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Date of Article Newspaper Headline Date Submitted Submitted By
February 27, 1956 The Key West Citizen Former Start, Richland Parish Native Bob Taylor Killed in Key West Boat Explosion 29-Mar-12 Luke Letlow
September 27, 1873 The Bossier Banner Bloody Assassination of Thomas Archibald 5-Feb-11 Jan Harville
January 31, 1891 Richland Beacon News Death of Mrs. Lizzie Chennault 21-Nov-10 Pauline Mobley
April 27, 1901 Richland Beacon News Note about Pelican Greys, Ouachita Blues 16-Nov-10 Pauline Mobley
October 18, 1934 West Carroll Gazette Bayou Macon Baptist Association in Rayville  26-Sep-10 Pauline Mobley
June 13, 1891 Richland Beacon News Confederate Veteran Passes Away, Mr. J.F. McGuire 6-Aug-10 Pauline Mobley
October 29, 1904 Richland Beacon News Confederate Veteran T.J. Cooper Robbed by George Jackson and Charlie Holt 31-Jul-10 Pauline Mobley
October 8, 1904 Richland Beacon News Daughters of Confederacy Place Monument 31-Jul-10 Pauline Mobley
October 5, 1889 Carroll Banner Confederate Veterans of North LA Meet 7-Feb-10 Pauline Mobley
January 11, 1969 Richland Beacon News History of Richland Parish Courthouse 19-Dec-09 Pauline Mobley
September 1892 Richland Beacon News A.J. Clack Drowning in Boeuf River 13-Apr-09 Dot Golliher
January 1, 1969 Richland Beacon News History of the Captain Elijah Scott Place 13-Apr-09 Dot Golliher
January 18, 1958 Richland Beacon News Local History Revived With Visit of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wood 13-Apr-09 Dot Golliher
May 1, 1933 Richland Beacon News Parish singing Convention at Mann School House Sunday 13-Apr-09 Dot Golliher
January 2, 1886 The Daily Telegraph Tom Payne Kills Burt Nettles 13-Apr-09 Lora Peppers
September 6, 1873 The Ouachita Telegraph Mrs. P. H. Parham Dies in Fire 13-Apr-09 Lora Peppers
July 18, 1879 The Ouachita Telegraph Joe Nettles Killed by Sheriff's Posse 13-Apr-09 Lora Peppers
April 22, 1871 The Ouachita Telegraph Death of Dr. A.J. Powell - Foul Work 13-Apr-09 Lora Peppers
April 14, 1883 The Ouachita Telegraph Terrible  Shooting in Richland Parish 13-Apr-09 Lora Peppers
March 26, 1893 Idaho Statesman 1893, Tornado in Archibald - Article 1 17-Mar-07 Shawn Martin
March 27, 1893 The State, South Carolina 1893, Tornado in Archibald - Article 2 17-Mar-07 Shawn Martin
August 4, 1893 Columbus Enquirer-Sun 1873, John J. Adams and Ben Duncan Assassinated 16-Mar-07 Shawn Martin
January 8, 1892 Grand Fords Daily Herald Self-Confessed Murderers Lynched. 16-Mar-07 Shawn Martin
July 7, 1900 The State, South Carolina Sim Parker and Bell McSwayne Hanging 16-Mar-07 Shawn Martin
November 17, 1890 The Knoxville Journal, KY The Business Portion of the Rayville Destroyed by Fire 15-Mar-07 Shawn Martin
October 2, 1886 The Ouachita Telegraph Johnnie Boies Dies After Falling From Horse 1-Dec-05 Richard Tucker
October 23, 1886 Ouachita Telegraph Ben Hogan Shoots and Kills Lewis Thomas 1-Oct-00 Lora Peppers
November 24, 1876 The Ouachita Telegraph John Jarrett Shot in Northfield Raid 1-Jul-00 Lora Peppers
January 27, 1882 The Ouachita Telegraph Governor Offers Reward for W. T. Little 1-May-00 Lora Peppers
March 2, 1910 Richland Beacon News R. H. Hawley Accidentally Kills Himself 1-Dec-99 Lora Peppers
December 10, 1927 Richland Beacon News 1927, Rhymes Library to be Built 1-Aug-98 Dot Golliher
January 1, 1922 Richland Beacon News Accidental shooting of Marvin Hardy 1-Jun-98 Dot Golliher


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