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Orange County

Cornwall Mills and Pond, near Cornwell

National Bank of Orange County, [Goshen?]

Chapel Island, Greenwood Lake

Chapel Island from Swing Bridge, Greenwood Lake

Highland Falls, Highland Falls

Camp Wiquanuppek, Lake Kanawauke

Main Street, Montgomery

Parting of the Roads, Southfield

Eddy Farm, Sparrowbush

Railroad Tracks, Stonyford

High Bridge, Walden [1906]

Red Swan Inn, Warwick [pre-1907]

State Hospital Main Building, Middletown

Wm. E. Cross Home at Clemsen Park, Middletown

Roman Catholic Church and Parochial School, Middletown

Erie Depot, Middletown

North Street, Middletown

Middletown High School, Middletown

Hotel Monte Carlo, Monroe

Seven Spring Mountain House, Monroe

Heart of Monroe, Monroe

Newburgh on Hudson River

Washington Headquarters, Newburgh

View from Washington Headquarters, Newburgh

The South Junior High School, Newburgh

Palatinate Hotel, Newburgh

Academy, Newburgh [1909]

Boat House, Orange Lake, Newburgh

Lawson Hose Co. No. 5, Newburgh

The Beautiful Lake at Downing Park, Newburgh

Entrance to Downing Park, Newburgh
Port Jervis

Corner of Pike and Front Streets, Port Jervis

New Mid-Delaware Bridge, Port Jervis, Connecting Pennsylvania and New York States

Mountain House School, Port Jervis
West Point

Hudson River, Showing West Point

View down Hudson River, from the Bend at West Point [1907]

West Point, on the Hudson

Cavalry and Artillery Buildings, West Point

Athletic Sports at West Point

Battle Monument, West Point [1912]

Battle Monument, West Point [1919]

The Hudson River from the Battle Monument, West Point

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