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Census Listings
File Description Size Date Submitter
1810 Census 51K 1996 Teresa Wiseman &
Joy Gilchrist
1820 Index 38K 2003 Kevin Williams
1820 Census, pg. 32a to p. 38c 90K 2003 Kevin Williams
1820 pg. 39a to 44a 66K 2003 Kevin Williams
1830 census index 146K unknown Jackie Puffenbarger
1840 Census Index 1.4K unknown Gloria Dean
1840 Census Schedules, Pages:    117-128 · 129-141 · 142-154 190K 2006 Kevin Williams
1850 Census Index, Surnames 1850 Census Index 7.5K unknown S-K Publications
1850 Federal Census - Index: Surnames:    A-G · H-K · L-P · R-Z 100K 2000 Stephanie Holladay
1850 Federal Census Schedules, Pages:
1a-11a · 11b-21a · 21b-31b · 32a-42a · 42b-52a · 52b-62a · 62b-66a
100K 2000 Stephanie Holladay
1850 Slave Index 3.5K Sep 2003 Kevin Williams
1850 Slave census 40K Sep 2003 Kevin Williams
1850 Census, Transcriber's Notes 1.5K unknown unknown
1860 Slave Index 2.7K Sep 2003 Kevin Williams
1860 Slave Census 32K Sep 2003 Kevin Williams
1880 1% Sample Census 7.5K Jun 1998 Al Zopp

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