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Lake County

Soo Line Depot, Antioch

Soo Line Depot, Area [now Mundelein]

Map of Fox Lakes Region

Mineola Hotel & Pier, Fox Lake

W. Shore, Gray's Lake

Heart of Highland Park

Exmoor Club, Highland Park

Etsel's Resort, Minneola Bay, Ingelside [sic]

Fox Lake Shore, Ingleside

Art Institute, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest

Entrance to Mr. C. I. Dangler's Residence, Lake Forest

Convent, St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein

St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein

Ravinia Park Pavilion, Home of the Ravinia Festival

Gymnasium, Chapel and School, Allendale Farm School, Lake Villa

Depot, Wadsworth

Gateway to Island Lake Estates, Wauconda

Main Street, Looking North, Wauconda

View of Milwaukee Avenue, Looking North, Libertyville

Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville

Ox Team, Libertyville [Austin Clements seated front left, Austin, Jr. seated rear left]

St. Therese's Hospital, Waukegan

Genessee St., Waukegan

Washington St., Waukegan

Hotel Washburn, Waukegan

C. & N. W. Station, Waukegan

Workers Hall, Waukegan

First Cong. Church, North School, South School and Central School, Waukegan

Lake County Jail, Waukegan
Fort Sheridan

Fort Sheridan

Infantry and Cavalry Barracks, Fort Sheridan

Barracks, Fort Sheridan

3" Anti-Aircraft Battery, Fort Sheridan

"Butt's Manual", Fort Sheridan

Ravine Drive, Fort Sheridan

Entrance, Fort Sheridan
Great Lakes Naval Training Center

Color Guard, US Naval Training Center, Great Lakes

Physical Hardening Program Builds up New Recruits in Training, Constitution Field, U. S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes

35,000 Sailors forming the Word Victory at USNTS, Great Lakes

Bridge at Main Entrance, USNTS, Great Lakes

Company Drill, USNTC, Great Lakes

Moffett Gate, USNTC, Great Lakes

Greetings from U. S. Naval Traiing Center, Great Lakes [1941]
Zion City

Lace Industries, Zion City

Zion Apron and Handkerchief Factory, Zion City

Main Educational Building, Zion City

Residence of Ada C. [perhaps Chamberlain], Zion City

Zion in Symbol, Zion City

John Alexander Dowie, the Founder of Zion City

Shiloh House, former Residence of the late John Alexander Dowie, Founder of Zion City

Wilbur Glenn Voliva, General Overseer of the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church, Zion City

Shiloh Tabernacle, Zion City

Interior of Zion Printing and Publishing House, Zion City

Culvert at Sharon Park and 33rd Street, Zion City

A Beautiful Scene in Sharon Park, Zion City

Interior of Studio, Radiophone Broadcasting Station W C B D, Zion City

Radiophone Broadcasting Station W C B D, Zion City

Elijah Avenue, Zion City

Elisha Ave. Loking North, Zion City

Zion Home, Zion City

Chicago & Northwestern R. R. Station, Zion City

Shiloh Park, Zion City

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