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Milwaukee County
St. Matthias Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by Larry & Linda Kopet!   Please take a moment to thank them for this terrific resource!  Use your back browser button to return to this page. Please note that these generous contributions do not necessarily depict all tombstone photographs for a given cemetery.

Adams, Johannes
Adams, John
Ahlers, Joseph F. and Dorothy A
Albers, Anton and Regina K
Albers, John and Elizabeth
Allegretti, Nicholas
Allfree, Kenneth D. and Betty A. Stransky
Allmann, George
Allmann, Josephine Marguerite
Allmann, Louis and Irene
Ambrose, Esther
Ambrose, Frank A
Ambrose, Mary E
Anderson, Theodore E. and Marie A
Annen, Anna
Annen, Frank and Margaret
Annen, John
Annen, Katharina
Annen, Margaretha
Annen, Mary Ann
Annen, Peter John
Arendt, Leo B. and Rose
Arendt, Peter P
Arnold, A
Arnold, Clara
Arnold, Peter
Arnold, Peter
Auer, Anton
Baker, James A. and Estella
Balthazch, Jeanne Elizabeth Ochowicz
Banerian, Thomas J
Barbian, Fred J. and Anna M
Barbian, Mary Ann
Barbian, Raymond H
Barker, Jack H. and family
Batchelor, Jerome J. and Margaret J
Bauer, Anna C.H
Bauer, Anne K
Bauer, CeCilia
Bauer, Charles
Bauer, Dick and Rita
Bauer, Herman
Bauer, John P
Bauer, Mathias (2)
Bauer, Mathias
Bauer, Max
Bauer, William P
Baumgarden, August and Mary J. and Kau, Elisabeth
Baumgartner, Alfred J. and Lena M
Beaudette, Francis B. (Deacon Bud) and Charlotte E. Schoenmann
Beck, Martha
Beckwith, Teresa
Behling, Frank and Celia
Belhumeur, Henry A. and Dorathy
Bennetts, Eleonora
Beres, Albert J. and Lorraine M
Beres, Elizabeth
Bergenthal, Joseph and Anna
Berns, John
Berte, Joseph and Myrna M
Betz, John P. and family
Biernat, Michael and Josephine
Biwer, Alois J
Biwer, Frank L. and family
Biwer, Frank
Biwer, Henry and Katharine
Biwer, John P. and Magdalene
Biwer, Llewellyn and family
Biwer, Peter H
Biwer, Peter Joseph and Anna Gertrude
Biwersi, Edward C
Biwersi, Edward Sr
Blankenheim, Robert L. and Helen Ruth
Blinkewitz, Gilbert L
Blonien, Florian J. and Mary A
Bodamer, Joseph and Isabel
Bohler, Anna
Bohler, John
Bohmann, Donald J
Bohmann, Gilbert J. and Mary A
Bohmann, Joseph and Bertha
Bonnert, Adeline
Borek, Stanley R. and Genevieve S
Boyle, James Michael
Boyle, Leon W. (Bill)
Bozich, Joseph J. and Elinor
Branske, Edward J. and Catherine H
Branski, John A
Brant, Harry I. and Barbara C
Brant, Thomas D
Braun, Anthony J. and Constance D
Braun, August N
Braun, August
Braun, Elizabeth
Braun, Gertrude and Leona
Braun, Jacob
Braun, Joseph and Christina
Braun, Joseph M. and Frances
Braun, Kathryn and Eva
Braun, Leona and gertrude
Braun, Lucas and Anna
Braun, Peter and family
Braun, Peter R. and Lenore
Braun, William L. and Anastasia M
Briske, Dela R. and Father Larry F
Briske, Dolores
Brohl, Elisabeth
Bromberek, Eleanor M
Bromberek, Frank
Bronk, Robert
Brosius, Nic
Brown, Conrad and Emma
Bruder, Kailee Rose
Brunner, George J. and Antonia
Bruns, William Sr. and William Jr
Buck, Jos. and Christina Schlosser
Buck, Lawrence and Frances
Buckman, Fred G. and Helen G
