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Broome County

Rear View, Heavy Work Shoe Factory, Endicott, Johnson & Co., Lestershire

E. J. Workers, Square Deal Arch between Binghamton and Johnson City [1933]

Two Stores on Main Street, Centre Lisle


Lower Main St., Windsor

Stitching Room, Fine Welt Factory, Endicott, Johnson & Co., Endicott

International Business Machines Engineering Laboratory and School, Endicott

Union Endicott High School, Endicott
Oquaga Lake

Oquaga Lake, Looking South from Hansons Hotel, Deposit

Oquaga Lake, Deposit

Retlaw House, Oquaga Lake

The Retlaw, Oquaga Lake

Court Street looking West, Binghamton

First National Bank from Court House Steps, Binghamton [1933]

St. Patrick's Catholic Church [left]; First Presbyterian Church [right], Binghamton [1933]

City Hospital, Binghamton [1933]

High School [upper]; Administration Bldg & Bathing Pavilion, Chenango Valley State Park, Binghamton [lower, 1933]

Kalurah Country Club between Endicott and Binghamton [upper]; Scene in Recreation Park [lower], Binghamton [1933]

Junction of Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers [upper]; Court Street and Mutual Life Building [lower], Binghamton [1933]

Binghamton Press Subscription Contest, Binghamton

Main Street, E., Binghamton [1912]

Tyler Park and U. S. Post Office, Binghamton [1933]

Public Library, Binghamton [1933]

Masonic Temple, Binghamton [1933]

Spanish War Monument [left]; Y. M. C. A. [right], Binghamton [1933]

Hotel Arlington, Binghamton [1933]

Park Avenue, Binghamton [1911]

D. L. & W. R. R. Station, Binghamton

Fraternity Row, Washington Street, showing [l. to r.] State Armory, Knight of Columbus, Elks Club and Shrine Temple, Binghamton [1933]

State Hospital and Grounds [upper]; Riverside Drive [lower], Binghamton [1933]

Hotel Carlton [upper]; West Junior High School [lower], Binghamton [1933]

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