1900 Elliott CoCensus Various Households

Submitted by Linda Cheeks Pittano < Chico1226@aol.comSept 17, 1999

Pct. 1 #249-252
Stephen DeheartHeadApr 18198147  VAVAVAFarmer
Eliza A.WifeApr 1832684785VAVAVA 
Jackson LaneHusbandDec 1873264  KYVAKYFarmer
CatherineWifeOct 187722432KYKYKY 
Manda J.DauMay 18982KY KYKY 
Zella E.DauJuly 189910/12   KYKYKY 
Alexander SegravesBro-in-lawDec 188910   KYKYKY 
Austin MaysHeadApr 1872283  KYKYKYFarmer
ZoraWifeJan 188020320KYKYKY 
William MaysHeadMar 18643610  KYKYVA 
EllenWifeMar 1864361022KYKYKY 
WesleySonJuly 188316   KYKYKY 
LucyDauMay 188713   KYKYKY 
Pct. 2 #146-146          
Elisha AdkinsHeadJan 18316948  KYKYKYFarmer
Amanda S.WifeJan 1839614886KYKYKY 
Emmie? AustinGDApr 188515   KYKYKY 
Jason AdkinsHeadAug 1877220  KYKYKYFarmer
MollieWifeJan 188515000KYKYKY 
Sinking Pct. #59-59          
Isaac TomlinHeadMay 1869317  KYVAVA 
ElizzieWifeFeb 186931700VAKYKY 
Thomas TomlinHeadOct 18366336  VAVAVA 
EvelineWifeAug 18475236148VAVAVA 
NoahSonJune 188613   KYVAVA 
Hiley A.DauAug 18918   KYVAVA 
William ParishHeadAug 18594020  KYWVTN 
SamanthaWifeMar 185941201310KYKYKY 
PollyDauJune 188118   KYKYKY 
Betty S.DauApr 188317   KYKYKY 
MilyssiaDauSept 188712   KYKYKY 
WilliamSonJune 188910   KYKYKY 
Ida B.DauMay 189010   KYKYKY 
MandaDauMay 18937   KYKYKY 
LuadaDauMar 18955   KYKYKY 
BessieDauJune 18963   KYKYKY 
WalterSonJan 18982   KYKYKY 
Stephen ClineHeadFeb 18613919  KYKYKY 
Olivia A.Wife Oct 1863361975KYKYWV 
Charles A.SonDec 188316   KYKYKY 
ChristopherSonMay 188812   KYKYKY 
Eva M.DauSept 18909   KYKYKY 
George T.SonNov 18927   KYKYKY 
John ClineHeadOct 183564 40  KYKYKY 
MahalaWifeJan 184258401210KYKYKY 
Riley W.SonOct 188217   KYKYKY 
Nellie BurtonHeadMay 184357 33KYKYKY 
Lilly L.DauMar 188218   KYKYKY 
Rosa A.DauMar 188416   KYKYKY 
PurleyDauMay 188614   KYKYKY 

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