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Houghton County

Five Million Pounds of Copper Ready for Shipment, Hancock and Houghton

Hancock - Houghton Bridge

Quincy Mine Shaft House, Hancock

Quincy Mine Shaft House, Hancock

Red Jacket Shaft, Calumet

Houghton County Rotary in action on M-26

Hecla Street, Larium, Winter Scene

Ottawa Lodge, 2 Mi. W. of Kenton on M-28

Calumet Public Hospital, Larium

Calumet and Hecla Stamp Mills, Lake Linden
City of Houghton

Douglass House, Houghton

The Enlarged Amphidrome, Houghton

Souvenir Photo, Copper Country Fair, Houghton

Sheldon Street, Houghton

Power House, Isle Royal Mine, Houghton

Michigan College of Mines, Houghton

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