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Washington County
(Richfield Township )
St Jacobi Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Aulenbacher, Adam
Aulenbacher, Alfred E.
Aulenbacher, Clarence L.
Aulenbacher, George and Rosella D.
Aulenbacher, infant son
Aulenbacher, male infant
Barenz, Edwin H.
Barenz, Margaret
Bauer, infants
Bauer, unclear
Becker, Jacob
Becker, Sarah
Bender, Katharina
Boehner, John
Boehner, Magdalena
Bradley, Earl and Alma
Canschow, Joachim and Caroline
Degeler, Leroy
Dieterich, unclear and Katharine
Ebeling, unclear
Ebling, Frederick
Eimermann, Dorothea Kurtz
Eimermann, Johannes
Eimermann, John
Eimermann, Kath. E.
Eimermann, Manilla
Eimermann, Oscar
Feil, Jean A. and Noel F.
Fritz, Clifford and Barbara A.
Fritz, Herbert A. and Augusta E.
Fullington, Jack W.
Gruen, Albert
Gruen, Gertrude
Gruen, Gustave and Carolina
Gruen, Henry W.
Guetzke, Edwin and Hildagard
Hartleb, Chester and Golda
Hartleb, Martha
Hartleb, Peter and Elisabeth
Hartleb, Peter
Hempel, Arnold G.
Herzog, Maria K.
Kissling, Louise
Kissling, Martha
Kissling, unclear
Klemp, John Jr.
Klumb, William and Christina
Kurtz, Adam and Caroline
Kurtz, Edwin and Lorraine
Kurtz, Jacob Sr.
Kurtz, Jacob
Kurtz, Katharina
Kurtz, M.
Kurtz, Maria
Kurtz, S.
Kurtz, unclear Secklad
Kurtz, Wilhelm and Elizabeth
Laurenheimer, Dorothea Eimermann
Leonardt, Anna Maria
Leonardt, Elisabetha
Leonardt, margaretha
Leonardt, unclear
Lohr, Catherine Ebling
Lutz, Jacob and family
Mauer, Wilhelm
Maurer, Adam
Maurer, Alfred E.
Maurer, Dorothy
Maurer, Jacob
Mayer, George and Martha
Meyer, Esther J.
Meyer, William C. and Lydia E.
Miller, Nettie Maurer
Miltzlaff, Alex A.
Mueller, Ruth
Niemzyk, John D.
Otte, Bertha
Otte, Edwin
Otte, Loraine
Otte, Loretta
Otte, Louis A.
Otte, Lyle A.
Otte, male infants
Otte, William
Parker, John and Beryl
Ramthun, John and Johanna
Ramthun, Paul and Helen
Ramthun, unclear
Reidenbach, Charles and Sarah
Reidenbach, Elisabeth Wolfgarten
Reidenbach, Friedrich
Reidenbach, Katharina
Reidenbach, Maria E.
Schatz, Janet Dolores
Schlafer, Herman A. and family
Schwamb, children
Schwamb, Edward E.
Schwamb, Howard E.
Schwamb, Peter and Elizabeth
Schwolst, Emma
Schwulst, Katharina Schottler
St. Jacobi Church Cemetery Sign, nbsp;
Stahnke, Roger L. and Mary A.
Wenninger, male infant
Zimmerman, Ida
Zonn, Philipp A.
Zotcavage, Leon (Lee)

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