. Boundaries and Area-County Business-Pebble Township-The Lost Records-Advancing- Population of Pike County by Townships from 1840-Removal of County Seat-The Gift of the Town of Waverly-The Deed Copy-Centre Township-Infirmary-Postoffices of Pike County-County Indebtedness.

Chapter XXXV. Agriculture, Stock and Wealth of Pike County. Valuation of Real and Personal Property-Pike County Medical Society-The First Hanging-Kuklux in Pike-Witchcraft in Pike County-History of the Press in Pike County-Railroads-The Narrow Gauge-Turnpikes-Official-Commissioners-Auditors- Sheriffs-Treasurers-Probate Judge-Recorders-Clerks of Court-Prosecuting Attorneys-Judges Second Judicial District.

Chapter XXXVI. Pike County Actors in the Great Civil War. The Signal Given at Sumter-The County Calls Again-The Seventy-third Ohio-The Sixty-third Infantry-What Ohio Did for the Union.

Chapter XXXVII. The City of Waverly. The Beauty of Its Surroundings-Additions-Postoffice-Sanitary-A Most Fatal Epidemic-Waverly Public Schools-Adoption of Graded System-Churches-Cemeteries.

Chapter XXXVIII. Business Interests of Waverly. Manufactures-Banks-Telegraph Office-Express Office-Lodges-Bands-Waverly in 1883- Pee Pee Township-Area and Wealth-Churches-Biographical.

Chapter XXXIX. Seal Township. Geographically Located-Topography-Line Changed-Piketon Bridge-Schools of Seal Township-Waverly Sandstone-Official-Jefferson-Reminiscence of David Ware-Piketon Agricultural Society-Early Incidences-Flouring Mill-Piketon Public School- Piketon Lodge, No. 323, I.O.O.F.-Churches-Business of Piketon-Official- Biographical.

Chapter XL. Jackson, Beaver, Marion and Union Townships. Jackson Township-Organization and Bounds-Township Officials-Educational- Transportation-Sharonville-Its Business Interests-Churches-Biographical-Beaver Township-Area, Metes and Bounds-Drainage System-Name-Organization-Township Officers, 1883-Schools-Beavertown-Churches-Population-Biographical-Marion Township-Size and Location-Topography-California-Township Organization-Officers, 1843-1883-Schools-Churches-Biographical-Union Township-When and by Whom Settled- Topography-Mineral Development-Early Facts-Organization, Bounds, etc.-Township Officers-Churches-Educational-Biographical.

Chapter XLI. Scioto, Newton, Sunfish, and Camp Creek Townships. Scioto Township-Topography-Big Run-Old Settlement-Education-Churches- Postoffices-Township Organization-Boundary Changes-Official-Valuation- Biographical-Newton Township-Soil, Production and Bounds-Timber-Population and Valuation-Jasper Village-Public School-Bethel-Churches-Biographical-Sunfish Township-Something of the Early Days-Topography-Old Settlers-Boundary Line Changes-Population-Churches-Schools-Offices-Biographical-Camp Creek Township- Bounds and Area-Timber and Water-Coopersville-Educational-Churches-Township Officials-Population-Biographical.

Chapter XLII. Mifflin, Perry, Benton and Pebble Townships. Mifflin Township-Its Advent to Independence-Bounds, Valuation and Population- Soil, Timber and Topography-Byington-Latham-Some of the Old Pioneers-Churches- Schools, 1883-Official-Biographical-Perry Township-Its Topography-Bounds, Acreage and Valuation-Pioneers-Cynthiana-Schools-Churches-Biographical-Benton Township-Its Form and Area-When Organized-Population and Politics-Morgantown- Schools-Churches-Pebble Township-Organization and Election-Valuation and Population-Old Settlers-Buchanan-Idaho-Schools-Churches-Official-Biographical.