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THE ARCHIVES NEWSLETTER, Week Ending November 2, 2001
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The following census images are now online in the USGenWeb Archives:

1850 Atchison County
1900 Miller County
1920 Miller County
1840 Morgan County
1860 Morgan County

1880 Hamblen County

Please visit the USGenWeb Census Project at if you are interested in transcribing any county of any federal census records. A copy of all transcriptions done for this project are submitted to the appropriate state File Manager for inclusion in the USGenWeb Archives.


Hawaii Cemetery Project

Big Island of Hawaii
Japanese Church Cemetery, Waimea (Kamuela P.O.) - Photos Online

Island of Kauai
Hanapepe Public Cemetery, Island of Kauai, Hawaii - section 5 (partial)

Baltimore County
Fork United Methodist Church Cemetery
Cemeteries: Stella Maris Hospice (formerly Long Crandon)

Charles County
Deed Between Lydia Canter + al and William Baker (1802)
Deed Between Ann Lyon and Thomas Chapman Lyon (1843)
Deed Between Elizabeth Lyon and William Turner (1805)
Bill of Sale Between Henry Lyon Sr. and James Lyon (1801)
Bill of Sale Between Henry Lyon Sr. and Nathan Lyon (1800)
Deed Between Henry Lyon Sr. and Nathan Lyon (1800)
Bill of Sale Between James Lyon and John Moran Sr. (1801)
Bill of Sale Between James Lyon and Nathan Lyon (1801)
Deed Between John Moran Lyon + al and Henry Morris Lyon (1837)
Bill of Sale Between Mary Lyon and Nathan Lyon (1830)
Deed Between Thomas Chapman Lyon and Ann Lyon (1836)
Bill of Sale Between William Lyon and Thomas Murphy (1804)
Bill of Sale Between Meverell Moran and Elizabeth, Charles and Catherine Lyon (1800)

Frederick County
Second Administrative Account of John Albaugh, Sr. (1812)
Deed John Albaugh to Daniel Albaugh (1804)
Will of John Albaugh, Sr. (1810)

Montgomery County
Will of John Albaugh, Sr. (1810)

Hamilton County
Cincinnati - Army Post Enroll 71 Draftees - March 15, 1941

Jefferson County
Cemeteries of Jefferson County

Morgan County
USGenWeb Archives Marriages Project (Ohio)
Years 1819-20
Year 1838

Perry County
Old Bethel Cemetery

Chester County
Cemetery: St. Andrews Episcopal Church
Proclamation listing Chester County Inhabitants Accused of High Treason (1778)
Land Grant to James and Eleanor Beaty; (1777)
History of Paoli Parade Ground
PENNYPACKER Land Notices in the Pennsylvania Gazette
Civil War - 28th Regiment Muster Roll
Names in 1765 Chester County Archives
Highway Overseers in 1681
PENNYPACKER News Notices during Civil War
Eliza Pennypacker Accident (1864)
Pennypacker Death Notices (1822-1870)
Obit: Nathan Pennypacker (1833)
Obit: Morgan J. Thomas (1865)
Pennypacker Marriage Notices (1816-1870)
Will Abstracts listing HUTTON Surname
Will of Townsend Lamborn (1860)

Delaware County
Will Abstracts listing HUTTON Surname

Philadelphia County
North Cedar Hill Cemetery (Clark, McCool, Moss)
Salem Reformed Church Births (1870)
Philadelphia City Churches, 1850, from McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory.
Philadelphia City Churches, 1856, from McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory.
AUSTIN in Philadelphia City Directories (1785-1830)
AYRES in Philadelphia City Directories (1816-1921)
BOCKIUS in Philadelphia City Directories (1828-1859)
COLEHOWER/COLHOUER in Philadelphia City Directories (1862-1870)
CONBOY in Philadelphia City Directories (1864-1891)

Lamar County
1880 ED 73 Federal Census Transcription
1880 ED 74 Federal Census Transcription
1880 ED 75 Federal Census Transcription
1880 ED 76 Federal Census Transcription
1880 ED 77 Federal Census Transcription

USGenWeb Archives File Managers

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