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File Description Date Submitter
schcen3.txt Unknown year Elliott Co. School Census, Burton Neck 12-2003 Debbie Simmons White
1870pre1.txt 1870 Census, 1st Precinct 11-3-2000 Samone Ratcliff   
1870martinsburg.txt 1870 Census, Martinsburg 2-25-2001 Samone Ratcliff   
s1900.html Selected Households, 1900 Census 1-9-2000 Linda Cheeks Pittano
1901schcen1.txt 1901 School Census, Sheepskin 1-10-2001 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen2.txt 1901 School Census, Crackersneck 1-10-2001 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen3.txt 1901 School Census, Devil's Fork 3-31-2001 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen7.txt 1901 School Census, Devil's Fork 2 12-2003 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen4.txt 1901 School Census, Martinsburg 3-31-2001 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen5.txt 1901 School Census, Unknown District 3-31-2001 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen6.txt 1901 School Census, Wallow Hole 12-2003 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen8.txt 1901 School Census, Head of Wells Creek 12-2003 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen9.txt 1901 School Census, Neal Howards Creek, Little Sandy 12-2003 Debbie Simmons White
1901schcen10.txt 1901 School Census, Wells Creek 12-2003 Debbie Simmons White
1902schcen1.txt 1902 School Census, Partial 1-10-2001 Debbie Simmons White
aread32.txt 1920 Census, Martinsburg 5-23-2001 John A. Stegall
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