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Knox County

North Main Street, Abingdon [1911]

C. B. & Q. Depot, Abingdon

C. B. & Q. Depot, Altona

Main Building, St. Alban's School, Knoxville

Central Fire Station, Galesburg

Galesburg High School, Galesburg

Catherine Club Home, Galesburg

Central Church, Galesburg [1914]

Knox County Court House, Galesburg

Knox Co. Court House, Galesburg [1908]

North Chambers Street, Galesburg

Prairie Street, Galesburg

Airview of Lake Bracken, Galesburg

C. B. & Q. Passenger Depot, Galesburg

Galesburg Cottage Hospital, Galesburg

First Baptist Church, Galesburg

Knox College, Galesburg

McKinley Day at Galesburg, Oct. 6, 1899
Yates City

Main Street, Yates City

High School, Yates City

C. B. & Q. Depot, Yates City

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