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Peoria County

Depot, Elmwood

Central Park, Elmwood [1913]

Depot, Chillicothe
City of Peoria

Block and Kuhl Company, Peoria

So. Washington Street, Peoria

Steamer "J. S." Passing Through New McKinley Bridge, Peoria

Electric Fountain and Rose Arbor, Glen Oak Park, Peoria

Lake, Glen Oak Park, Peoria

Fort, Glen Oak Park, Peoria

Palm House, Glen-Oak Park, Peoria

Spanish Cannon, Glen Oak Park, Peoria

Squirrel House, Glen Oak Park, Peoria

Coliseum Building, Peoria

Coliseum, Peoria

Proctor Endowment Home, Peoria

J. C. Proctor, Endowment, Peoria
Bradley University, Peoria

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