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Kern County

California Oil Wells on Fire

Lake View Gusher, Maricopa, Flowing 48000 Bbls. per day

Mystery card - mailed from Bakersfield by Lillie [1908]

Tehatchapi Loop, Southern Pacific Lines

Midway Steam Plant, Buttonwillow, Kern County

Red Cross Bldg., Taft

Racks and Material Yard, Fellows

Pinto Bill and his Gang, Fellows [1911]
Top (L. to R.) Pinto Bill, Dad
Bottom (L. to R.)Lee Kirkpatrick, ____ McNeil, _____

Grapevine Grade and Straightaway, "Ridge Route", Los Angeles to Bakersfield

Cal. Oilfields L't'd. Shops

The Oil Fields near Bakersfield

The Oil Field View near Bakersfield

Residence of Wm. S. Tevis, Stockdale Ranch, near Bakersfield

Kernville [1950]

California Street Looking North, Maricopa

Midway Oil Fields Showing Maricopa [1910]
Triple width, folded to mail

The Loop, crossing Tehachapi Pass[ c. 1915]

Big Butte Gold Mine, Randsburg

Grammar School, Randsburg

Santa Fe Depot, Wasco [1973]

Nineteenth Street

Looking East on 19th St. from Eye St.

A Residence

Chester Avenue, Looking South

Post Office

Main Entrance, Bakersfield Inn

Southern Hotel

Hotel El Tejon [1930]

Catholic Church

Loading Oil Cars

Oil Cars at Shipping Station

The Padre Hotel, 18th and H Streets

Hall of Records

Elephant Eagle Mine, Mojave

The Golden Queen Mine, Gold Mill, Mojave

Highway "6", Mojave

Santa Fe Station, Mojave

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