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Henry County

C. B. & Q. Depot, Alpha

Main Street, Alpha

Multiple Views, Orion

Depot, Orion [1909]

SW. Luth Church and Parsonage, Ophiem

Scene Along U. S. Highway 34, near Kewanee

C. B. & Q. Depot, Lynn [1955]

C. B. & Q. Depot, Woodhull [1963]

Unidentified Building, probably a School, Andover [1908]

Ophans Home, Andover [Burned Dec. 27, 1906]

Ophans Home, Andover [Burned Dec. 27, 1906]

Catholic Church, Annawan

A View on West Main St, Annawan

Arch near Station, Atkinson

Main Street, Atkinson

North on State Street, Atkinson

South on State Street, Atkinson

Depot Looking East, Atkinson

Soldiers' Monument, Cambridge

Water Works, Cambridge

C. R. I. & P. R. R. Station, Cambridge

Henry County Court House, Cambridge

Front St. Looking North, Cambridge


High School, Cambridge

County Jail, Cambridge

Central Park, Galva

Central Park, Galva [1913]

Best Block, Galva [1911]

Gala Day, Galva

Exchange Street, Galva [1912]

Spring Lake, Galva

Front Street, Galva

F. U. White Public School, Galva

North Side School, Galva

High School, Galva [1907]

"The Flyer", Burlington Route, Galva

Moonlight on Rock River, looking north from Riley's Hill, Geneseo

Genesee Canning Factory, Genesee

City Park, Geneseo

Scene in City Park, Geneseo

South State Street, Geneseo

State Street, Geneseo [1906]

State Street, Geneseo

Deck Plaza, Geneseo

High School, Geneseo

Public Library, Geneseo

View in City Park, Showing Collegiate Institute and Campus, Geneseo

Star Courier Building, Kewanee

Star Courier Building, Kewanee

Post Office, Kewanee

Lake and Pavilion, Windmont Park, Kewanee

C. B. & Q. Ry. Depot, Kewanee

Greetings from the Hogcapital of the World

City Hall, Kewanee

Grand Theatre, Kewanee

Baker Park Golf Links, Kewanee

Greetings from Kewanee

The Ruby Leora Waller Memorial Nurses Home, Kewanee

Savings Bank of Kewanee, Kewanee [1913]

Hotel Kewanee, Kewanee

Public Library, Kewanee

Public Library, Kewanee

National Guard Armory, Kewanee

Chapter House D. A. R., Kewanee [1908]

Masonic Temple, Kewanee
Kewanee Industries

Administration Building, Kewanee Boiler Corporation, Kewanee [1957]

Kewanee Boiler Works, Kewanee [pre-1907]

Administration Building, Boss Mfg. Co., Kewanee

Boss Manufacturing Co., Kewanee

Walworth Mfg Co., Kewanee

Western Tube Mfg Co., Kewanee
Kewanee Street Scenes

Tremont Street, looking South, Kewanee [1910]

South Tremont Street, Kewanee [1912]

Tremont Street, looking North, Kewanee

Tremont Street, Kewanee

West Second Street, Kewanee

West Second Street, Kewanee

Second Street, West from Main Street, Kewanee

Second Street, Kewanee

West Prospect Street, Kewanee

Chestnut St., from South St., Kewanee

Main Street, looking South, Kewanee
Kewanee Churches

First Methodist Church, Kewanee [1957]

First Baptist Church, Kewanee

First Congregational Church, Kewanee
Kewanee Hospitals

St. Francis Hospital, Kewanee

St. Francis Hospital, Kewanee

Kewanee Public Hospital, Kewanee
Kewanee Schools

Kewanee High School, Kewanee [1957]

Kewanee High School, Kewanee

Central School and High School, Kewanee

Central School, Kewanee

Belle Alexander School, Kewanee

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