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Shasta County

Mt. Lassen from Manzanita Lake

Castle Crags, Shasta Route, S. P. R. R.

Castle Crags, Sacramento Canyon, S. P. R. R.

Castle Crags

Shasta Dam & Power Plant in Shasta County, 12 Miles North of Redding

Shasta Dam, Central Valley Project near Redding [1940]

Interior View of Power Plant - Showing Close-up of Unit 4 and 3, 75,000 KVA Generators, Shasta Dam, Redding

Sunny Hill Quartz Mill [1909]

Gold Hill, Harrison Gulch

Gold Dredging near Redding on the road of a thousand wonders

"Mt. Lassen from Loop Hughway", Lassen Nat'l Park

Beautiful Burney Falls in Shasta County, Near Burney

McCloud River RR Depot, Burney [1970]

At Burney

Pit River Bridge Near Redding

Museum, Shasta [1953]

Ruins of Buildings Built in the Early 1850's, Shasta [1953]


Diamond Saloon, V. E. Warrens, Prop., Kennett

Mammoth Smelter, Kennett, Shasta Co., showing Bag House

Hauling Logs to Benton's Mill Near Redding

Great Western Smelter, near Redding
Lassen National Park

Devastated Area and Mt. Lassen, Result of 1914 Flood

"Devil's Kitchen, Lassen Nat'l Park [1944]

Crater of Lassen [1919]

Mt. Lassen in Eruption

"Drakesbad", in Lassen Natl Park

At the Crater's Brink

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