Penny Postcards from Illinois

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Saline County

Eldorado Township High School

Court House, Harrisburg

United States Post Office, Harrisburg

Main Street, Harrisburg

Business Section, South Main Street, Harrisburg

Harrisburg Township High School, Harrisburg

Township High School, Harrisburg [1909]

Harrisburg National Bank and Broadcast Station, Harrisburg

Residential Section, West Poplar Street, Harrisburg

Walnut Street, Looking East, Harrisburg

Ogara Office Building, Harrisburg

The New Horning Hotel, Harrisburg

Schnierle's on the Square, Harrisburg

Country Club, Harrisburg

Big Four Depot, Harrisburg

Harrisburg Hospital, Harrisburg

Library, Harrisburg
Sahara Coal Co., near Harrisburg

One of the Largest Electric Shovels in the World

Where Liquid Oxygen is Made for Explosives at 275° Below Zero

View of Large Stripping Shovel and Small Coal-Loading Shovel

Office Building and Club Quarters - 213 N. Vine St. Harrisburg

Washing and Processing Plant, Harrisburg

Seven Track Tipple and Washing Plant
Flood Scene, Harrisburg -- 1913

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 1

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 2

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 3

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 4

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 5

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 6

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 7

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 8

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 9

Harrisburg Flood, Photo 10

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