Buege, Emil and Minnie
Burbach, Anna May
Burbach, Gertrude H
Burbach, Joseph H. and Elizabeth
Burbach, Rev. Julius H
Burbach, Theodore H. and Anna M
Burditt, Sidney S. and Sophia M
Burish, Lloyd E. Sr. and family
Burkart, Ralph E. and Pauline
Burrell, Judith Marie
Bushman, Woodrow and Mary
Bykowski, Louis F. and Catherine
Calabeck, Jerry G
Candek, Frank and Mary Ann
Casey, James P. and Charlotte J
Casey, William A. and Elbertina R
Casser, Joseph
Cervero, John and Janice
Cervero, John F
Champagne, Debra R
Chaney, Louis and unclear
Chang, Aida
Charland, Lucien A. and Margaret M
Chloupek, Anna R
Chloupek, George R
Christmann, Albert and family
Ciepluch, Jerome (Jerry) and Catherine A. Koerber
Clark, Geraldine
Clark, Zachary John
Clougherty, James J. and Hannah
Coldagelli, Roy R
Collins, Amanda L
Collins, Dennis R
Collins, Raymond and CeCilia
Conaty, Leona L
Conrad, Anna Gertrude
Conrad, Elizabeth M
Conrad, John N. and Anna M
Conrad, Josephine M. and Katharine M
Conrad, Maria K
Conrad, Nicolaus (2)
Conrad, Nicolaus
Conrad, Theresa G. and Mary A
Conway, Charles and Evelyn L
Cook, Debra Ann
Costello, Audrey
Costello, Ellen M
Costello, Hattie M
Costello, Robert M
Daleiden, Clemens and Katherine
Daleiden, Gerald H
Dambruch, Harold C. and Marie L
Dettinger, Joseph G
Dettinger, Terrance F. (Terry)
Diel, unclear F. and Jeanette B
Dietz, Casper and Alice A
Dietz, Casper John Joseph
Dietz, Herbert J
Dietz, Joseph
Dolan, Catherine I
Dolensek, Oscar R. and family
Doll, George Frank
Doll, Herman and Euphrosina
Domask, Harry S
Douville, Rueben and family
Dowling, Edward and Katherine
Drew, Joseph G. Drobiszewski and Elizabeth M. Adriansen
Drewniak, Michael F. and Marie
Drezdzon, Raymond and Margaret
Dries, Gregory
Dropp, Ralph C. and family
Dunn, George G
Dutschek, John and Stella V
Eberhardy, Gregory
Eberhardy, Mathias and family
Elsner, Catherine Schloemer
Engelhardt, Frances
Engelhardt, Mathias
Etril, George and Mary m
Fischer, Joseph and Cathrine
Fisk, Mary
Flannery, James Norman and Louise Elizabeth
Floryance, Walter Jr. and Virginia
Frank, George and family
Franke, Paulus
Fredrick, Bernard and Betty Jean
Fritsch, John and Julia
Furtmann, Angeline
Furtmann, August
Gabriel, John M
Galford, Mary
Ganser, Richard P
Ganzel, Leo F. and Mina E
Garvey, Alice
George, Harry
Gerhartz, Walter N. and Theresa A
Gjud, Magdalena Maier
Glancey, Ethel
Glancey, Mary L
Glancey, Thomas H. and Johanna
Glancey, Thomas W
Glowinska, Philip H. and Lorraine B
Goff, Robert Joseph
Goff, William G. Jr
Goham, Magdalene and Anna Betz
Goham, Margaret and John
Gonia, Lawrence and Lorraine
Goniu, Zenon and Gertrude
Gorichanaz, Emil and Ann
Gorsegner, Viola Tolfa
Grabowski, Nestor and Grace
Grabowski, Stanley E. and Jeanne A
Graf, Alois and Mary
Graf, Anton M
Graf, Bernard A. and La Verne L
Graf, Edward W
Graf, Herman
Graf, John F. and Katharine
Graf, Joseph and Anna
Graf, Leona F
Graf, Margaret and Herman
Graf, Math and Anna
Graf, Matthew J
Graf, Mildred F. (Millie)
Graf, Ralph F
Grafwallner, George and family
Gratz, George G. and Mary A
Gratz, Johann
Green, Christopher l
Gregory, Madelyn A
Greiler, Anthony and Susanna
