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Washington County
(Richfield Township )
St Hubert's Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Allarding, John and Rose
Allarding, John and Susana
Anderson, Raymond E.
Aulenbacher, Milton G. and Susan S.
Baertlein, Gilbert G. and Paula S.
Baertlein, James John
Bartlein, James G. and Carol L.
Bayliss, Alfred W. and family
Becker, Mary
Belfuss, Kenneth C. and Helen E.
Bezold, Donna
Bothe, Richard G.
Braun, A.
Braun, Anthony
Braun, Helena
Bulko, Charles C. and Clara A.
Champagne, Roger D. and Joyce A.
Criesmer, Margaret
Dickel, Benjamin J.
Dickel, Margaret
Dieter, Christina
Dobberstein, Catherine
Dobberstein, Joseph and Juliana
Dombroske, Carl and Maria
Dombroske, Herman
Ehley, Jeffrey R.
Ehm, Joseph D. and Irene A.
Eiler, Emily E.
Elsinger, William and unclear
Eltren, Unser
Esser, Thomas R. and family
Fassbender, Joseph
Fassbender, Maggie
Fassbender, Peter and Magdalena
Fassbender, Walter J. and Mardell I.
Feider, Frank and Margaret
Ferrier, John A.
Ferrier, Katherine
Fiebrink, Leroy L. and Diane T.
Fleischmann, Leonard and Anna
Friess, Barbara M. and family
Friess, George N.
Friess, George
Friess, Johannes
Friess, John and Barbara
Friess, Jos.
Friess, Joseph
Friess, Lawrence A.
Friess, Leo C. and Florence M.
Friess, Nicklaus and family
Friess, Nikolaus and Elizabeth
Friess, Susanna
Friess, Walter B.
Frigge, Clarence P.
Gerkhardt, Armond G.
Gerkhardt, Theresa B. Stuck
Gitter, Priscilla E.
Goetz, Peter and Emma
Graef, Gilbert and Marie G.
Graef, Hermann J.
Graef, William and Lena
Graf, Herman and Christina
Griesemer, Andrew
Griesemer, Anna
Griesemer, C. and Theresia
Griesemer, Jacob and Sophia
Griesemer, John and Appolonia
Griesemer, unclear
Hajabatsch, Josef
Hamilton, Timothy G.
Hamilton, Warren
Hammiller, William and Minnie
Hanel, Thomas and Joanne
Hansen, George and Anna
Hansen, Jacob
Hansen, John J. and Eleanor M.
Hansen, Mary Ann
Hansen, Mathias
Hansen, Theresa
Hauser, John and Christina
Hauser, Kana
Hauser, Richard L. and Lynn T.
Heck, Catharina
Heitkemper, Harold and Jeanette
Henn, Nick and Frank
Henn, William and Alvina
Hennes, Anna
Hennes, Christina
Hennes, Frank and Veronica
Hennes, Gertrud
Hennes, Goerge J. and Mary M.
Hennes, James D. (Rounder)
Hennes, John A. and Melanie M.
Hennes, Joseph G. and Elenore A.
Hennes, Kelly Lea
Hennes, Theodor
Hennes, Theodore C. and Magdalena
Hettkemper, Henry and Della
Hoepner, Gerhardt
Holzem, Joseph and Rose M.
Hopfensperger, Deena Marie
Jacklin, Lester S. and Arcella
Janzer, Clarence and Lorraine
Jeffords, John A. and family
Jonas, Clemence
Jonas, Gertrud Schanzer
Jonas, J. Peter
Jonas, Mary
Jung, George
Jung, Joseph and Clara
Karger, Frank J.
Karger, Rose
Keenan, Robert G. and family
Kiefer, John and Alvina
Kierman, Michael J.
Klingbeil, Clara C.
Klose, William
Knap, Florian J. and Delphine A.
Kodrath, Joseph
Kodrath, Mary
Kollenbroich, Edward
Kollenbroich, Gerald G. and Veronica
Kollenbroich, Gerhart
Kollenbroich, John and Magdalena
Kollenbroich, Peter and Elisabetha
Kolling, John C. and Hildegarde
Komp, Joseph
Komp, Maria K. Treszler
Kosterman, George H. and Evelyn M.
Krause, Andrea Lee
Krause, Donald E.
Kreilkamp, Robert A. and E.
