Formed in 1820 from Pendleton County
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Grant Co. Ky
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a3520001.txt ADAMS, C. C. 2.29k 11/06/2000 Sandi Gorin
a3250001.txt ATKINS, Charley 2.47k 09/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
b6260001.txt BARKER, W. H. 2.10k 09/24/2000 Sandi Gorin
b4360001.txt BILLITER, James  2.87k 09/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
b4210001.txt BLACKBURN - family 3.62k 06/11/2000 Sandi Gorin
b5600001.txt BONAR, S. L. 1.97k 11/03/2000 Sandi Gorin
b6200001.txt BROCK, S. 1.64k 10/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
b6200002.txt BURCH, Ferdinand 2.23k 11/05/2000 Sandi Gorin
c6520001.txt CARNES, Captain John 2.4k 06/30/1997 Beulah Franks
c6520002.txt CARNES, William 2.39k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
c4360001.txt CHILDERS, Robert H. 2.3k 07/05/1997 Beulah Franks
c1000001.txt COBB, B. L. 2.08k 11/05/2000 Sandi Gorin
c4520003.txt COLLINS, James Alpheus, b. 1847 1.86k 05/09/2001 Lori Williams
c4520001.txt COLLINS, John C. 2.25k 10/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
c4520002.txt COLLINS, Richard D. 1.19k 10/20/2000 Sandi Gorin
c5630001.txt CONRAD, Adam 2.56k 10/02/2000 Sandi Gorin
c5630002.txt CONRAD, Clay 2.68k 10/02/2000 Sandi Gorin
c5630003.txt CONRAD, Isaac B. 2.49k 10/02/2000 Sandi Gorin
c6500001.txt CRAM, Edward T. 2.11k 04/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
c6500002.txt CRAM, Willard Glidden, Sr. 3k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
d2630001.txt DAUGHERTY, Dr. W. H. 4.02k 10/03/2000 Sandi Gorin
d2000001.txt DICKEY, J. Howard 3.41k 09/24/2000 Sandi Gorin
gbs30dickerso DICKERSON, William Worth 1kb 08/16/2004 Sandi Gorin
d5410001.txt DUNLAP, W. W. 1.82k 11/07/2000 Sandi Gorin
e2460001.txt ECKLER, Jasper 1.50k 09/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
e4230001.txt ELLISTON, R. H. 5.470k 11/15/2000 Sandi Gorin
e1630001.txt EVARTS, Francis E. 1.79k 09/13/2000 Sandi Gorin
f6520005.txt FRANKS, James T. 3.0k 06/30/1997 Beulah Franks
g2000001.txt GAUGH, John W. 1.83k 06/16/2000 Sandi Gorin
g4220001.txt GLASCOCK, J. 2.53k 09/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
g6000001.txt GRAY, Thomas E. 2.15k 10/15/2000 Sandi Gorin
h3250001.txt HUTCHINSON, Fred 2.53k 09/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
h5450001.txt HUMLONG, J. H. 3.32k 04/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
gbs67johnson.txt JOHNSON, W. C. 1.k 08/18/2004 Sandi Gorin
j3000001.txt JUDY, John A. 4.10k 09/13/2000 Sandi Gorin
k5340001.txt KENDALL, H. M. 2.99k 11/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
k6260001.txt KROGER, L. L. 2.82k 06/16/2000 Sandi Gorin
l4000001.txt LAYLE, N.B. 2.0k 07/08/1997 Beulah Franks
l3400001.txt LITTELL, James A. 2.16k 11/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
l5200001.txt LOOMIS, J. F. 3.59k 09/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
l0000001.txt LOWE, Alvin 3.66k 09/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
m6350001.txt MARTIN, Rodger H. 3.87k 09/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
m3200002.txt MATTHEWS, N. S. 3.64k 10/26/2000 Sandi Gorin
m2100001.txt MCBEE, William M. 3.46k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
m2460001.txt MCCLURE, M. E. 2.52k 11/17/2000 Sandi Gorin
m2000001.txt MCCOY, John 2.06k 10/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
m2000002.txt MCCOY, William 1.46k 10/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
m2420001.txt MCGLASSON, Leonard 1.87k 10/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
m5100001.txt MENEFEE, B. F. 3.27k 04/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
m4600001.txt MILLER, George W. 2.83k 11/17/2000 Sandi Gorin
m3200001.txt MITTS, John J. 3.69k 10/03/2000 Sandi Gorin
m6000001.txt MOORE - family 3.59k 10/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
m2450001.txt MUSSELMAN, W. C. 1.45k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
n3500001.txt NEEDHAM, Tim 3.98k 06/11/2000 Sandi Gorin
n6320001.txt NORTHCUTT, Homer J. 2.24k 10/02/2000 Sandi Gorin
n6320002.txt NORTHCUTT, W. H. 1.75k 10/02/2000 Sandi Gorin
o1550001.txt O'BANION, Roy 2.06k 11/05/2000 Sandi Gorin
o6000001.txt O'HARA, R. H. 1.79k 11/05/2000 Sandi Gorin
p2000001.txt PAGE, Joshua K. 3.28k 10/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
p3620001.txt PATTERSON, Willie Ellen Marksberry 47.5k 05/12/2001 William Shepard
p3300001.txt PETTITT, C. S. 2.39k 09/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
p5320003.txt POINTS, David 3.0k 07/28/1997 Beulah Franks
p5320002.txt POINTS, W.W. 1.7k 07/28/1997 Beulah Franks
r5250001.txt RANSOM, Sid 2.45k 11/04/2000 Sandi Gorin
r3200001.txt REDDICK, P. H. 1.91k 09/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
r3000001.txt REED, C. D. 2.00k 10/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
r5260001.txt RENEKER, P. J. 3.98k 04/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
r5260002.txt RENAKER, Robert L. 1.05k 09/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
s5360001.txt SANDERS, Isom 2.12k 10/26/2000 Sandi Gorin
s2620001.txt SECHREST, Benjamin T. 1.66k 09/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
s5300001.txt SMITH, E. H. 2.87k 10/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
s5000001.txt SNOW, W. R. 2.22k 04/08/2000 Sandi Gorin
s3630001.txt STRATTON, H. D. 2.86k 10/14/2000 Sandi Gorin
s3630002.txt STRATTON, W. P. 2.85k 10/14/2000 Sandi Gorin
t5450001.txt TOMLIN, Asa 1.7k 07/09/1997 Beulah Franks
t6560001.txt TURNER, Samuel P. 3.72k 11/06/2000 Sandi Gorin
v4530001.txt VALLANDINGHAM, C. 3.4k 06/30/1997 Beulah Franks
v4530002.txt VALLANDINGHAM, Fred 1.8k 07/03/1997 Beulah Franks
w1000001.txt WEBB, James P. 2.39k 11/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
w3000001.txt WHITE, H. Clay 2.47k 09/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
w4520001.txt WILLIAMS, D. W. 1.73k 09/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
w4520002.txt WILLIAMS, John H. 2.57k 09/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
w4250001.txt WILSON, Dr. J. M. 2.13k 09/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
w4250002.txt WILSON, John M. 2.66k 09/28/2000 Sandi Gorin
w4100001.txt WOLFE, H. Tom 2.97k 11/03/2000 Sandi Gorin
y5200001.txt YOUNG, James N. 3.41k 11/06/2000 Sandi Gorin
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Grant Co. Ky
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Grant Co.
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Grant Co.
Ky Archives
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