Grenwis, Edward
Grenwis, Henry E. and Katherine
Gresl, Robert and Hildegarde
Groh, Elizabeth
Gruber, Joseph and Helen
Gunderson, John
Hacket, Fred
Hackett, Robert and Marion E
Hader, Joseph N. and Marian H
Hadler, August and family
Hadler, Theresa E
Haehlen, Philip C
Hahn, CeCilia
hahn, Isador J
Hahn, Julia G
Hahn, Louise
hahn, Oswald R. and family
Haisler, Edward and Genevieve
Hall, Robert A. and Janet A
Hansen, Arthur N
Hansen, Cath
Hansen, Charles and family
Hansen, Henry and Mary
Hansen, Hermann J. and Elisabeth A
Hansen, John
Hansen, Pauline
Hansen, Ruth I
Harmeyer, Ludwig and Barbara
Hart, Dorethea
Hart, Lorenz
Hart, William and Martha
Hartman, Ervin and Sylvia
Hartmann, Norman
Hausner, Phillip and Mary
Hayden, James and Ethel
Heaton, Ralph A
Heckel, George and Rose
Heil, Bernhard and Anna
Heilemann, Ralph and Virginia R
Heiman, Leonard A
Heiman, Raymond N. and Gladys E
Hein, Peter
Heinz, Angeline
Heinz, Anna M
Heinz, Anton and family
Heinz, Catherine M. and Angeline W
Heinz, Dorothy A
Heinz, Gerald C
Heinz, Jacob and Anna
Heinz, Jacob
Heinz, Joseph P. and Clara A
Heinz, Margareta and Schinz, Gertrude
Heinz, Mary M
Heinz, Matthias
Heinz, Nicholas and regina
Heinz, Peter and Catharina
Heinz, Peter C. and Catherine
Heinz, William M. and Josephine K
Hejlik, Helen
Hejlik, Sylvester John
Hennen, Thomas J. and CeCilia
Hentz, Howard J. and Emma M
Herber, Herman
Hienzle, Raymund
Hill, Anthony (2)
Hill, Anthony
Hill, Catherine
Hock, Anton and Maria
Hocks, Bernard S
Hocks, Clara Biwersi
Hoffmann, Michael
Holzberger, Frank and Teresa
Holzberger, Frank P. and Evelyn
Holzberger, Paul and Theresa A
Holzem, Henry J. and Mary Alice
Honrath, Anna
Honrath, father
Honrath, Frank
Honrath, Genevieve
Honrath, Hubert
Honrath, mother
Honrath, Norbert G. and Dorothy A
Honrath, Richard
Hopper, Hattie
Huber, Kirk
Huberath, Eva
Huls, Nicholas and Catherine
Huttner, Wm. Charles and Ruby A
Jacobi, Peter and Frances
Jacoby, Franz and Margaret
Jaeger, Catherine and Anna
Jaeger, Elizabeth
Jaeger, Francis J. (Whitey) and Ruth E
Jaeger, Francis J
Jaeger, Gertrude
Jaeger, Jacob and Magdelena
Jaeger, Jagob
Jaeger, John and Mary
Jaeger, Marie M
Jaeger, Minnie
Jaeger, Nicholas A. and Katherine
Jaeger, Peter
Jager, Mathias and Margaretha
Janczak, Florian and Rita
Janka, Joseph and Anna
Jankowski, Mary Ann
Javore, Bernice Mary
Javore, Ralph and family
Jeannotte, Anthony C. and Rosemarie
Jewell, Victoria Alicia
Jorgensen, Robert N. and Shirley M
Julick, Joseph M. and June M
Jungbluth, Adam
Jungbluth, Henry and Margaret
Jungbluth, Joseph J
Jungbluth, Joseph
Jungbluth, Mathias and Minnie
Jungbluth, Mathilda
Jungbluth, Michael
Jungen, John and Anna
Kafer, Bertha
Kafer, Mari Rose
Kaiser, Charles H. and Leona A
Kalan, Christian
Kamber, Peter and Marianne
Kasel, Bryan Wayne
Kastelic, Edward F. and Margaret F. Knackert
Kau, Antonius and Katharina
Kau, Frank and Stella
Kavemeier, John D
Kaye, LeRoy B. and Louise M
Kehoe, Bernard and Leona
Kellner, Frank M. and Mary I
Kellner, John and Anna
Kelly, William T. and Marie Ann
Kent, unclear and E. Maxine
Kerber, Elizabeth
Kerber, Lawrence J
