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Cabell County

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File Description Size Date Submitter
Adams, Robert Ferguson 8K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Agnew,Frank 4K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Beswick, Purla V. 6K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Bibbee, Carl Roush 6K unknown Barbara Maurer
Brammer, Fred E. M. D. 4K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Brooke, William M. 6K unknown Joyce Vickers
Brown, Douglas W. 7K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Cunningham, Roy H. 8K unknown Cheryl McCollum
Dalton, A. J. 8K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Davidson, Harry A. 6K unknown Joyce Vickers
Diehl, Henry T. 7K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Doyle,Joseph N. 4K unknown Kerry Armour
Enslow, Frank Bliss 5K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Gardiner, Joseph Gibbs 4K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Gohen, Charles Marsh 4K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Guthrie, Joseph Arthur M.D. 6K unknown Barbara Maurer
Guthrie, Lewis Van Gilder M. D. 8K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Hall, Deselm A. 3K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Harrison, Marion Lee 6K Feb 2003 Elizabeth Burns
Harrold, Charles Clifford 6K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Hawkins, J. Marshall 7K unknown Joyce Vickers
Heffley, George Roberts 5K unknown Joyce Vickers
Irvin,Frank W. 4K unknown Valerie Crook
King, Austin J. 10K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Leftwich, Fleming C. 7K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Lewis, Charles D. 6K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Lister, Rev. William M. 7K unknown Joyce Vickers
Mahan, Edward K. 3K unknown Kerry Armour
Marcum, James Overton 8K unknown Joyce Vickers
Maxwell, Marshall A. 4K unknown Valerie Crook
Mays, Edward 5K unknown Joyce Vickers
McClintock,Herbert Dewitt 7K unknown Valerie Crook
McCullough, F. Witcher 6K unknown Cheryl McCollum
Miser, Mathew 6K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Nelson, C. Paul 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Newman, Hon. Lee Daniel 5K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Parsons, J. K. 4K unknown Valerie Crook
Phillips, David R. 7K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Pilcher, Hiram Elmore 6K unknown Joyce Vickers
Porter, Henry L. 6K Apr 1999 Valerie Crook
Ritter, C. L. 5K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Schmidlapp, John F. 6K unknown Joyce Vickers
Scott, Hezekiah 12K Sep 1999 André Jack Shye
Sebaugh Frank D. 2K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Slack, Frank Parsons 5K unknown Joyce Vickers
Smith, C. Harrison 6K Jul 1999 Valerie Crook
Sneed, Noble Kimbrough 6K unknown Joyce Vickers
Snow, Charles Pinder 3K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Steele, Robert R. 5K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Thomas, John Edwin 5K unknown Joyce Vickers
Thornburg, Thomas Collins 5K Mar 1999 Valerie Crook
Varnum, Carl R. 4K unknown Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Vose, Charles R. 5K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Warth, Henry Clay 5K unknown Joyce Vickers
Watts, Charles W. 3K 1999 Mrs Gina M Reasoner
Way, Fred E. 5K unknown Valerie Crook
Wilkinson, Robert J. M. D. 4K unknown Cheryl McCollum
Zihlman, Edward L. 6K May 1999 Valerie Crook
Various Biographies #1 64K unknown Valerie Crook
Various Biographies #2 36K unknown various
Various, Biographies #3 35K unknown Valerie Crook

The temporary file manager for this county is:
Gary L. Caldwell

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