Krettler, Henrietta Henn
Kreuser, Bertrem
Kreuser, Hubert and Elizabeth
Kreuser, Margatha
Kreuser, Marvin H. and Jeannette E.
Kuepper, Adeline
Kuepper, Alois and Elizabeth
Kuepper, Edwin and Shirley
Kuepper, George and Anna
Kuepper, Gerhard and Gertrude
Kuepper, Heinrich
Kuepper, Henry C.
Kuepper, Johann
Kuepper, Katharina
Kuepper, Katherina
Kuepper, Maria J.
Kurszewski, William and Frances
Landers, Russell M. and Marion M.
Landowski, William G. (Bill) and Teckla (Tess)
Lang, Adolf and Katharina
Lanser, Henry P. and Joan A.
LaPointe, Henry and Helen
Larson, Stuart Allan and Kay Therese
Laubenheimer, Clarence W. and Helen M. Kuenzie
Lemminger, Adam John
Lentz, Hubert and Anna
Lentz, Joseph and Magdelena
Lentz, Josephine
Lentz, Victor A. and Bernice
Limbach, C.
Limbach, John and family
Limbach, John and Margaret
Limbach, John
Limbach, Joseph and Margaret
Limbach, Joseph J. and Jean A.
Limbach, Leona E.
Limbach, Marion K.
Limbach, Martin and Theresa
Limbach, Peter and Barbara
Limbach, unclear female
Limbach, unclear
Limbach, Walter M. and family
Linden, Franz and Zezelia
Linden, Peter and Margaret
Loeffel, George and Irene
Loeffel, James W.
Lofy, Barney and Margaret
Lofy, Mary Anna Thielmann
Lofy, Wilhelm G.
Luther, Mark D.
Luther, Michael T.
Mack, Martha A.
Maden, Michael J.
Mahar, Loretta
Malory, C.
Manke, Elizabeth
Marks, Henry and Christina
Marks, Leonard P. and Agnes E.
Marshalek, Frank A. and Ruby M.
Mayer, Adelaide Louise Gerkhardt
Mayer, William Henry
Merckel, Friederich
Merckel, Margaretha
Merckel, Nicolaus
Merckel,Apolonia Fries,
Meyer, Anna
Meyer, Clara
Meyer, George C. and Christina
Meyer, John C.
Meyer, John
Meyer, Joseph J.
Meyer, Rudolph R.
Miller, Eugene K. and Bernadine M.
Mueller, Francis L. and Frances M.
Mueller, John and Josephine
Mueller, John and Mary
Mueller, Joseph
Mueller, William and Mary
Neuburg, Albert and Hildegarde
Neuburg, Aloys P. and Katherine
Neuburg, Anton and Margaret
Neuburg, Ardell and family
Neuburg, Casper
Neuburg, Chris
Neuburg, Engelbert and Katherina
Neuburg, Ervin T.
Neuburg, George and Margaret
Neuburg, Joseph and Barbara
Neuburg, Mathew A.
Neuburg, Peter
Neuburg, Rosalia
Neureuther, Carl and Regina
Neureuther, Charles and Theresa
Neureuther, Marion
Neureuther, Mathias and Anna
Oechsner, Russell A. and Jeanette M.
Ott, John Jr.
Panfil, Robert J. and Laverne D.
Parker, Michael Thomas
Pasek, Regina S.
Pate, Gail M.
Paynter, Steven J.
Pfeifer, Francis and Bernice T.
Pfeifer, Noreen Ann
Pfister, Elmer J. and Malvina M.
Pfister, Thomas G.
Piotrowski, Daniel P. and Mary Ann T.
Piotrowski, Derek J.
Poole, Charels Daniel
Powell, Leland (Lee) and Sophia M.
Powers, James Albert
Radermacher, John
Radermacher, Mary
Radermacher, Nick
Radermacher, Nicolaus
Radermacher, Peter and Caroline
Radermacher, William
Raebel, George and family
Regner, John and Eva
Richardson, Virgil and unclear
Riess, Aaron
Roskopf, Aloysius and Loretta
Rott, Ervin A. and family
Rott, Ervin A.
Ruuska, Elizabeth
Rychlinski, Sandra J.
Schaenzer, Barbara
Schaenzer, Bernard and Margaret
Schatz, Alfred H. and Marie M.
Scherr, Shirley A.
