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Richland County
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Vernon County
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Czechs National Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

[County line runs thru this Cemetery]

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Babor, Jan and Anna
Babor, Marie
Baborouer, Josefa
Banker, Lavona A.
Barbor, Pauline
Barbour, Edmund and Josephine
Barbour, Joseph and Anna
Barbour, Robert J. and Lillian E.
Beranek, Anna
Beranek, Josef
Beranek, Martin and Mary
Beranek, Martin
Beranek, William A. and Anna E.
Beranka, Josefa
Blaha, Jakub
Boubor, Anna
Branek, Anna
Braun, Herbert and Marcella
Bruce, Oscar H. and Mary H.
Bruha, Frank and Anna
Bruha, Frank and Barbara
Bruha, Harold J.
Bruha, Joseph and Josephine
Bruha, Lula and Barbora
Bruha, Vaclav
Bruha, Wencil and Anna
Bulin, Josefina
Bulin, Joseph and Mary
Bulin, Martin
Bulin, William and Josephine
Casa, Anton
Casa, Josefa and Anton
Casa, Josefa
Casa, Vojtech and Katerina
Cerny, Anna
Cesko - Narodni - Hrbitov Cemetery Sign,  
Cox, Effie M.
Czechs National Cemetery Sign,  
Dcera, Ethel
Dojeva, Frances
Dojeva, Vaclav and Frances
Dojeva, Vaclav
Duchek, Frantisek
Duchek, Josef
Dvorak, Albert and Josephine
Dvorak, Harley A. and Bessie E.
Dvorak, Joseph and Frances
Dvorak, Matous and Marie
Endrich, unclear
Franek, Ana
Frundl, Vaclav
Hach, Anna
Hach, Frantisek and Zena Marie
Hach, Jan
Hajnerach, Jan
Hajnerach, Marie
Hajnerach, Martin
Hansbery, John N.
Hansbery, Mary
Hanzal, J.F.
Hanzal, Marie
Hanzal, unclear
Haucha, Barbora
Hauel, Vaclav and Anna
Haugh, infant
Haugh, Joseph and family
Havlik, Barbara
Havlik, Frank A. and Matilda
Havlik, Harold A. and Margaret J.
Havlik, John
Havlik, Mike
Heidenreich, Anna
Heidenreich, Marie
Heidenreich, Rosanne M.
Hofrichter, Antonin
Holack, Wenzel
Holak, Albert
Holak, Emil
Holak, Frank and Mary
Holak, infant female
Holak, Tomas and Marie
Holak, Tomas
Holecek, Frank and Louise
Holub, Marie
Holuba, Emelie
Holuba, Josef
Holuba, Marie
Hooker, Edw. J. (Bud) and Bonnie J.
Hooker, Edward and Mary
Hora, mother and father
Housner, Frank and Minnie
Housner, Joseph C. and Anna
Housner, Paul J. and Emma J.
Hruska, Joseph
Hynek, Anton
Hynek, Emil
Hynek, Jose.
Hynek, Josef
Hynek, Josefa
Hynek, Joseph and Marie
Hynek, Marie A.
Hynek, Walter
Janecek, Albert and Mary
Janecek, Anezka
Janecek, Barbora
Janecek, Edward and Anna
Janecek, Edward and Jennie
Janecek, Josefa
Janecek, Karolina
Janecek, Mates
Janousek, Emma
Janousek, Frank and Anna
Janousek, Frantisek
Janousek, Helen M.
Janousek, Helena
Janousek, Pavlina
Janousek, Van and Josie
Jansky, Frantisek
Jansky, Jan
Jansky, Josefa
Jansky, Wencle and Anna
Jelinek, Frantisek
Jelinek, Tomas
Jindrich, Barbora
Jindrich, Waclav
Karel, Anna
Karel, Joseph
Karel, Vojtech
Kaukl, Anezka and Marie
Kaukl, Barbora
Kaukl, George and Madge
Kaukl, Josef
Kaukl, Vaclav
Kaukl, Vilem R.
Kaukl, William and family
Kolar, Frantisek
Kolare, Maria
Kolash, Frank F. and Martha M.
Kolash, Frank N. and Helen M.
Kolash, Joseph E. and Joseph
Kosa, Frank
Kosa, Joe and Tena
Kosa, Vaclav and Paulina
Kouba, Joseph and Mary
Kouba, Vojtech
Koukl, Frantisek and Jozefa
Kucera, Cathrine
Kucera, Joseph
Kucerova, Katerina
Kuchera, Joseph and Barbora
Kuchero, James and Martha L.
Kukl, Marie
Landsinger, Aniska and Anna
Landsinger, Frank W. and family
Landsinger, Votec and Matka
Lebansky, James
Lebansky, Josef
Lebansky, Joseph M. and Ella E.
Lebansky, Rudolph
Leska, Ernest L.
Leska, Julie
Lesker, Wenzell
Levy, Anna
Levy, Frank D. and Frances M.
Levy, James P. and Helen M.
Levy, Josef and Frantiska
Levy, Vaclav and Katerina
Levy, Viktor and Ruzena
Libansky, Alberna Jacobson
Libansky, Aneska
Libansky, Frank and Anna
Libansky, Frantisek
Libansky, Frantiseka
Libansky, John and Mary
Libansky, Kater
Libansky, Katerina
Libansky, Matej and Marie
Libansky, Thomas and Mary
Libansky, Tomas and Katerina
Libansky, Waclav
Libansky, William A.
Liska, Emil and family
Liska, Frantezsek
Liska, Joseph E. and Josephine
Liska, Joseph
Liska, Raymond M. and A. Lorraine
Liska, Terezve
Liska, Vencle and Vojtech
Liska, Vojtech and Anna
Lisker, John W.
Machacek, Anezka
Machacek, Anna
Machovec, Charles and Julia
