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Biographies & Family Histories
File Description Size Date Submitter
ADAMS David 2.9K Dec 1999 unknown
ADAMS, William H. 2.1K Dec 1999 unknown
ALEXANDER, George M. 4.8K Jan 2000 CJ Towery
ARBOGAST, Peter 5.6K Dec 1999 unknown
ARNETT, Lonna Dennis 3.6K Dec 1999 unknown
ARNETT, William 3.4K May 2000 unknown
ASHCRAFT, William H. 2.9K Dec 1999 unknown
AUSTIN, I.M. 5.7K Dec 1999 unknown
BAKER, Charles George 3.0K Sept 1999 Cheryl McCollum
BAKER, E. Reece 3.7K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
BAKER, Hon. George Coleman 11K Sept 1999 Cheryl McCollum
BANK of Wadestown 3.2K Aug 2000 unknown
BARBE, Waitman 1.7K Aug 2000 Valerie Crook
BARNARD, Nathaniel 2.8K Dec 1999 unknown
BAYER, Harry 5.7K July 2000 unknown
BEAUMONT, Percy J. 3.9K Dec 1999 unknown
BLANEY, Joseph 3.3K Apr 2000 unknown
BOEHLER, Charles 3.7K Apr 2000 unknown
BOWERS, Joseph 5.6K July 2000 unknown
Bowman, Frank L. 4.2K Jan 2000 unknown
BRADLEY, Orin 5.7K July 2000 unknown
BRAND, Clyde 3.0K Dec 1999 unknown
BRAND, Franklin 4.2K De 1999 unknown
BRAND, William 3.3K Dec 1999 unknown
Bretz, Frank K. 5.5K Feb 2000 unknown
Brock, Hugh Workham January 5, 1830 - April 24, 1882 3K Apr 2010 Connie Burkett
BROCK, Luther Samson M. D. 5.4K Aug 1999 Sandra Reed
BROCK, Robert Luther 2.8K Aug 1999 Sandra Reed
BUCHANAN, Joseph K. 4.0K De 1999 unknown
CARSPECKEN, Henry 4.1K Dec 1999 unknown
CLARK, David C. 3.5K Dec 1999 unknown
COLE, Harry Outen 6.1K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
Colebank, John 3.5K Mar 2000 unknown
CONNOR, Frank 2.4K Apr 2000 unknown
CORE, Charles Hillegas 4.8K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
COURTNEY, David Hall, M. D. 5.6K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
COX, Hon. Frank 5.0K Aug 1999 Sandra Reed
COX, Stanley Rhey 3.8K Aug 1999 Sandra Reed
CRAWFORD, J. Pressley 2.5K Apr 2000 unknown
CRAWFORD, William 2.8K Apr 2000 unknown
DANCER, Robert Clinton 6.2K Sept 1999 unknown
DAVIDSON brothers 4.5K Dec 1999 unknown
DAVIES, Garfield 4.3K Dec 1999 unknown
DAVIS, Raymond Moses 5.1K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
Decker, Thomas 2K Jun 2009 Alice Warner The Registry
Dent, Marmaduke H. April 18, 1849 - September 10, 1909 6K Sep 2009 Connie Burkett
Dent, William Marmaduke March 6, 1831 - January 29, 1914 3K Apr 2010 Connie Burkett
DAVIS, William H. 4.6K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
DONLEY, Edward 5.0K Dec 1999 unknown
DOWNS, William S. 3.3K Dec 1999 unknown
Durbin, Charles Ray May 15, 1864 - Unkn 4K Sep 2010 Connie Burkett
ELKINS , Stephen F. 2.8K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
EVERLY, Enoch 4.0K Dec 1999 unknown
Fast, Richard E.    October 31, 1858 - Unkn 6K Feb 2012 Connie Burkett
GARLOW, Aaron 5.6K May 2000 unknown
GARRISON, Norman 5.6K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
GARRISON, Morris Jefferson 4.7K July 2000 unknown
GIDDINGS, Naham 3.2K Dec 1999 unknown
GLASSCOCK, Samuel Fuller 3.9K Aug 1999 Sandra Reed
GLASSCOCK, Hon. William Ellsworth 2.4K Aug 1999 Sandra Reed
Gorman, William Henry 1.6K Mar 2000 Ann Schwirian
GRANT, Edward 6.2K Apr 2000 unknown
GROW, Adam 3.1K Dec 1999 unknown
HALL, Judson 5.1K Dec 1999 unknown
HALLER, Morris 3.9K Dec 1999 unknown
Hanford, Jabez 5.5K Jan 2000 Suzie Crump
HARDY, Irvin 4.0K Dec 1999 unknown
HARTLEY, Alva 3.0K Dec 1999 unknown
HASTINGS, Lynn 6.2K Dec 1999 unknown
HAUGHT, W.B. 2.8K July 2000 unknown
HENNEN, Robert 3.9K Dec 1999 unknown
HENRY, James E. 3.6K Dec 1999 unknown
HILDEBRAND, Clement C. 5.2K Dec 1999 unknown
HOOD, John 35K Aug 2000 John J. Hood
HOTT, David 3.5K Dec 1999 unknown
HUGHART, Joseph 3.8K Dec 1999 unknown
HUSTON, Charles Russell 3.5K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
HUSTON, Chauncey W. 4.0K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
JACOBS, Cephas 5.4K Dec 1999 unknown
