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Morris County

Tennis Courts, College of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station

Saddle Horses, Green Pond

Tabor Heights from Mt. Tabor

New York and New Jersey Crematory, Union Hill

New Jersey State Firemen's Home, Boonton

Boonton High School, Boonton

Camp Kenilworth, Boonton
Budd Lake

View of Budd Lake [1931]

Lake Shore Road, Budd Lake

Merry-go-round, Budd Lake

Wintermute's Dock, Budd Lake

Entrance to Forest House Grounds, Budd Lake

Boat Dock, Budd Lake

Main St., Chatham

Railroad Depot, Chatham

Fairview House, Chatham [1907]

St. Francis Health Resort, Denville

Chapel, St. Francis Health Resort, Denville

D. L. & W. Railroad Station, Denville

D. L. & W. R. R. Station, Denville

First Baptist Church, Dover

Granny's Brook, Dover

Cpl. Anthony G. Gorman, Sent to his sister, Jennie Gorman of Dover [photo taken in Nice, France]
Lake Hopatcong

Castle Edward, Lake Hopatcong

Double Decker, Lake Hopatcong

Kingston Cottage, River Styx, Lake Hopatcong

Lake Pavilion, Lake Hopatcong

Diving Tower at Bertrand Island Park, Lake Hopatcong [1936]

Hartley Dodge Memorial Entrance, Madison

Drew Theological Seminary Building, Drew University, Madison

Madison Center, Madison

Park Place, Morristown

County Court House, Morristown

D. & L. W. R. R. Station, Morristown

Lackawanna Station, Morristown

Church of The Assumption, Morristown

Baptist Church, Morristown

First Baptist Church, Morristown

New Library, Morristown

National Iron Bank, Morristown

Centennial, Firemen's Parade, Morristown [1912]

Residence of O. H. Kahn, Cedar Court, Morristown

South Side of the Park, Morristown

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