Kerber, Marie C
Keslin, Eleanor C
Keslin, Peter A
Kienzle, Alexa
Kienzle, Clarence and Marie R
Kienzle, Joseph and family
Kienzle, Julian and Mary
Kienzle, Lorraine
Kinjerske, Arthur E. and Eleanor C
Kinjerske, Frank and Pauline
Kinjerske, Richard A
Kinjerski, Edwin A. and Lorraine M
Kitchin, Father and Mother
Kitchin, Joseph and family
Klafke, Joseph and Lillian
Klas, Lucia
Kleinert, Genevieve
Kleinow, Harvey and Martha
Kleis, Frank J. and Elizabeth
Klem, Lucille B
Knackert, Andrew F. Jr
Knackert, Frank and Anna
Knackert, Henry
Knackert, Julian and Franziska Muenzer
Knackert, Mary
Knackert, Mayme
Knackert, Richard J. and Doris F
Knapp, Thomas F
Koerber, Adam and Clara
Koerber, Carl and Anna
Koerber, Michael J. and Nora
Kohel, James J
Kohel, Sylvester L
Kojis, Andrew and Anna
Kojis, Andrew J. (Bud) and Barbara J. Hegner
Kojis, George and Anna
Kolfenbach, Jacob
Kolfenbach, Johann and Gertrude
Koller, John and Mary
Konopacki, Ernest F. and Adeline A
Kops, John G
Koszuth, Edward S. and Diane L
Koszuth, Stephen and Anna
Kowalczyk, Frank and Anna
Kozlik, Charles F. II and Jacquelyn M
Kozlik, Frank R. and Marie
Kozlik, James J
Kozlik, John and Mandalede
Kraemer, Anna M
Kraemer, George
Kralj, Anton and Kristina
Kramer, Hilger
Kramer, Theresia Rode
Krause, Paul B. and Veronica M
Krawczyk, Michael G. and Balbina
Krebsbach, Felix and Mary
Kreinus, Jerome A. and Patricia A
Krejci, Frank P
Kremer, Edward A. and Zita L
Krenwinkel, Michael and Elizabeth
Kressel, Edward
Krimmel, Gertrute
Krimmer, Lena
Krolikowski, Carl and family
Krueger, Agnes I
Kubik, George and Laura
Kujac, Marie
Kurt, Wilhelm
Lach, Michael
Lake, Joseph N. and Mary
Lang, Georgena
Lang, John and Josephine
Lang, John
Langkau, Gilbert and Madeline
Last, Charles H. Jr
Last, Joseph H
Latter, John J. and Josephine M
Le Roll, Fred and Emma
Lee, Emma
Lee, William H
Leeser, Bernard
Leeser, John
Leeser, Peter and Anna M. Michels
Leeser, Rose T
Leeser, Theresa
Lehmkuhl, Samuel F. and Helen R
Letourneau, unclear
Liske, Clara
Liske, Doris
Liske, Ivonne
Liske, John
Liske, Joseph
Liske, Paul
Liske, Victor
Lisocki, Eugene M. and Beatrice
Loeffel, Melvin and Gladys
Logan, J. Allan and Laura
Lohman, Elmer
Lohman, Phillip and Anna Marie
Lovejoy, Mary J
Lyles, Daniel A. and Annabelle
Lyons, Timothy F. and Mary M
Machtig, Marion Berns
Maciosek, Terry Ann
Mackey, Augusta
Mackey, Charles Joe
Magrecke, Joseph and Helen
Mahler, Eliza
Mahnke, Chester C. and Joan M
Mahnke, Jeffrey Charles
Mahoney, Augustine
Makoutz, John and Caroline H
Mandt, Elizabeth Palmersheim
Manzke, August A. and Gertrude R
Marion, Clara D
Marks, Francis J
Marks, John Mary
Marx, Marva Magdalena Schmitz
Mather, George and Magdaline
Matthias, Richard and unclear
Mattusch, Frank C. and Clara B
McCardell, Keith and Nancy
McKillop, John and Mary
McPherson, James R
Metz, Aloysius C
Metz, Elizabeth
Metz, J
Metz, John
Metz, Ottilia
Mielke, Mark
Mielke, Melvin and family
Miles, Gordon Sr. and Dolores C
Miller, Alice M
Miller, Ceil
Miller, Gertrude M
Miller, Mark J
Mirgeler, Barbara
Mirgeler, Gertrude M
Mirgeler, Jacob
Mirgeler, Otto
Mirgeler, Peter
