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Washington County
(Richfield Township)
Forest Home Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Bautch, Jason Eugene
Becker, Joseph and Henry
Boecker, Paul
Bruessel, Eva Kurtz
Bruessel, J. Adam
Burns, Anthony A. and Myrtle M.
Burns, Anthony A.
Degeler, Orville
Deutsch, Oscar and Margaret
Deutsch, Oscar W.
Dickel, John
Dickel, William
Diskow, John and Johanna
Ebeling, Amanda
Ebeling, Arthur and Gertrude
Ebeling, Dieder
Ebeling, George and Ervin P.
Ebeling, Henrietta
Ebeling, John
Ebeling, Linden C. and Adelia E.
Ebeling, Philip
Ebeling, Phillip and Alice Agnes
Ebling, Richard and family
Fontaine, Opal Odessa
Foreman, George
Forest Home Cemetery Sign,  
Forest Home Cemetery Stone,  
Frey, Christian and family
Graef, William
Haas, Louis and Emma
Hartleb, Andrew and Margaret
Hartleb, Eleanor J.
Hartman, Charles and family
Hartman, William and family
Hempel, Gust Fredrick
House, Clayton F. and Anna E. Kroehler
Huth, Carla L.
Huth, Walter R.
Jannusch, Ralph Emil and Sylvia Laubenheimer
Jochem, Blanche
Jochem, Frank and Eltha
Jochem, Peter
Klemp, Elizabeth
Klemp, Emil
Klemp, Herman
Klippel, Anna Sauer
Klippel, Fred W.
Klippel, Landra L.
Klippel, Otto H.
Klippel, Otto J.
Konrad, Lydia B.
Konrad, Marguerite Hahn
Konrad, Peter
Koscinski, Arthur W.
Koscinski, David W.
Kraetsch, Doris
Kraetsch, Earl C.
Kraetsch, Edward J.
Kraetsch, Lester S.
Kraetsch, Lucille
Kroehler, Casper B. and Katherine M.
Kuenzi, Albert
Kuenzi, Martha E.
Kurtz, Henry and family
Kurtz, Mary Beck
Kurtz, Susan Mary
Kurylo, Ross W.
Laubenheimer, Clinton and Florence
Laubenheimer, Edgar J.
Laubenheimer, Harrison P. and Adda Thompson
Laubenheimer, Henry and Ervin
Laubenheimer, Inez
Laubenheimer, Judd R.
Laubenheimer, Lazette
Laubenheimer, Luke M.
Laubenheimer, Millard Henry and Marie
Laubenheimer, Robert W. and Delia M.
Laubenheimer, Wilmer C. (Lefty) and Marion M.
Lucas, Wm. Edw.
Mintzlaff, Arthur P.
Mintzlaff, Elmer W.
Mintzlaff, Emily
Mintzlaff, Ethel J.
Mintzlaff, Henry
Mortenson, Gordon R. and Diane M.
Naab, Henry and Susie
Nelson, Minnie M. Kraetsch
Nelson, Richard Vernon
Owen, Phillip J. and Leighton J.
Owen, William I. and Theresa H.
Roeber, Carl
Schall, John
Schatz, Daniel Henry
Schatz, Robert John
Schatz, Willard S. and Merle M.
Schlei, Richard O. and Lorraine
Schneider, Calvin R.
Schoeni, Carl F. and Vera A.
Schoeni, Carl N. and Liesbeth E.
Schwulst, Walter H. and Katherine
Schwulst, William
Sperling, Otto P.
Strutz, Gerald J. and Dorothy A.
Strutz, Gerald J.
Thellmann, George and unclear
Thorgerson, John Stephan
Trapp, August E. and Christina
Trapp, Chester
Volkmann, Ludwig
Walterlin, Albert B.
Walterlin, Amanda M.
Zehlof, Elmer A.
Zehlof, Henry and Emma
Zehlof, Herman

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