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Grand Forks County



City Schools, Larimore

Residence of John
Van Rueden [1914]

Deaconess Hospital

Deaconess Hospital 1908

High School
City of Grand Forks

Main Campus, University

St. Michael's Hospital

Deaconess Hospital

Belmont School

Alpha Ave showing Post
Office & Methodist Church

De Mers Avenue

Fourth St looking So
from International Ave

3rd Stt looking No
from De Mers Ave [1911]

Reeves Avenue
Residence St [1907]

Post Office and Court House

St. Mary's Church
and School [1929]

Science Hall, UND [pre-1907]

Ontario Store

Dacotah Hotel [1908]

UND [1925]

Red River and East Grand Forks


Hotel Ryan

Rev. L. Wesley Jaeger
Gospel Tabernacle [1936]

Main Building UND [1907]

Security Building

Central High School

Wholesale District

The Forks

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