Mirgeler, William
Mocnik, Michael C
Moran, Lester H. and Victoria
Morgan, Joseph and Rose
Moshea, Herbert M. and Betty
Moshea, Julianne M
Motz, John J. and Mildred M
Motz, Joseph and Mary
Motz, Joseph Jr
Mueller, Joseph and Margaretha
Mueller, Paul J. and Katherine
Naus, Paul J. and Marion F
Neary, Raymond R. and Bernard J
Nelson, Emily M. Lendl
Ness, Marion Olive
Ness, Ole D
Ness, Rose
Newsom, Calvin and Mae
Ney, Mary A
Ney, Peter J
Nicholas, Stephen and Evelyn
Niemczyk, Richard and Mathilda
Nuedling, Claude J
Ochowicz, Erwin W
Ohlenforst, Anna Mae
Ohlenforst, Joseph and Margaret
Olesen, Clifford and Sylvia
Olesen, Janet
Olson, Elizabeth Tobin
Owsiany, Frank T. and Clara A
Palmersheim, Arthur P
Palmersheim, Erwin
Palmersheim, father and mother
Palmersheim, Frank W. and Anna E
Palmersheim, Hubert and Gertrude Walter
Palmersheim, Joseph and family
Palmersheim, Peter John and Anna Maria
Palmershem, Johann J. and Maria Marg
Pavlak, Frank and Mildred
Peck, Harry Lyle and Leona M
Perry, William J
Peter, Margaret Anna
Peters, John
Peters, Margaret
Peters, Maria
Peterson, Gordie and Bette
Petri, Maria
Petrie, Gertrude
Petrie, Jacob and Katherine
Petrie, John and Elizabeth
Petrie, Joseph H. and family
Petrie, Peter and Hubert
Petrie, Peter H. and Susan F
Petrosky, Elizabeth
Petrosky, Jacob
Petrosky, Mary
Petrosky, Patricia
Pfeifer, Robert B
Pfeiffer, Frank Karl
Piasecki, Gertrude
Piasecki, Norbert
Piemeisel, Donald and Martha
Pierotti, John S. and Rita T
Pike, Floyd J. and Dorothy M
Placek, Leonard E. and Katherine
Plautz, Irene M
Plautz, June I
Poirior, Medore U. and Edna C
Poirior, Roger
Polewczynski, Emil J. and Anna
Potter, Harry and family
Pratt, Arthur J
Presser, Anton
Presser, Charles H. Sr. and Angelina C
Presser, Della
Presser, Emil
Presser, Maria
Presser, Oscar and Emma F
Presser, Robert E
Prochaska, Anton
Prochnow, Frank and Louise
Prochnow, Lawrence W. and Jean M
Quigley, Susan Ann
Radtke, Chad Lee
Radzikinas, John J. and Lillian L
Rauh, Joseph and Estelle Frank
Rauth, Alphonse B
Rauth, John J
Rauth, Wanda J
Ray, Carl A. Sr
Ray, Thecla V
Rebatzke, Cyril M. and Isabell A
Rebatzke, Thomas J
Reichard, Anthony J. and Isabelle M
Reichwald, Zella
Reitzel, Katharina
Reitzel, Medard
Remm, Rebecca
Revolinski, John F. and Providence M
Rhode, Adolf and Mary
Rhode, Elizabeth
Rhode, Jacob and Wilhelmina
Rhode, Joseph C. and Lenore G. Zingsheim
Rhode, Madeline Ward
Ross, George F. and Mary Eva
Rowe, Morry P. and Joanne C
Rugolo, Joseph
Sage, Vernon H. and Audrey L
Sagemuller, Frederick and Mathilde
Sagemuller, George S
Sagemuller, John B
Sagemuller, Lee C. and Rose M
Sagemuller, Lillian A
Sawicki, Florence A
Sawicki, Joseph G
Schaefer, Arnold John
Schaefer, Frank
Schalk, Donald Henry and Mary Ann (children)
Schalk, Joseph I. and CeCelia K
Schalk, Josephine
Schalk, Leo P
Schalk, Leona M
Schalk, Raymond A
Schalk, Theresa
Schalk, William
Scheifen, Jackie John
Scheifen, Nicholas and family
Scheifen, Peter W. and Catherine G
Scheifen, unclear and Anita M
Schenk, Joseph W. and Ruth F
Scheryanez, Andria Kay
Schiffmann, Henry J. and Margaret
Schloemer, Andrew
Schloemer, Anna
