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1906 Earthquake

Emporium Building, Destroyed by Earthquake and Fire, April 18th 1906, San Francisco

The debris on Market Street in front of the Market Street Bank and the new Post Office Building, after fire of San Francisco, April 18-20, 1906

A view down O'Farrell Street toward Market Street showing the "Call" Building, after San Francisco earthquake and fire, April 18-20, 1906

The fire working its way out Market St. as viewed from Grant Ave., April 18 1906, San Francisco

The Library Building, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Wrecked by the Earthquake of April 18, 1906

How the Earthquake Tore Up the Pavement

Panorama from Nob Hill, overlooking Business District

Conflagration of Apr. 18, 1906

Flames Following the Earthquake Shock on Market Street

Looking up Market St., from Ferry during Fire

City Hall Dismantled by the Earthquake, Surrounded by Fire Ruins

Ruins if the Church of the Advent

Cooking in the Streets in San Francisco, after the earthquake and fire, April 18, 1906

Girls' High School, Geary and Scott Streets

Ruins of the Hibernian Bank at Market and McAllister Streets, after the fire, April 18, 1906

Houses wrecked by the earthquake April 18, 1906

City Hall Dismantled by the Earthquake, Surrounded by Fire Ruins

Looking down Kearney Street, from Third and Market Street after the earthquake and fire April 18, 1906

Majestic Theatre after the Fire

Masonic Temple, Post & Montgomery Sts., after the fire of April 18th 1906

Market and 5th st., looking towards Call Bldg, after the Earthquake and Fire April 18, 1906

Market St. from 6th, looking East, after the fire

A View of Ruins on Nob Hill

The Palace Hotel; Grand Hotel to the left

The Fire on Russian Hill

About One-Millionth of the Scrap Iron

Ruins of City Hall

Remnants of a notorious gambling house, after the earthquake and fire April 18, 1906

Scottish Rite Temple and New Synagogue, after the earthquake and fire April 18, 1906

St. Francis Hotel Enlarged One-Third Since the Fire

Destruction of the Wholesale District

Refugees in Jefferson Square, April 18th 1906

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