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Defunt Counties

This page lists Colorado counties that do not currently have donated files in the USGenWeb Archives.

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Carbonate County existed for only two days (Feb 8 - Feb 10, 1879) in the 1879 reorganization that split Lake County into Lake and Chaffee counties. According to my sources, on Feb 8, 1879 what was then Lake County was renamed Carbonate and then two days later, Carbonate County was split into what is now Lake and Chaffee counties.


Guadalupe County, named after the town of Guadalupe - the first county seat, was created by the 1st Colorado Territorial Legislature on Nov 1, 1861 and only six days later was renamed Conejos County after the Conejos River. Three years later the county seat was moved from Guadalupe to Conejos.


Platte 1872-1874

Created in 1872 from part of Weld County, Platte County was dissolved in 1874 and the land reverted back to Weld County.


Uncompahgre existed for only three days (Feb 27 - Mar 2, 1883) in the 1883 reorganization of San Juan and Ouray counties that created San Miguel County. While my sources differ a bit about details of the 1883 reorganization they all agree that Ouray County was temporarily named Uncompahgre.

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