Schloemer, Clarence and Rose Pierner
Schloemer, E.W
Schloemer, Elizabeth
Schloemer, Gottfried
Schloemer, Hubert
Schlosser, Frank W. and Maria A
Schmid, Adam Albert Ed and Elizabeth
Schmid, John and Laura
Schmid, John M
Schmid, Joseph and Johanna
Schmid, Joseph and Maria
Schmid, Lorraine C
Schmid, Michael and Anna
Schmid, Patricia Anne
Schmid, Wolfgang and Josephine
Schmidt, Edward J. and Katherine
Schmidt, Fred W. and Ottilia A
Schmidt, Gregory A
Schmidt, Robert A. and Patricia A
Schmitt, Henry Jr. and Carol
Schmitz, Emil P. and Clara A
Schmitz, Franz Jos
Schneider, Elizabeth W. and Charlotte E
Schneider, William and William Jr
Schroer, Norbert H. and Innocence
Schubring, Michael
Schumacher, Jacob W.H
Schumacher, Nicklaus and Adelheid
Schumacher, Peter and Delia
Schwelitz, Dorothy and Jean Marie
Schwiner, Frank E. and Irene C
Seebantz, Lucille
Shenners, William Patrick
Shirek, Dona K
Short, Roger M. and Kathleen M
Sickler, Ellsworth F. and Goldye A
Simonsen, Gertrude Zingsheim
Smith, Lloyd Wayne
Socha, Ann R
Sochan, Steven R
Sokolowski, Ervin A. and Catherine F
Sowatzke, Maureen C
Spaeth, David Henry
Spaeth, Rose Braun
Sprader, Joseph and family
Sprader, Thomas and Josephine
St. Matthias sign
Stachnik, Thomas J
Stachowiak, Lawrence
Stamm, Alfred W. and Rose Mary
Stanosz, Donald
Stanosz, Lucy Fager
Stanton, Kathleen Ann
Stefan, Michael and Theresia
Steger, Patricia A
Steliga, Joseph A. and family
Sterr, Franciska
Sterzinger, Anton
Sterzinger, John R. and Mary A
Sterzinger, Joseph and Helen A
Sterzinger, Joseph and Mary
Sterzinger, Susan
Stiehm, Maynard Joseph
Strauss, Philip and CeCilia
Strzelec, Eugene J. and Susan
Stunkel, Harriett
Suhm, William A
Szyszko, Chester J. and Josephine R
Tobin, J. Harry
Tomich, Peter and Mary
Tourmo, Michael and Brenda
Treder, Donald T. and Eleanore J
Treder, Donald W
Treible, Thomas C
Treible, William J. and Loretta A
Trimborn, Anton and Caroline
Trimborn, Gerwin D. and Doris P
Trimborn, Peter and family
Trimdorn, Mary H
Turner, George H. and Lillian F
Uebelacker, Arthur and Katherine
Uecker, Herman
Ujcich, Joseph and Mary J
Ulik, Frank L. and Verna G
Ulik, Frank L
Valen, John R
Valla, Frank L. and Alice L
Valla, Rudolph J. and Carol A
Valla, Veronica A
Van Groll, Werner P. and Minnie
Van Patten, John F
Van Patten, Margaret E
Vanden Breul, William and Florence
Veix, Etta
Volovsek, Martin J. and Evelyn
Wallner, Donald
Wallner, Harry F. and Mary M
Walsh, Bartholomew J. Jr. and Ruth Marie
Walsh, Michael W. and Heidi L
Walter, Fred and unclear female
Walter, Fred
Wasick, Angeline
Wasick, Stanley
Wasielewski, Stanley J. and Angeline R
Weber, John and Laura
Weber, Joseph
Weber, Nickolas and Hendrena
Weber, Theodore and Mary
Wehr, John A
Weiland and Peychal family
Weitzer, Andrew
Weitzer, Cletus A. and Marie L
Weitzer, Jerome
Weitzer, John and CeCelia
Wenzel, Edgar A. and Virginia E
Werner, Stanley F. and Veronica F
Westbrock, Levi and Ruth
Whitaker, Trevor Howard
Wickman, Angeline
Wickman, Thomas
Wiesner, George
Wilhelm, Leonard F. and Minnie L
Williams, Agnes V
Williams, Christina Lohman
Willms, Cyril L. and Alma R
