New Hope (Little Vine) Cemetery
Reynolds, Georgia

Heritage Baptist Church
New Name

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Thanks to Lisa and Warren Windham for the photographs of these tombstones. Many of us would never have the opportunity to see these graves in person.

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Addie Morrell Wilson
 d/o JD & Ella Wilson
b. 03/15/1898  d. 08/26/1898

Martha J Mullins
 w/o PC Mullins
1827? - d. 03/14/1862 - aged 35 years

Elizabeth Goodwin
b. 12/02/1851  d. 02/09/1874

Mary Ann Windom
b. 04/25/1831  d. 10/29/1898

Bassett, James E
Feb 16, 1814 - Apr 1850
[probably oldest marked grave. Taylor Co formed 1852]
[John Bassett was pastor of New Hope Church 1842-43)

Martha E, w/o GW Hall
b. 08/19/1847  d. 10/22/1867
20 years 2 months 3 days

John B Duckworth
b. 09/04/1861  killed 11/22/1880
(husband of Louanna Brumbeloe Newsom)

Brumbeloe, Martha
Mar 14, 1816 - July 7, 1902
(widow of E. Joseph Brumbelow - mother of Luanna Newsome Duckworth)

Uzella P Barrow
b. 11/25/1879  d. 08/30/1885

Iron fence enclosed area with HUGE cedar trees surrounding it.
One of which had fallen across the fence in years past and bent it.  
There were no markers found and it's all grown up.

Frances Coxwell (Whatley)
b. 02/06/1848  d. 02/06/1910
(wife of William Whatley) ??

Usan Whatley
b. 07/06/1822  d. 04/07/1892

Whatley, William (CSA)  (Watley)
Mar 15, 1813 - Mar 25, 1870
"An honest man, the noblest work of God"

Whatley, W. N. (Willis) (Watley)
May 6, 1850 - Oct 26, 1888
"died at home in Albany"
Brother to Mrs.(Mary A.J. Whatley) Fountain and Jas H. Whatley
(son of Daniel Whatley Rev Soldier & Mary Edwards)
(husband of Sinthy Cason (d/o Eliakim Rhodes)

Unmarked grave (possibly)
Whatley, Sinthy Cason
(1820 ? - 1876?)

Unmarked grave (possibly)
Whatley, Bone (Boone) Mrs. Sarah L. 
2nd wife: 16 Jun 1878 married Whatley, Willis

Newsome, Napoleon B. (CSA)
1833 - ?  (in 1900 census)
Co. E, 6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
(Son of Joshua and Martha Newsome - early founder of New Hope Church)

Unmarked Adult Grave

Newsome, Sarah Emma Long
1835 - ? (dead by 1900 census)
daughter of H.H. Long and Lou McLean
wife of Napoleon B. Newsom

Numerous sinks
Unmarked Adult Grave, surrounded by bricks

Newsome, Miss Maude
1875 - Oct 8, 1893
(d/o Napoleon B. and Sarah E. Long Newsome)
(based on Obit The Taylor Tracer Apr 2004)

Part of an old wooden marker - no visible sink or otherwise
Out in Woods to Left

Rev C J Mathis
b. 10/11/1842  d. 09/22/1928

Mrs. Merica Green
b. 10/?/1842  d. 10/10/1904

Line marker between white & black sections of cemetery

To left of white/colored dividing pin
Sammie Robinson (black)
b. 04/01/1904  d. 09/26/1904

Back to right of dividing pin & toward the front a little way

Heland McCarthey
 w/o Tom McCarthey
d. 07/25/1895 - aged 40 years

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