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E-mail Address

Date E-mail last Updated

Michelle Allen

LsnBeacon at

February 2000

Cline Averett

averett at

May 2002

Donnis Banks

dbanks at

October 2001

Ray Bartlett

rbartlet at

July 2004

Sheryl Bassi

sbassie at

May 2001

Carolyn Boies

cboies at

September 2004

Barbara F. Bonham

bbonham at

April 2000

Glenda Boyd

gboyd439 at

May 2009

B. Jo Branch

Debra Buster

dlbusteriii at

August 2001

Gina Brown

Jerry Carter

cartierj at

October 2005

Clara Cornell

imheaveboundareu2 at

April 2007

Jan Craven

Dortha Cummins

dorthacummins at

July 2008

Amy Mann Davis

davis at

January 2000

Rosemary Davis

rbalfour at

November 2001

Michael Drewett

Mikemnm at

April 2000

Lillie Duchesne

lillieduchesne at

October 2003

Bobby Edwards

edwardsrc at

October 1988

Marilyn Finkbeiner

Unique3820 at

December 2000

Lisa F. Franklin

lisafranklin2004 at

June 2009

Barbara Gandy

barbrg at

September 2003

Sally Jo Gibson

sjogibson at

March 1999

Dot Golliher

Deceased - Memorial

Cynthia Grady

Cyn221 at

January 2015

Brenda Grammer

Grammer at

June 2002

Carolyn Green

CGreenBoat at

April 2009

Jack Green

jgreen at

March 2004

Michael Guyton

warsaw at

September 2002

Nan Harvey

wharvey at

February 2000

Betty Helf

bhelf at

March 2000

Jaye Jeffries

JayeJ at

July 2003

Hank Johns

HJohns3 at

August 2007

Holli Kees

HKees at

September 2002

Gladys Lane

llane at

February 2000

Luke Letlow

lletlow at

January 2000

Joe Loper, Jr.

locoloper at

April 2004

Shawn Martin

smarcmar at

November 2007

Doug McBroom

doug324 at

April 2006

Sue Metcalf

metcalf at

August 2004

Mike Miller

Sonia Monroe

soniam at

August 1999

Betty Jean Neathery

Joy S. Neely

joyn at

March 1999

Joey A. Newton

JoeyNewton at

March 1999

Kaye McMahan Noska

kayn at

January 2000

Patty Nowell

mosaici1 at

October 2002

Alice Ogles

AOgles at

October 2003

Deanne Pardue

Donald Patrick

rossp at

January 1999

Lora Peppers

Kelly Priestly

troubles at

December 2000

J.T. & Auty Platt

Autyplatt at

August 1999

Brenda Rawls


September 2003

James Rice

jervec at

January 2009

Tom Rushing

TomRushin at

August 2007

Jim Ryals

jryals at

January 2000

Amy Seymour

cseymour at

July 1998

Brenda Simek

bjsimek at

April 2006

Irma Sohnchen

toogies at

April 2005

Richard Smith

rsrnca at

September 2000

Jacqueline Tarleton

jtarleton at

May 2004

Mack Taylor

mptaylor at

September 2006

Patricia McConnell Taylor

Pinta1937 at

January 2002

Dave Thompson

alescg at

November 2003

Richard Tucker

tuckarb701 at

April 2007

Frances Bell Turner

gturner at

Jimmy W. Upton

jwupton at

May 2009

Rusty Walker

rwalker at

July 2007

Kitty Wiggins

kcw233 at

June 2006

Diane Williamson

dwilliam at

October 2000

Anita Winstead

awinstea at

July 2003

Kent Young

jyoung0423 at

September 2006


*Guidelines for submitting files* *Guidelines for scanned documents are posted here!*

Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. If you have a parish file you would like to donate to help other genealogists and the USGenWeb Archives Project, submit it to http:// For details on how to submit your files click here. It only takes a few minutes a day and it can help so many people.

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