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This is an Email Registry For File Managers and Contributors.
Any time you see the symbol  next to a name, they have registered their e-mail address at The Registry.  This will be their current address.

In memory of those who have served the LAGenWeb Archives.
Please remove the space and the word "at " and replace it with the "@" sign. Thank you.

File Manager Email Address
Peggy Beaubouef pcbjr at
Eddie Bennett hops_eddiebennett at
Ben Bourgeois benbourgeois55 at
Jo B*ranch  
Gina Brown  
Mary K. Creamer marykcreamer at
Greggory E. Davies gedavies at
Frances M. Faitt francesfaitt at
Ann Allen Geoghegan  
Marc Hollingsworth ssgth12usmc at
Timothy Hudson timothydhudson at
Gene Hullinghorst ghulli1814 at
Jenny Jacoby jbjacoby at
Savanna King savanna18king at
Chere Lee cheredlee at
Luke Letlow luke at
DeWanna Lindo dewannalindo at
Michael May tmaster at
Sandy McLellan priestner at
Gerald "Jerry" Mead ancestryfanatic at
Karen Rice k7m30r42 at
Tracy Tisdale teejack777 at
Linda Simpson  
Bryant W. Walker   NEW: genes.1 at

Individuals on this list have contributed many articles to a number of different Louisiana Parish archives
Name Email Address  
Amos J. Barron GWJCAL at Contributor
Judy Baugh procyon at Contributor
Vicki Betts vbetts at Contributor
Jo B*ranch    
Carol Carvalho carvaca1 at Contributor
Belford E. Carver belfordcarver at Contributor
Evelyn Cole jecole at Cemetery Contrib. Beauregard Parish
Mary K. Creamer marykcreamer at Contributor
Jan Craven weedwarrior06 at Former SFM; Contributor
Cunningham Evelyneva at Contributor
Alfred DeRosier derosier at Contributor
Pat Ezell patezell at Contributor
Bessie Ferrell ferrel72 at Contributor for Concordia Parish
Charolette Foshee and Deborah Foshee cmfoshee at Contributors 
Peggy Hale pjhale72 at Former Caddo Par. FM
Jane Sanford Keppler DeSotoLA at Former DeSoto Par. FM 
Marylee W Knight panola911 at Contributor
Cheryl Laffitte docsplace at Contributor
Yvonne LaFitte Vonniemay at Contributor
Jinks Pate Lee JinksP at Contributor
LGHS Website  
Stephanie Martin redstick49 at Contributor
Karon Mathews mathewss at Contributor
Jane McManus jjanemcmanus at Contributor
Charles McMichael cm4csa at Contributor
Mike Miller   Contributor, var. parishes
Margaret Moore mmoore at Email addy no longer works. Contributor
Ron & Peggy Nader ron.peg.nader at Contributors 
Jerry Nelson jdn3434 at Contributor
Robert E. Parrott BOPARROTT at Contributor
Deanne Pardue dnorred at Contributor
Lora Peppers peppers at Contributor
William D. Pressly willpres at Contributor
Elton Pugh lpugh at Contributor
A. P. "Red" Quibodeaux quebedo at Contributor
Ruppell ruppell at Contributor
Sherry Sanford ssanf51819 at Contributor
R. Hugh Simmons hsimmons at Contributor
Pam Smart psmart at Contributor
Courtney Tompkins tompkin at Contributor
Gaytha Thompson gaytha1 at Contributor
Sandra S. Tipton dooziet at Former SFM
Donna L. Villines dvillines at Contributor
Al Vinson r-avinson at Contributor
Martin L. Varisco, Jr. mlvjr at Contributor
Bryant W. Walker     Contributor
Annette Womack ACWomack at Contributor

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