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Clear Creek County

Summit Lake (Alt. 12,740 ft.) on the Mt. Evans Highway, Denver Mountain Parks

Markers at the Summit of Berthoud Pass, Alt. 11,315 Ft above the Sea

Berthoud Pass Lodge and Shelter House, Berthoud Pass

Berthoud Pass Lodge

Mother Grundy, Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado and Southern Ry.

Mts. Evans and Rosile, Argentine Central Railway

Mt. Evans Crest House, alt. 14,260 ft. at top of Mt. Evans Highway

Summit of Mt. McClellan, Argentine Central Railway

En Route to Mt. McClellan, Taken June 18, 1909, Argentine Central Railway


Blizzard at Echo Lake Lodge

Echo Lake and the Lodge, Near Idaho Springs

Mt. Evans (Alt. 14,260 Ft.) and Range from Echo Lake

St Mary's Glacier

High Bridge, Georgetown Loop

Georgetown Loop [1911]

Georgetown Loop [1909]


Georgetown, Looking North

Hotel de Paris, Famous old French Inn, Georgetown
Idaho Springs

Miner Street, looking east, Idaho Springs

Main Street, looking east, Idaho Springs [1937]

Virginia Canon Road, Idaho Springs

Virginia Cañon Road, Idaho Springs

Bird's Eye View, Idaho Springs

Vista of Idaho Springs in Clear Creek Cañon

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