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The following maps of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Territory are online in the United States Digital Map Library, and are available for you to download. If you would like to be part of the Digital Map Library team and/or make contributions, please e-mail me Rebecca Maloney. Your contributions are both needed and appreciated!

Wisconsin State Maps

Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota Territories 1832-1858 (327kb)
Drawn under the supervision of Louise Phelps Kellogg, William J. Petersen, Theodore C. Blegen and Lawrence J. Burpee

Midwest Map, circa 1884 (462kb)
James Monteith, 1884 - this is a neat map which includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

Michigan and Wisconsin, circa 1891 (565kb)
International Cyclopædia
Struthers & Co., Engr's, N.Y.
Published by Dodd, Meade, & Co.

Rand McNally Popular Map of Wisconsin, circa 1944 (509kb)

1943 Railroads (450k) C.E. Hammond & Co., N.Y. - Unfortunately, the resolution isn't a little better on this railroad map, but hopefully it is useful anyway.

Wisconsin County Boundaries, 1990 U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census (139kb)

Wisconsin County Maps

Brown County (557k) - I'm not absolutely positive, but this looks like another Blue Book street map, circa 1919/20. Submitted by D. Balza. Door County - Ownership Map, Door County Wisconsin
Compiled and Published by Otto Nelson, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
1937. Submitted by Joy Fisher.
Sawyer County - 1915 Plat map. Waushara County - Atlas of Waushara County Wisconsin. Containing Maps of Villages, Cities and Townships of the County. Published by C. A. McIntyre and C. H. Terrill Wautoma, Wis. 1906 Copyrighted W. Wangersheim, Lith. & Map Printer, Chicago Submitted by Joy Fisher.


Wisconsin City Maps

Eau Claire - The Automobile Blue Book Company, circa 1919 (125k)

Milwaukee - The Automobile Blue Book Company, circa 1920 (251k)

Wisconsin Miscellaneous Maps

Panorama: Racine, Racine County, circa 1883 (901kb)
Published by J.J. Stoner, Madison, WI
Source: Geography & Map Division, Library of Congress

Panorama: Green Bay and Fort Howard, Brown County, circa 1867. (1.18 megs) Drawn by A. Ruger., Published by the Chicago Lithographing Co., Chicago
Source: Geography & Map Division, Library of Congress

Panorama: Milwaukee, circa 1882. Beck & Pauli, Milwaukee, WI (737k)
Source: Geography & Map Division, Library of Congress

Leading Products Industries, circa 1943 (123kb)

Natural Regions of Wisconsin, circa 1943 (85kb)

Lead Mines on the Mississippi, circa 1829 (320kb)

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