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Onondaga County

N. M. Gates Variety Store, Camillus

Post Office, Onondaga

Tully Creamery, Tully

Library and Art Gallery, Skaneateles

Skaneateles Lake from Clift Park, Skaneateles

Shotwell Memorial Park and Glimpse of the Lake, Skaneateles Lake

The Packwood, Skaneateles

Fort Ste. Marie, Syracuse

Yacht Club House from Onondaga Lake, Syracuse

G. E. Electronics Park, Syracuse

United States Post Office, Syracuse

At Work in the Salt Yards, Syracuse

Salt Covers, Syracuse

Solvay Process Works

"Main Gate", Solvay Works

Solvay Process Works, Syracuse

Washout pf the Erie Canal at Syracuse, July 30, 1907

CCor. Fayette and Clinton Sts., Syracuse

Circle of St. Mary's and Baptist Church, Syracuse

Central New York Power Corporation Office Building, Syracuse

Results of Tornado, near Syracuse, Sept. 15, 1912

Onondaga County Courthouse and Columbus Monument, Syracuse

New Court House, Syracuse [1906]

State Armory, Syracuse

Electric Terminal R. R. Station, Syracuse

Evening on Hiawatha Lake Showing Band Stand, Onondaga Park, Syracuse

Hiawatha Lake, Onondaga Park, Syracuse

E. M. Mills Municipal Rose Garden, Thornden Park, Syracuse

Amphitheater, Thornden Park, Syracuse

Pratt's Falls, Onondaga County Park, near Syracuse

State Tower Building, Syracuse

Syracuse Memorial Hospital, Syracuse

Chimes Tower Building, Syracuse

Crouse College, Syracuse [pre-1907]

John Crouse College, Syracuse
Syracuse University

Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University, Syracuse

College of Medicine, Syracuse University

Maxwell School of Citizenship, Syracuse University, Syracuse

Sims Hall, Bowne Hall and Library, Syracuse University, Syracuse

Stadium Entrance, Syracuse University, Syracuse

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