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Wood County

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Biographies & Family Histories
File Description File Size Date Submitter
Assorted: (amos, Ben - Florence, Jared) 21K unknown several
Assorted (Gates, Elijah - Lucky, Jesse) 12K unknown several
Assorted: Matin, David - Wigal, William 14K unknown several
Blennerhassett, Harman 6K Apr 2010 Alice Warner Brosey The Registry
Bryan, James A. 5K unknown unknown
Campbell, Matthew March 18, 1819 - 1902 4K Jan 2011 Connie Burkett
Carmichael, Wilbert 5K unknown Pam Honaker
Clark, Friend Ebenezer 4K unknown Kerry Armour
Cline, Warren 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Dana, John 7K unknown Valerie Crook
Danks, Walter 6K unknown Kerry Armour
Davidson, William 6K unknown Pat C. Johns
Deem, Fred 2.6K unknown Valerie Crook
Dudley, George 4K unknown Pam Honaker
Dunkle, B.F. 3K unknown Valerie Crook
Edelen, Charles 4K unknown Pat C. Johns
Elliott, Charles D. (b: 1861) 4K Sep 1008 Connie Burkett
Gaynor, Hubert 4K unknown Valerie Crook
Graham, Thomas Edward 7K unknown Valerie Crook
Hanna, Curtis 3K unknown Valerie Crook
Harvey, Charles P. 4.2K unknown Valerie Crook
Hickey, E.M. 5K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Hiteshaw, Harry 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Holden, Camden 5K unknown Pam Honaker
Jeffers, George 3K unknown Valerie Crook
Kennedy, Cornelius 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Kreps, Charles A. 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Link, Walter 7K unknown Valerie Crook
Lowther, William 1742 - 1814 2K Jul 2009 Alice Warner The Registry
MacFarland, Robert 4K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Marshall, John 5K unknown Patricia Sexton
McNeilan, Milton 4K unknown Valerie Crook
Miller, James 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Mitchell, William 3K Dec 1999 John "Bill" Wheeler
Moffett, James 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Moffett, James A. 5K Apr 1999 submitted by Valerie Crook
Morrison, Charles P. 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Nathan, Lewis 3K unknown Pat C. Johns
Neal, Benjamin 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Newberger, Samuel 3K unknown Pat C. Johns
Park, Joseph Roger 3K unknown Valerie Crook
Park, Thomas R. 3K unknown Valerie Crook
Peterkin, William G. 3K unknown Lisa James
Reps, Paulus 4K unknown Ann Schwirian
Robinson, Benjamin O. 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Russell, H.W. 3K unknown Nancy Taylor
Shaw, Stephen 4K unknown Valerie Crook
Smith, William 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Spence, Horatio 7K unknown Valerie Crook
Steer, Wilmer 12K 1999 MRS Gina M Reasoner
Stephenson, James 3K unknown Suzie Crump
Sc, William 7K unknown Nancy Taylor
Stout, Okey 2K unknown Tina Hursh
Tavenner, Lewis 12K unknown Valerie Crook
Watson, Gilbert 4K May 1999 Sandra Reed
White, Albert 12K May 1999 Sandra Reed
Wood, James 1750 - 1813 1K Apr 2010 Alice Warner Brosey The Registry
Wright, Russell 3K unknown Tina Hursh

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