Jarrett, Absalom Morris August 31, 1840 - June 14, 1912 5K Sep 2010 Connie Burkett
JOHNS, William Scott 4.8K Apr 2000 unknown
JOHNSON, William 3.1K Apr 2000 unknown
Jolliffe, Charles Edmund   December 23, 1859 - May 18, 1932 4K Feb 2012 Connie Burkett
KEENAN, Thomas 2.5K Dec 1999 unknown
KERR, Ray 4.3K May 2000 unknown
KING, Herbert 3.4K Dec 1999 unknown
LAZZELLE, Donald G. 3.2K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
LAZZELLE, Hon. I. Grant 5.4K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
LAZZELLE, Rufus 6.8K Mar 2000 unknown
LEWELLYN, Anthony Garrett 4.6K Aug 2000 unknown
Mason, John W. January 13, 1842 - April 23, 1917 17K Sep 2011 Connie Burkett
McBEE Family 7.8K July 2000 unknown
McCUE, William Pearl 4.0K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
McCutcheon, Clarence 4.5K Feb 2000 unknown
MCGREW, James 6.3K Dec 1999 unknown
MCDERMOTT, Bernard 2.3K Dec 1999 unknown
McDERMOTT, Hon. Joseph Henry 6.1K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
MCFALL, Robert 2.7K Dec 1999 unknown
MACKEY, Guy T. 4.9K Aug 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
MARCHAND, Donald 2.3K Dec 1999 unknown
MAXWELL, Cyrus 3.6K Dec 1999 unknown
MILLER, Albert 2.5K Jan 2000 unknown
MILLER, Charles 3.8K Apr 2000 unknown
MILLER, Joseph 5.7K Jan 2000 unknown
MORELAND, Hon. Joseph 10K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
Morgan, David 3K Jun 2009 Alice Warner The Registry
MORRIS, Charles B. 2.8K Apr 2000 unknown
MORRIS, Russell L. 3.6K Dec 1999 unknown
NARET, William Frazier 4.6K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
PHILLIPS, George 3.3K July 2000 unknown
PHILLIPS, Samuel A. 2.5K Dec 1999 unknown
PIERPONT, Francis H. 2.3K Feb 2008 Alice Warner
POSTEN, Roscoe P. 3.7K Jan 2000 unknown
REARY, David 4.8K Dec 1999 unknown
REED, Miller 2.5K Dec 1999 unknown
REGER, Carl 7.3K Dec 1999 unknown
RICHARDS, Dell Roy 3.7K May 2000 unknown
Rightmire, Adolphus March 16, 1851 - Unkn 5K Sep 2010 Connie Burkett
ROBISON, Charles C. 6.1K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
ROSE, E.W. 2.8K July 2000 unknown
RUNNER, Dayton P. 3.1K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
SANDERS, Harry 5.9K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
SANDERS, James Clark 7.9K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
SCHAFER, Orman 3.1K Dec 1999 unknown
SCHMIDIGER, August 2.1K Dec 1999 unknown
Scott, Fannie And Phebe 2K Jun 2009 Alice Warner The Registry
Shelby, Reece 4.5K Jan 2000 unknown
SHRIVER, Frank C. 6.4K Aug 1999 Jennifer Johnston
SHRIVER, John 4.2K Jan 2000 unknown
SIMPSON, John N. 5.3K Jan 2000 unknown
SINE, Rezin W. 3.6K Aug 2000 unknown
SMITH, J. F. 4.2K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
SMITH, Roy Clark 3.9K Dec 1999 unknown
SNEE, William 3.4K Feb 2000 unknown
ST. CLAIR, Frank Blaine 4.0K Mar 2000 unknown
STEWART, James H. 5.6K Nov 1999 unknown
STEWART, James Scott 5.0K Aug 1999 unknown
TAYLOR, Everett 2.6K Dec 1999 unknown
TENNANT, Odell Scott 4.7K July 2000 unknown
THORN, Charles Perry 3.6K Aug 1999 Cheryl McCollum
TROPF, Fred 3.5K Oct 1999 Valerie Crook
TROTTER, Frank Butler 6.3K Aug 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
TROTTER, Frank Butler - (different source) 5.8K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
VAN VOORHIS, Morton 4.4K July 2000 unknown
Vaughn, Lorenzo Dow March 30, 1858 - November 16, 1934 4K Sep 2010 Connie Burkett
WADE, Spencer 6.8K May 2000 unknown
WARDER, Hugh 4.9K Nov 1999 unknown
WATSON, William 2.0K July 2000 unknown
WEST, William 5.9K Mar 2000 unknown
WHITESIDE, Samuel M. 2.6K Dec 1999 unknown
Willey, Waitman T October 11, 1811 - 4K Jun 2009 Alice Warner The Registry
WILLIS, Dennis 6.9K Apr 2000 unknown
WOTRING, Thomas Jonathan Jackson 4.2K Aug 1999 Valerie Crook
YOKE, French 5.6K July 2000 unknown
YOST, William M. 5.1K Jan 2000 unknown
Zearley, David 6.8K Mar 2000 unknown

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