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Los Angeles County Long Beach
1933 Long Beach Earthquake

1933 Long Beach Earthquake

This magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck at 5:55 P. M. on Friday, 10 March 1933. The epicenter was 3 miles south of Huntington Beach, and resulted in at least 120 deaths, many injuries, and damage of about 60 Million Depression-era Dollars.

Long Beach was the hardest hit. The death toll there was 74; property damage $35 Million.

Compton and Huntington Park also suffered heavy loss of life and damage.

Most of the damage was done to buildings of unreinforced masonry, including many school buildings. The loss of life would have been much higher if the quake had struck during school hours. This led to the passage of the Field Act, which gave the State Division of Architecture authority and responsibility for approving design and supervising construction of public schools. Building codes for all buildings in Los Angeles County were also toughened.

Garage at Manchester and Alameda Sts., Los Angeles

Huntington Park High School

Firestone Tire Store, Location Unknown

Somerset Blvd, Bellflower
Long Beach

Anaheim Blvd., Long Beach

Anaheim Blvd., Long Beach

Apartment and Store, Anaheim Blvd., Long Beach

Christian Church, Long Beach

East Side Methodist Church, Long Beach

Furniture Store, Walls Completely Collapsed, Long Beach

Holsum Bread Co., Long Beach

Holsum Bakery, Long Beach

Unidentified Scene, Long Beach

Long Beach Under Martial Law

On Ocean Ave., Long Beach

Ocean Ave., Long Beach

Refugees in Lincoln Park, Long Beach

Army Field Kitchen Pressed into Service, Long Beach

Residence, Ocean Ave., Long Beach

Seaside Hospital, Long Beach

Street Scene after Long Beach Quake

California Theatre, Long Beach

E. Anaheim, near Redondo Ave., Long Beach

Uncaptioned Street Scene, Long Beach

Franklin Jr. Hi

Hamilton Jr. H. S.

Polytechnic High School, Long Beach

Lowell School, Long Beach

California Theatre

On 3rd St. near Pine Ave.

Wonder Bread Bakery

California Theatre

On 3rd St. near Pine Ave.

Unidentified Scene, Long Beach

"The Sentinel", Compton Quake

City Hall, Compton

Drug Store Window, Compton

A Building in Compton

Junior College, Compton

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