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Sullivan County

Community Church, Goshen

Kimball Union Academy, Meriden

Unidentified Building, Newport

Old Stone Watering Trough, Claremont

Freemont St., Claremont

High Bridge, Claremont [1931]

Dodge's Pharmacy, in Union Block, Claremont [pre-1907]

Red Water Brook Bridge, Claremont

West Porch, Harlakenden, Cornish

Corner of Little Studio, The Augustus Saint-Gaudens Memorial, Cornish

Blow-me-down Pond & Wilson Road, Cornish
Lake Sunapee

Lake Sunapee from Indian Cove

Canoeing at Sunapee Harbor Lake Sunapee

Steamer "Armenia White," Lake Sunapee

Sunapee Harbor from Woodward Hill, Lake Sunapee

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