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Ward County

Bird's Eye View, Berthold

Central Avenue, Kenmare

Elevators & Soo Station, Sawyer

Lignite Coal Mine, near Minot

East Side Main St.

West Side Main St. [1910]

Main St. South from
Leland Hotel [1907]

Main St. South from
Second, Minot

Main St.

View from South Main Street

Bird's Eye View [1926]

Central Ave. Christmas Eve

St. Joseph's Hospital

Pavilion, East Park

Wagons loaded with
Buffalo Bones [1890]

High and Central Schools

North Side School [1910]

Old High School

Opera House Block [1913]

Sign, Teddy Roosevelt Park

St. Joseph's Hospital

Masonic Temple [1908]

U. S. Post Office

Lutheran Home

Roosevelt Monument
Roosevelt Park

Lexington Hotel

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