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Garland County

Bath House Row, Hot Springs

Street Scene, Hot Springs

View from West Mountain, Hot Springs

One of the Fountains, Hot Springs

Central Avenue, Hot Springs

Central Avenue and Bath House Row, looking south from Dugan-Stewart Building, Hot Springs

The Worlds Sanitarium in 1875, Hot Springs

Army and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs

Quapaw Baths, Under Government Regulations, "The House with the Big Dome", Hot Springs National Park, J. M. Callahan, Ernest F. Woodcock, Co-Managers

First Lutheran Church, Hot Springs National Park

New Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs National Park

Oak Lawn Race Track, Hot Springs

Big Fire Scene, Hot Springs, Sep. 6, 1913

Big Fire, Hot Springs, Sep. 6, 1913

The Arlington Hotel, Destroyed by Fire on April 5th, 1923, Hot Springs National Park

After the Flood, Hot Springs, May 15, 1923

Panoramic View, Showing Army and Navy Hospital and Eastman Hotel, Hot Springs [pre-1907]

We ride every day, Hot Springs [1906]

Arsenic Springs, "King of Kidney Waters",
237 Mt. Ida Street, Hot Springs

Hot Springs Golf and Country Club

Ma's and Pa's Rustic Heaven, Hot Springs

Grand Entrance, U. S. Reservation, Hot Springs

Bridge over Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs National Park

The Trail over North Mountain, Hot Springs National Park

View from Tower, Medical Arts Building, Arlington Hotel, Park Hotel, Hot Springs National Park

Big Iron Spring in the Gorge

Iron Spring in the Gorge

Lake Hamilton

Bus, Black and White Sightseeing Co., Hot Springs National Park

Fords Cottages and Apts, 616 ½ Park Ave., Hot Springs

Office of Mountain Valley Spring Company, Hot Springs

Post Office, Business Men's League, City Hall, Rock Island Depot, Hot Springs

Park Hotel, Hot Springs

Church of St. John, Corner of Grand and OuachitaAves., Hot Springs

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