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Sonoma County

California Pythian Home, "In the Valley of the Moon"

Rose Hill Hotel, Camp Meeker

Hotel Rusticana, Camp Meeker

Water Carnival, Healdsburg, Northwestern Pacific R. R.

Residence Street, Healdsburg

Concert in Bohemian Grove, Russian River

Enjoying the Water Sports, Russian River [1940]

Quintuplet Bridges, Verdier's Resort, El Verano

Church at Fort Ross

Cottages and Hotel, "The Geysers"

Monte Rio Hotel, Monte Rio

The Beautiful Canyon at the Big Geysers, 18 Mile East of Cloverdale

Radio-Active Steam Caves at The Big Geysers, 18 Miles East of Cloverdale

McCray's, near Cloverdale

Sonoma County Hospital (Administration Bldg.), near Santa Rosa

North end of Jamestown ("Jimtown")

NWP Depot, Windsor

Wine Vaults, Italian Swiss Colony Winery

Church Shaped Like a Wine Barrel, Italian Swiss Colony Winery

Top of the Largest Wine Vat in the World, Italian Swiss Colony

Shipping and Loading Track, Italian Swiss Colony Winery

Wine Cellars, Italian Swiss Colony Winery
Boyes Hot Springs

Station and Entrance to Boyes Hot Springs

Club House, Boyes Hot Springs

Sonoma Mission Inn, Boyes Springs
Monte Rio

Birdseye View up the River, Monte Rio

The Bungalo, Montrio

Echo Cottage, Monte Rio

Hill Opera House [1909]

New Hotel Petaluma

Scene on Chicken Ranch [1905]

Washington Grammar School
Santa Rosa

New Post Office

Southern Pacific Depot

Luther Burbank's Home

Luther Burbank Gardens

Luther Burbank's Gardens

The Church Built from One Tree (First Baptist)

Palm Trees on Fourth Street

Fourth Street

Fourth Street [1940]

Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Court House

Santa Rosa High School

Administration Bldg., Junior College

Occidental Hotel

Snoopy & Charlie Brown Sculpture, Depot Park

St. Rose Catholic Church

St. Rose Catholic Church

Santa Rosa Bank

Snow Scene, Jan. 6th, 1907

Street Scene

Occidental Hotel

The Ruins of the New Hotel, after the earthquake and fire, April 18, 1906


A Glimpse of the Residence Portion

Rosenberg Bldg., Mendocino Ave. & 4th St.

Public Library

Riley House

Ursaline College

Ursline College Grounds

Views at Ursaline College

NWP Depot [1906]

Public School

St. Sebastian Catholic Church

Antique Water Wheel [1911]

Oldest Stone Winery in California, Built by Count Agoston Haraszthy 1857, Buena Vista Vineyards, Sonoma

Home of the late Gen. Vallejo, Sonoma [1907]

Gen. Vallejo's Old Jail, Sonoma

City Hall, Sonoma

Bear Flag Monument [1947]

Swiss Chalet built in 1850 on Gen. Vallejo's Homestead

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