Wiltzius, Emil
Wiltzius, Henry
Wiltzius, J.B
Wiltzius, John and Emma
Wiltzius, John and Regina
Wiltzius, Joseph and Frances
Wiltzius, Susan
Wilzius, Anna
Wimmer, George and Kunigunda
Wimmer, John X. and family
Wind, Florian J. and Helen L
Winkler, Edward A. and Mary J
Winter, Joseph and Alice
Winter, Robert O
Wojczak, Marion
Wojtysiak, Mary
Woodcock, Robert R. and Agnes M
Wright, Joe and Lavelle F
Wutke, Vincent and family
Yanacheck, Joseph J. and Mary F
Young, Wiley W. and family
Z. William and Hazel M
Zaher, Joseph and Josephine
Zelinski, Fred E. and Rita M
Zidar, Edward V. and Darlene A
Zidar, Lorraine
Ziebol, Scott and Steven
Zingsheim, Angela
Zingsheim, Anton H. and Frances
Zingsheim, CeCelia Marie
Zingsheim, George
Zingsheim, Gerhard and Gertrud
Zingsheim, Gertrude
Zingsheim, Joseph and Adelheid
Zingsheim, Margareth
Zingsheim, Margretha Marx
Zingsheim, Mathias and Margaretha
Zingsheim, Phillip
Zingsheim, unclear
Zinski, Helen C
Zinski, Michael F
Zur, Louis Bruno

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WISCONSIN MUNICIPALITIES: Cities Towns, and Villages, often referred to as 'municipalities' in Wisconsin law, are the governmental units that relate most directly to citizens' everyday lives.

TOWNS, like counties, were created by the state to provide basic municipal services. Rooted in New England and New York tradition, town government came to Wisconsin with the settlers, but Wisconsin towns were not like their Eastern counterparts that reflected the existing patterns of local settlement. In Wisconsin, towns are geographical subdivisions of counties. Towns originally served (and for the most part they continue to serve) rural areas. Towns govern those areas of Wisconsin not included in the corporate boundaries of cities and villages.

The difference between "township" and "town" often confuses the public. In Wisconsin, "township' refers to the surveyor's township which was laid out to identify land parcels within a county. Theoretically. a township is a square tract of land, measuring six miles on a side for a total of 36 square miles in the unit. Each township is divided into 36 sections. "Town", as the word is used in Wisconsin, denotes a specific unit of government. It's boundaries may coincide with the surveyor's township or it may look quite different. A Town may include one, parts of or several townships.

CITIES and VILLAGES, often referred to as "incorportated areas", govern territory where population is more concentrated. In general, minimum population for incorporation as a village is 150 residents for an isolated village and 2,500 for a metropolitan village located in a more densely settled area. For cities, the minimums are 1,000 and 5,000 respectively. As cities and villages are incorporated, they are carved out of the town territory and become independent units no longer subject to the town's control. The remainder of the town may take on a 'Swiss cheese" configuration as its area is reduced.

[Information above taken from "State of Wisconsin Blue Book 1997-1998"]

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