Schickert, unclear and Margaret
Schickert, unclear
Schmidt, Clarence G. and Arline O.
Schmidt, George
Schmidt, John G. and Otilia
Schmidt, Joseph Andrew
Schmitt, Albert J. and Mildred F.
Schmitt, Aloysius and family
Schmitt, Casper and Evelyn
Schmitt, Edward and family
Schmitt, Elmer and family
Schmitt, Elmer C.
Schmitt, George A. and Olive M.
Schmitt, George and Anna
Schmitt, Jacob G. and Catherine M.
Schmitt, Jerome J. and Julianna A.
Schmitt, John H. and Adella
Schmitt, John J. and Anna M.
Schmitt, John J. and Katharina
Schmitt, Joseph and Elizabeth
Schmitt, Kenneth
Schmitt, Marcella
Schmitt, Maria Anna
Schmitt, Matthias C.
Schmitt, Peter and unclear
Schmitt, Ralph
Schmitt, Raymond J.
Schmitt, Stephen and Susan
Schmitt, Wilhelmina
Schmitz, Margaretha
Schoenike, Margaretha
Schroeder, Joseph
Schulteis, Donald M.
Schulteis, Willard A. and Dorothy J.
Schultz, Lawrence D. and Russell D.
Schumacher, Elisabeth
Schumacher, Martin
Schumacher, Mathias
Schumacher, Peter J. and Paulina
Schumacher, Stephen
Schwartz, Bertram and Elizabeth
Schwartz, Elmond J.
Schwartz, Mary Jane
Schwartz, Norman and family
Schwartz, Richard
Schwartz, Rudolph and Rose
Shaefer, Joan M.
Skrzynski, Genevieve M.
Smith, Clement and Elizabeth A.
Smith, Thomas and Rose
Smoller, William
Smyczek, Marianne
Sommers, Mary Kathleen McNamara
Spuhler, Lawrence Hansen and Margaret
Stanley, Nicole M.
Stearn, Dolores Ann
Stenz, Walter and family
Stephan, Anna
Stephan, Barbara R.
Stephan, Damian and Margaret
Stephan, Gabriel
Stephan, Heinrich
Stephan, Joseph
Stirn, Elizabeth M.
Stuettcen, George
Stuettcen, William and Clara
Stuettgen, Anna M.
Stuettgen, Ben and Rita
Stuettgen, Bernhard
Stuettgen, Elmer W.
Stuettgen, Georg
Stuettgen, George B. and Lillian
Stuettgen, George B.
Stuettgen, Gertrude Clough
Stuettgen, Harold G. and Elenore A.
Stuettgen, Harold G.
Stuettgen, Hubert
Stuettgen, Joseph and Margaret
Stuettgen, Klara
Stuettgen, Leander
Stuettgen, Mathew and Frances
Stuettgen, Wilhelm J.
Stuttgen, Louis
Stuttgen, Margaretha
Tamborino, Richard A. and Irene J.
Theisen, Roland L.
Thielmann, Adam
Thielmann, Johann
Thielmann, Jos.
Thielmann, Joseph
Thielmann, Katharina
Thielmann, Margaret
Thielmann, Margaretha
Thielmann, Mathias and Barbara
Thoma, Philip E. and Lorraine M.
Thurin, Dennis N. and Laurie M.
Thurin, Dennis N.
Torn, Douglas F. and Margaret C.
Unclear stone with tree overgrowth, &mbsp;
Velic, Adam R.
Voeltner, Robert L. and Margaret A.
Weber, Anna M.
Weber, Heinrich
Weber, Joseph
Weber, Katy
Weber, unclear
Wemnke, Marie W.
Wenniger, John and Anna
Wenninger, Leroy A. and Frieda C.
Wessel, Rita
Wessel, Veronica J. Ferrier
Wiedmeyer, Alphonse A. and Anna J.
Wiedmeyer, Anton and Eleanor E.
Wiedmeyer, James D.
Wierl, Clara
Wierl, George and Magdalena
Wierl, John
Wierl, Peter
Wierl, William
Wojdyla, Adam A.
Wolf, Donald R. (Dewey) and June A.
Zander, Mary M.
Zander, Oscar M. and Avita M.
Zandt, Richard C. and Rita E.
Zernia, Scott C. (Buck)
Zweifel, Della

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