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Mineral County

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File Description File Size Date Submitter
Arnold, Arthur 7K May 2000 Valerie Crook
Babb, Frank H. 7K Jul 2000 Valerie Crook
Bell, Joseph V. 4K Jul 2000 Valerie Crook
Campbell, Thomas D. 6K May 2000 Valerie Crook
Carskadon, George T. 7K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Coffman, Harry F. M.D. 5K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Finnell, Charles N. 6K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Gocke, Thomas W. 7K May 2000 Tina Hursh
Grimes, William Columbus 7K May 2000 Valerie Crook
Hodges, Milton Stanley 10K Jul 2000 Valerie Crook
Junkins, J. Frank 8K May 2000 Valerie Crook
Kenny, Tom F. 8K May 2000 Valerie Crook
Klencke, George Edward 9K Sep 2000 Valerie Crook
MacDonald, William 7K May 2000 Vivian Brinker
McDowell, Luke 7K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Pifer, William C. 7K May 2000 Valerie Crook
Robosson, Reginald P. 4K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Rogers, J. G. 3K Jul 2000 Valerie Crook
Romig, Emerson V. 6K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Stayman, Joseph W. 7K Mar 2000 John "Bill" Wheeler
Stover, Hon. Kreider H. 6K May 2000 Patricia Sexton
Tyler, Emory Ledrew 6K Mar 2000 Vivian Brinker
Welch, Richard A. 7K Mar 2000 Vivian Brinker
Wiseman, Roy E. 5K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook

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