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Hardin County

Public Square, Elizabethtown

Street View and City Hall, Elizabethtown

Taylor Hotel, Elizabethtown

B-24 Liberator, Godman Field

New M. E. Church, Upton

Upton Institute, Upton

The Post Office needs repairs before handling mail, West Point

U. S. Post Office, West Point
Fort Knox

75 mm. in Action, Fort Knox

Entrance to Armored Center, Fort Knox

Units of Armored Force Division, Fort Knox

U. S. Armored Regiment, Fort Knox

Entrance Drive, First Cavalry Barracks and Motor Park in Background, Fort Knox

Combat Car (MECZ) Cavalry, Fort Knox

Full Field Inspection, Fort Knox

Station Hospital, Fort Knox

Fort Knox Theatre, Fort Knox

7U. S. Gold Depository, Fort Knox

Battery of 75 - Howitzers, Fort Knox

Non-Commission Officers Club, Fort Knox

Officers Country Club, Fort Knox

Officers' Quarters, Fort Knox

Air View, Permanent Barracks, Fort Knox

Armored Force Radio Scout Car, Fort Knox

Tank in Armored Force Division, Fort Knox

Transporting Equipment, U. S. Armored Division, Fort Knox

U. S. Air Corps, Fort Knox

The Barracks of Fort Knox

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