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Siskiyou County

Black Butte, Shasta Route, S. P. R. R.

Mt. Shasta from Weed

Majestic Mount Shasta, Center of the Shasta-Cascade Wonderland, Siskiyou County

Mt. Shasta, altitude 14,444 feet

Mt. Shasta from State Fish Hatchery, Shasta Route

Mount Shasta Depot

Natural Mineral Spring Drinking Fountain, Shasta Springs

Cantara Loop at 18th Crossing of Sacramento River, Shasta Route

Loop Tunnels 14 and 15, Shasta Route, S. P. R. R.

Loop Tunnels 14 and 15 in Siskiyou Mountains

Dollarhide Trestle, Shasta Route, S. P. R. R.

Panorama of Greenview

The Scott Valley near Etna

Church at McCloud

Entrance to Lava Cave, Lava Beds National Monument

Hall of Records, Siskiyou County Court House at Yreka

Tule Lake

"Potatoe Cellar", Tule Lake

In the Siskiyou Mts., Pacific Highway

Pioneer Bridge on U. S. Highway 99

In Yreka

Road House near Yreka

Birdseye View, Dunsmuir


Travelers Hotel, Dunsmuir [1933]

Train at Depot, Dunsmuir
Shasta Springs

Mossbrae Falls, Shasta Springs, On the Road of a Thousand Wonders

Shasta Springs

Shasta Springs [pre-1907]

Shasta Springs [1924]

Crystal Falls, Shasta Springs

Oxone Springs, Shasta Springs, On the S. P. R. R.

Glacier Falls, Shasta Springs

Fountain at Shasta Springs on the S. P. R. R. California - Oregon Route

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