Machovec, Cyril
Machovec, Edw. and Mary A.
Machovec, Josef and Anna
Machovec, Leo E.
Machovec, Vilem and Petrolina
Machovec, Wencel and Josephine
McDaniel, Lawrence and Hazel
McNamer, David Allen
McNamer, Herman S. and Vercelia M.
Mislevecek, Joseph
Mislivecek, Frantisek
Mislivecek, Marie
Nachtigal, Adolph
Nachtigal, Frantisek and Josepfa
Nemec, Frank A. and Mary A.
Nemec, Ladimir F. and Libby M.
Novy, Anna
Novy, Anton T. and Anna H.
Novy, David
Novy, Ella M.
Novy, Frank A.
Novy, Frank T. and Anna T.
Novy, Frantisek and Anna
Novy, Jan
Novy, Josef and Anna
Novy, Josef
Novy, Katerina Karel
Novy, Matej and Anna
Novy, Michael R.
Novy, Paul and Agnes
Novy, Sylvia
Nunes, Anthony T. and Elsie M.
Offenbacher, Marie
Ott, Arthur A. and Hilda M.
Pacl, Amalia
Pacl, Arnost
Pacl, Emil and Anna
Pacl, Eva E.
Pacl, Frantisek
Pacl, Jakub
Pacl, Martin
Piclova, Marie
Pierce, Josephine
Pierce, Theodore
Piskule, Vojtech
Pizer, Mary
Plachetk, Josefka
Plachetk, William
Plachetka, Clarence J.
Plachetka, Edward and Mary
Plachetka, Edward
Plachetka, Jakub
Plachetka, William and Mary J.
Pliner, Albert and Mary
Pliner, Anna
Pliner, Joseph J. and Lena
Pliner, Kristyna
Pliner, Raymond
Pliner, Richard W.
Pliner, Vaclav and Manzelka Barbora
Ptak, Wencel and Marie
Reidle, Edward W.
Reidle, Josef and Barbara
Reidle, Mary R.
Reidle, Pavlina Manzelka
Rezac, Jan and Josefa
Ridl, Frantisek
Rimmer, Matilda
Rosol, Frank and Anna
Rott, Cyrus
Rott, Frant. S.
Rott, Frantisek S.
Rott, Frantisek
Rott, Marie F.
Rott, Marie
Rott, Sullivan
Rott, Vaclav and Maria
Rott, Wencle and Bertha
Rynes, Joseph and Agnes H.
Schlintz, Anna Subera
Schroeder, Paul C. and Mary J. Novy
Sebek, Anezka
Sebek, Frantizek and Alzueen
Sebek, Verunika
Sebek, Vojtech
Sebranek, Anna
Sebranek, Barba
Sebranek, Frank
Sebranek, Harold and Bessie
Sebranek, infants
Sebranek, Lena
Sebranek, Matej
Sebranek, Wencil and Tena
Sebrank, Jozefka
Sebranka, Anna
Shaker, Arleen
Shaker, William J. and Josephine H.
Shebeck, James and Tillie
Simandl, Anna
Siml, Anton
Sindelar, Robert V. and Martha
Sindelar, Vaclav and Alzbeta
Slama, Anna
Slama, Elsie Bulin
Slama, Joseph G. and Julia
Slama, Katharine
Slama, Martin
Snorek, Donald M.
Snorek, Lusill
Stanek, Anton
Stanek, Barbora
Stanek, Francis J.
Stanek, Frantisek and Marie
Stanek, Frantisek and Veronika
Stanek, Frantisek
Stanek, Joe
Stanek, Josef
Stanek, Joseph S. and Maria S.
Stanek, Josephine
Stanek, Marie
Stanek, Otto S.
Stanek, Robert M. and Hermena M.
Stanek, unclear
Stanek, Vaclava and Katerini
Stanek, Vojtech
Stowell, Elgin A. and Agnes
Subera, Anton and Marie
Subera, Frank and Josefa
Subera, Joseph T. and Jennie E.
Subera, Stepanie
Thompson, Richard E. and Agnes B.
Tydrich, Frank
Tydrich, Martin R. and Elaine H.
Tydrich, Matej and Anna
Urban, Alois
Urban, Barbora
Urban, Frantisek
Urban, Jan
Urban, Josef and Maria
Urban, Josef
Urbanek, Charles W.
Urbanek, Frantisek
Urbanek, Robert J.
Urbanek, Wencil and Mary
Vincenda, unclear
Vitcenda, Rudolph J. and Lena M.
Vitcenda, Wencil and Agnes
Vitcenda, Wencil and Mary
Vlasak, Albin and Lucy
Vlasak, Katherine
Vodak, Emil J. and Matilda M.
Vodak, unclear and Barbora
Vodak, Vaclan and Marie
Vrbsky, Barbora
Vrbsky, Frantisek
Vrbsky, Terezie
Wasilewski, Alex F. and Beatrice D.
Weyher, Elmer G. and Thelma M.
Wiesner, Jiri and Anna
Wondrowitz, Joseph
Wopata, female
Wopata, Gabriela
Yansky, Pavel P.
Zemrel, Anton
Zemrel, Cyrill and Albina
Zemrel, Frantisek
Zemrela, Marie

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

ProjectCopyright Notice: These generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery. The source for many of the cemetery names and placenames on these pages come from Cemetery Locations in Wisconsin, 3rd edition, compiled by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher. The book is published by Origins at 4327 Milton Ave. Janesville, WI 53546. All files on this site are copyrighted by their creator and/or contributor. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission from Tina Vickery [] and/or their contributor. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are. It is however, quite permissable to print or save the files to a personal computer for personal use ONLY.

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