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Washington County
(Erin Township)
St Pauls UCC Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Anderson, Gilbert F.
Becherer, Horace and family
Boelk, Augusta
Boelk, Julius
Boose, Augusta
Boose, Charles
Boose, Magdalena
Brehmer, James E. and Beverly A.
Brehmer, Norman H. and Mary F.
Breitling, Louise
Breitling, Philip C.
Breitling, unclear and infant
Bruss, Edelein
Bucher, Anton and family
Bucher, Christina
Bucher, George
Bucher, Louisa Breitling
Bucher, Wm.
Burg, Irma E. Loew O'Keane
Burrow, Dolores B.
Buth, Johann J. and Henriette
Church on Cemetery Grounds,  
Cufaude, Gary R. and Donna S. Morris
Dieball, Albert M.
Dieball, Albert
Dieball, Arnold and Betty
Dieball, Carl and Ella
Dieball, Christian C. and Eleanor M.
Dieball, Edward
Dieball, Fred A. and Friedaricka
Dieball, Jo Ann
Dieball, Lloyd J. (Curly) and Shirley F.
Dieball, Wilhelmina
Dost, Walter G. and Myrtle M.
Fraley, Margaret E.
Froehlich, Pearl Haass
Funk, Floyd N. and Laura
Geipel, Harvey A. and Caroline D. Senfleben
Gerrish, Almira M.
Gerrish, Harlow
Gleason, H.W.
Goerke, Charles and Elsie
Goerke, Ella
Goerke, Ferdinand and Caroline
Grissman, Nicole and Jessica
Grutzmacher, Herman
Grutzmacher, Johanne
Haass, Anna M.
Haass, Barbara
Haass, Charlotta
Haass, Charlotte
Haass, George P.
Haass, George
Haass, Heinrich
Haass, Henry
Haass, Jacob
Haass, male infant
Haass, Pauline E.
Haass, Peter and Helena
Haass, Peter
Haass, Phillip
Haass, Roland
Haass, Seinia
Haison, Wilhelmine K.
Hammel, Rowald W. (R.W.) and Julianne Marie Dietrich
headstone pile in cemetery,  
Hecox, Susan Anne
Held, Adam and Theresa
Held, Anna M.
Held, Barton A. and Ruth K.
Held, Clara
Held, Clarence Adam
Held, Clarence
Held, Edwin W. and Emma I.
Held, Edwin W.
Held, Jacob and family
Held, Jacob
Held, John and Augusta
Held, John F.
Held, male infant
Held, Philip and Minnie
Held, Robert and Ella
Held, Wilhelmina (Mina)
Henke, Margaret F.
Henke, William
Hoffmann, George and Maria Becker
Hoffmann, George
Hoffmann, Henry
Hoffmann, Katherine
Hoffmann, Margaret Schneider
Hoffmann, Mary
Hrenak, Joseph and Verna
Jackopin, Raymond G. and Nellie F. (Evaline)
Jackopin, Raymond George
Janichek, Christopher
Janichek, James M.
Janichek, Rudolph (Rudy) and Verona (Ony)
Kasper, Christoph and Maria M.
Kayser, Henry
Kayser, Margaretha
Keyser, Georg A.
King, Mary Louise
Klumb, Caroline
Klumb, Leona
Knuth, Caroline Vedder
Krauder, Margaret
Kreft, Paul F. and Katie C.
Krueger, Arthur
Krueger, Augusta
Krueger, Charles and Anna
Krueger, George
Krueger, Henriette
Krueger, Henry and family
Krueger, Henry
Krueger, Louis and Louisa
Krueger, Lyle G.
Kurtz, Clarence J.
Kurtz, Edward and Olive M.C.
Lakes, Dovie
Lemke, Maria
Lenling, Elaine C.
Lenling, Eugene A. and Judith L.
Lenling, Floyd Cast
Lenling, Fred W.
Lenling, Mabel G.
Loew, Albert
Loew, Armin
Loew, Bertha
Loew, Emanuel and family
Loew, Emma
Loew, Etta
Loew, George
Loew, Gertrude M.
Loew, Henry
Loew, Ida A. and Bertha
Loew, Ida Boose
Loew, Irving
Loew, J.
Loew, Jack
Loew, Jacob
Loew, Jenny
Loew, Jo.
Loew, John J. and Elizabeth
Loew, John
Loew, Laura
Loew, Louisa
Loew, Mary
Loew, Milton and Ella
Loew, Oscar and Louise
Loew, Susan
Loew, unclear
Loew, Walter
Lowe, Anna
Lubbert, Fred and Rose
Lubbert, Frederick H.
Lubbert, Harvey O. and Ruth M.
Manke, Albert A.
Manke, Charles and Lelia
Manke, Harold
Manke, Hermann
Manke, Maria
Markeland, Oswald and Betty G.
Mayer, Edwin J. and Ruth
Menke, Carolina
Meuder, Margaretha
Meuder, Martin
Meuder, Wilhelm
Monroe, Dorothy Loew
Monroe, Wirt E. and Gladys V.
Mulcahy, Colin D.
Neils, Herman and Meta
O'Keane, Francis E.
Ott, Freidrich
Peplin, Thomas C. and Debra J.
Radue, male infant
Sayers, Bea W. Anderson
Schinagel, Philip and family
Schlafer, Arthur
Schlafer, Burnette
Schlafer, Edwin C. and Nora M.
Schlafer, Elmer and family
Schlafer, Jacob and Mathilda
Schlafer, Jacob J. and Bernice P.
Schlafer, Kimberly Ann
Schlincher, Henriette
Schmitke, Wilhelmine
Schmitt, Howard A.
Schmitt, Howard P.
Schneider, Frank
Schneider, unclear
Schroeder, Alfred H. and Beverly M.
Schroeder, Alfred H.
Schwans, Ernst
Selzer, Louis J. Jr. (Bill)
Selzer, Robert Bruce
Semro, Friedrich
Semro, Louisa
Semro, Robert
Semro, William and Stella
Senfleben, A.
Senfleben, Arthur W.
Senfleben, Caroline C.
Senfleben, Emilie
Senfleben, Fred C. and Irene N.
Senfleben, Frederick A.
Senfleben, George and Susan
sitting area in cemetery,
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Ida May
Smith, Thomas L. (Tom)
Smith, William H.
Sonnenberg, A. and unclear
Sotherbach, Geo.
St. Paul's Church Plaque,
St. Paul's Church Sign,
St. Paul's German Sign,
Staus, Anna Held
Staus, Frederick
Staus, Gertrude
Staus, Gustave
Staus, Howard J. and Hazel M.
Staus, Katherine
Staus, Margaret
Staus, Mathias and Nettie
Staus, Wesley J. and Evelyn L.
Tessmann, Albertine
Teudenberg, Friederich and Friederich
Teudenberg, Lena
Teutenberg, Fred
Teutenberg, Robert
Teutenberg, unclear
Timm, Marvin and Beulah
Timm, Marvin L.
Tuskey, Gust
Tuskey, Minnie
Tutzke, Henry and Anna
Vewnter, Maria
Walters, Sharon L. Geipel
Weiffenbach, Fred and Mathilda
Weiffenbach, Ivan F.
Weiffenbach, Jacob
Weiffenbach, Mary
Wellhausen, August
Wendt, Lester J. and Dorothy L.
Wendt, Robert K. and Lucille F.
Wester, Andrew H.
Wester, Andrew J.
Wester, Clara Kaufmann
Wester, George Herman
Winkler, Ernest and Ruby
Winkler, Oscar
Zaun, Henry H.
Zaun, Hulda L.

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